Cuomo Brothers Display Sibling Rivalry on CNN Coronavirus Interview

Cuomo Brothers

CNN The Cuomo brothers throw jabs in between talking about coronavirus updates during CNN interviews.

The Cuomo brothers can’t help bringing moments of levity when they do interviews about the coronavirus together on Cuomo Prime Time. CNN’s Chris Cuomo always introduces New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as his brother, and while they do seriously discuss the significance of the pandemic, they also tease each about who is there mother’s favorite and whom their father said was best on the basketball court.

On Monday, the jabs started early when Chris Cuomo, 49, thanked Andrew Cuomo, 62, for coming on the show. “Mom told me I had to,” he said with a slight grin. The host didn’t respond except for giving an eye roll.

A little further into the interview, they experienced some technical difficulties, with the reporter asking the governor if he could hear him. “I hear you, but you should pay your phone bill,” the governor said once the interview resumed.

Chris Cuomo had a swift comeback, “I think the problem is on the state’s infrastructure side, we’ll deal with that later.”

The anchor later cut off the governor so they could take a commercial break. “Governor, I’m sorry to interrupt you,” he started.

“Then don’t,” the governor shot back. “If you’re sorry about interrupting me, don’t interrupt me.”

The reporter then referenced their late father, former New York governor Mario Cuomo. “I know, but you have a little bit of pop’s gift where you keep going,” the anchor said. “And you don’t?” the governor asked back.

As the interview came to a close, the Cuomo brothers got in their final digs, with the governor asserting the younger Cuomo was jealous of his looks. “Don’t worry there’s still time, there’s hope for you. One day you can grow up to be like me,” the governor said.

The CNN anchor almost got sentimental. “I’ve tried to be like you my whole life, look where it got me,” he joked, before adding, “I love you.”

“You’re better than me,” the governor said. “I’m proud of you.”

The feel-good moment didn’t last for long, with Chris Cuomo getting his final dig in about being better than the New York governor on the basketball court. “He [Pop] said Andrew has tremendous capability, he is blessed in many ways, but he has hands like bananas and he can’t play ball,” the anchor said. “Everybody knows it.”

The older Cuomo brother wouldn’t let the anchor have the final word. “Put money on the table and I’ll take you out and spank you,” he said.

Chris Cuomo Is Worried About Dr. Fauci

Despite the lighthearted banter, both Cuomo brothers have been serious about addressing the coronavirus. Chris Cuomo was seriously concerned that infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci was missing from President Donald Trump’s press briefing on Monday.

“He’s become like America’s grandpa,” the host said. “He gives conscience and comfort and fact to this country, and uniquely so.”

The anchor said it was imperative to have Dr. Fauci aiding the White House. “I don’t see how we get through this any better or faster without Tony Fauci present and upfront,” he said.

The New York Governor Says COVID-19 Is Accelerating Like a ‘Bullet Train’

In a Tuesday press conference, New York Gov. Cuomo said the coronavirus is accelerating in the state like a “bullet train.” The number of confirmed cases has surpassed 25,000 and more than 200 New Yorkers have died from COVID-19.

“We’re not slowing it, and it is accelerating on its own,” Cuomo said. “The [disease] forecaster said to me, ‘We were looking at a freight train coming across the country.’ We’re now looking at a bullet train.”

The state estimated New York will need 140,000 hospital beds for COVID-19 patients in14 to 21 days. Previous estimates said the state would need 110,000 beds by May. “New York is the canary in the coal mine. New York is going first. We have the highest and fastest rate of infection,” he said.

The governor then emphasized the need for ventilators. New York currently has 3,000 to 4,000 ventilators and purchased 7,000 more, but needs at least 30,000 supplementary ventilators.

He also criticized the president for saying the government would start to lift restrictions. “I understand what the president is saying that this is unsustainable that we close down the economy and we continue to spend money. There is no doubt about that,” Cuomo said.

He added, “But if you ask the American people to choose between public health and the economy then it’s no contest. No American is going to say accelerate the economy at the cost of human life.”

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