Facebook Post Mourns ‘Passing’ of YouTube Star Soncerae Smith

Soncerae Smith Dead

Facebook/Soncerae Smith Soncerae Smith pictured on her Facebook page.

A message on the Facebook page of YouTube star Soncerae Smith says Smith’s family is asking for privacy while it deals with the “circumstances surrounding her passing.”

The post, which hints that Smith committed suicide, says she had been the victim of “harassment” and “stalking.” Heavy has not yet independently confirmed Smith’s death.

The message on Smith’s personal Facebook page, posted April 29, reads:

We appreciate the outpour of sympathy & compassion from Soncerae’s friends as well as supporters. We ask that you give our family privacy as we deal with the circumstances surrounding her passing. Vicious rumors can destroy a person. Being a victim of online stalking and harassment can take a toll on any person. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers.

There is help out there. Suicide is never the answer. If you need someone to talk to there are people who are willing to listen. They can help you. Call the Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts, please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit the website.

An April 29 post on Smith’s YouTube channel reads: “Hey family, it’s your moderator Mark. It is my honor and privilege to now operate Soncerae’s social media pages including FB & IG. My dear friend is loved and missed and we want to make sure her message of positivity and love still spreads far and wide. Our friends and family ask for privacy at this time and a deeper level of understanding.”

On May 1, a Facebook post appeared on Smith’s page which was credited to the YouTube star’s daughter, Dominique. The post reiterated the fact that her mother had passed away. One paragraph of the post reads, “We understand your concerns however we ask that everyone respect our privacy. Although Soncerae has lived most of her life in the eyes of the public, we haven’t. From this point on we want to be at peace and privately move forward with our lives.”

The post goes on to say that Soncerae Smith, Dominique, her father, were all victims of harassment. The post adds that it will be the final statement from the family on Smith’s death.

Heavy has made extensive attempts to contact members of Smith’s family. One friend of Smith’s, who had been in contact with her in April 2020 had “no idea” a Facebook post said that she had died.

Smith Described Herself as a TV Personality, Model, Motivational Speaker & Visionary’

Soncerae Smith cause of death

Facebook/Soncerae Smith

According to Smith’s personal Facebook page, she was living in Los Angeles most recently. Smith wrote on her profile that Fort Washington, Maryland, was her hometown and that she was born in Detroit, Michigan. On her page, Smith said she was single. Prior to living in California, Smith lived in Atlanta.

Smith described herself on her official Facebook page as a “TV personality, model, motivational speaker and visionary.” (That page appears to have been deleted since this article was published.)

According to her YouTube channel, Smith has a son, age 2, and an adult daughter.

Smith Said She Previously Had Relationships With Rapper Trey Songz & NFL Icon Chad Johnson

Soncerae Smith suicide

Facebook/Soncerae Smith

Smith’s Facebook biography section says she previously dated singers Trey Songz and Ray Lavender as well as former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson. She also says she was in an abusive relationship with a photographer named Courage Osadolor. Smith said in that section that the couple’s relationship ended when Osadolor allegedly posted “nude and unflattering” photos of her online. Smith wrote, “His attempt to embarrass her after the turmoil of their abusive relationship rocked her to the core. His actions also harmed her professionally. This caused her to want to change careers and become a better influence on the youth.”

Smith’s Instagram page is private. Her Instagram bio says, “Live like this life is all there is. And love it like your life’s depending on it.”

One of Smith’s Recent YouTube Videos Saw Her Push a Debunked Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

Non-Blk WMN Represent Success, Blk WMN Represent Struggle | Stephen Jackson, NFL DraftInstagram: @TheRealSoncerae For business inquiries: soncerae@gmail.com (business inquiries only) -Follow Soncerae & Justice’s Family Vlog for Single Mothers & Fathers "RaesingJustice" youtube.com/channel/UCVPf028zPrMu_37Fil-jDCA We created a clothing line to promote positivity called “YAHAURA”. “ YAHAURA” means “God’s Energy” Make a merchandise purchase by visiting yahaura.com -Like Soncerae on Facebook: facebook.com/soncerae *Copyrights owned 2020 by Soncerae Smith.…2020-04-27T03:12:21.000Z

The most recent video uploaded to Smith’s YouTube channel came on April 26. The video was titled, “Non-Blk WMN Represent Success, Blk WMN Represent Struggle.” One commenter wrote under the video, “This was painful to watch. My sister you deserved better.”

In a video on April 7, Smith spread the widely debunked conspiracy that the coronavirus pandemic was being spread by 5G towers. Smith’s YouTube channel has nearly 43,000 subscribers.

Smith described her channel as depicting “the good life of a single mom.” Smith added, “If you are wondering what I am doing I am out here capturing that good energy baby. I’ll try to inspire you along the way.”

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