Jay Sekulow’s Wife, Pamela Sekulow: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Jay Sekulow is on President Donald Trump’s personal legal team and is now also listed as being on Trump’s defense team during the impeachment trial. He’s married to wife Pamela Sekulow and they’re both heavily involved in Christian ministry and legal defense. Here’s what you need to know about Pamela “Pam” Sekulow, Jay Sekulow’s wife.

1. Jay & Pamela Sekulow Met in College

FacebookJay and Pam Sekulow

Jay and Pamela met in college before he became a Christian. He was raised in the Jewish faith, but attended a Bible college that was close to home. Pam invited him to a Jews for Jesus event, DFW Christian Family reported, and Jay accepted Christ at the event. Later he would go on to be the General Legal Counsel for Jews for Jesus.

Jay and Pamela (McPherson) Sekulow were married in 1978 on his birthday after his first year of law school, he wrote in a Jews for Jesus article.

2. Pam Sekulow Works in a Family Business, Helping Produce Jay’s Radio Program


Pamela is executive vice president of Regency Productions, according to Jordan Sekulow’s marriage announcement in 2011. Regency Productions produces the radio program Jay Sekulow Live and Jordan’s show, The Jordan Sekulow Show.

Many members of the family also work for the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), a conservative legal advocacy group which Jay Sekulow now leads. In 1990, Pat Robertson hired him as chief counsel of ACLJ, the New York Times noted.

A 2005 article in Law.com noted that another family business called CASE was listed as “doing business as” ACLJ. Law.com noted that some donations to ACLJ actually go to CASE. In 2003, CASE reported $14 million in donations. Jay, Jordan, and Pam were the members of CASE’s board, and Pam was listed on IRS forms as the secretary-treasurer of CASE in 2005, receiving a salary of $180,878. Jay Sekulow said her duties included event planning.

3. She Has Also Helped Provide Humanitarian Relief to Africa & Was Crowned Miss Mercer in 1976

A 2012 article noted that Pamela also devoted time to providing humanitarian relief to Africa through an organization affiliated with ACLJ.

In 1976, Pam was crowned Miss Mercer. It’s an annual pageant hosted by the Student Government Association.

4. Jay & Pamela Have Two Adult Sons, Jordan & Logan Sekulow

They have two adult sons, Jordan Sekulow and Logan Sekulow. They all live in Brentwood Tennesee. Jay wrote that when his first son was born, he had started a real estate firm that made $20 million after the first year. Above is a video that Jordan recently posted on his Facebook page.

Jordan works with the American Center for Law and Justice with his father. Jordan married Anna Handzlik in 2011, according to an announcement in The New York Times.

Logan was on a Nickelodeon series called U-Pick Live in 2005. He also works with the family business.

5. A Supreme Court Win Saved the Family from Bankruptcy


In 2011, his Atlanta law firm had failed and he was bankrupt with millions in debt, USA Today reported. But the Supreme Court decided in favor of a case he led for Jews for Jesus, saying they could hand out religious literature at an airport. The ruling in his favor helped restart his career.

According to property records, he and Pam owned three homes as of 2011, USA Today noted. This included a home in Franklin purchased in 2008 for $655,000, a home in Norfolk purchased in 2005 for $690,000, and a home in Waynesville assessed at $262,800 and purchased by CASE.

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