Minneapolis Pawn Shop Owner Shot & Killed Suspected Looter: Report

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The owner of Cadillac Pawn & Jewelry, a store in Minneapolis, Minnesota, shot and killed a suspected looter, according to a reporter for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. However, police said in a press conference that this was only one theory being investigated in the shooting death of a man found lying on a sidewalk near the store.

Heavy has now confirmed through jail records that the store’s owner, John Richard Rieple, 59, of Wisconsin, has been booked on a murder accusation. You can read more about Rieple’s background here. The man who was shot has now been identified as Calvin L. Horton Jr., 43, of Minneapolis. As of June 1, Rieple was still in jail but no charges were listed in the court website for him. Heavy has contacted Minneapolis police and the Hennepin County Attorney’s office for an update.

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Hennepin Co JailBooking information for John Rieple.

The report comes as unrest grows in the streets of Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd, and a viral video that showed a police officer restraining Floyd with a knee to his neck despite bystanders’ pleas that Floyd was in distress.

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Floyd, who repeatedly said in the video that he couldn’t breathe, died a short time later. Four officers at the scene were fired, but it didn’t quell the unrest, which grew throughout the night of May 27, 2020.

A very graphic video circulated on social media that appears to show the aftermath outside Cadillac Pawn. Be forewarned that it contains disturbing and graphic images, as you can see a person’s body lying on the sidewalk. Some reports claimed that two people were shot at the pawn store, but police only described one person shot.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Police Spokesman Said Authorities Have Someone in Custody & Are Investigating Many Theories

In a press conference, John Elder, the public information officer for Minneapolis police, said that a body was found outside the pawn shop around 9:25 p.m. There was a report of a possible stabbing victim. Police then located an adult male in grave condition lying on the sidewalk. Officers immediately began first aid, including CPR.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived and assisted. Paramedics got through the crowd and transported the adult male to a hospital, where he was pronounced deceased. The wound was later determined to be a gunshot wound. “At this time, the scene is just finishing being processed by our crime lab and our homicide investigators,” he said. The nature and cause of death will be released later, along with the identity of the victim.

One person, who was not identified, is in custody at this time. The facts of what led up to the shooting are still being sorted out. Two officers arrived and one performed CPR immediately. “This was close to the area of the protests,” said Elder.

Elder called the death a “homicide.” You can watch the police press conference here. It occurred around midnight.

A reporter asked Elder if it was true that “the victim was someone who was looting the Cadillac Pawn shop and the store owner was racing in and took action” and Elder responded, “That is one of the theories we’re looking into.”


He said police are investigating multiple theories about what happened to the man. “The body was found outside” and there are “a couple of different scenarios that may have happened. That’s being investigated,” he said. “We want to make sure that we do in fact have all of the facts moving forward. We don’t want to cast aspersions on somebody if in fact they weren’t doing anything wrong.” He declined to spell out the different theories.

According to Elder, “The castle doctrine says if you’re in your home you have a right to stand your ground. It’s my understanding you do have a duty to retreat. Your business is not the same” as your home.

Keller Law Offices wrote in a post before the Cadillac Pawn incident, “While many states have enacted ‘stand your ground’ laws, Minnesota does not have a so-called stand your ground law. Instead, Minnesota law imposes a ‘duty to retreat,’ which means that if a person feels threatened, he or she may only use deadly force as a last resort. Conversely, states that have enacted stand your ground laws, like Florida, make it lawful for a person to use deadly force if threatened without a duty to retreat.” The law firm noted, “Minnesota follows the majority rule that there is no duty to retreat in one’s home.” (Read more about duty to retreat here.)

According to FindLaw, “Minnesota isn’t a stand your ground state. Rather, it’s a duty to retreat state which means that you must back away from confrontation if it’s possible. The state doesn’t have a castle law per se, but it does recognize the principles of the doctrine because Minnesota law allows you to use deadly force, including shooting an intruder, to prevent a felony from occurring in your home.” That site defines duty to retreat as “If the defendant isn’t in their home, Minnesota’s self-defense law requires a ‘duty to retreat’ before using deadly force, but only if retreat is possible and it doesn’t put the person into more danger. Deadly force isn’t authorized (outside of the home) unless there’s a reasonable belief of ‘great bodily harm.’”

Star Tribune reporter Libor Jany tweeted: “Police are investigating a homicide. They say the owner of a nearby pawn shop shot and killed a person suspected of looting his building.” He added, “It reportedly happened at Cadillac Pawn. Still awaiting details. This, from a source within the department.” According to LinkedIn, the owner of Cadillac Pawn is a man named John Rieple. Police have not confirmed whether he is the man involved in the alleged shooting.

People also wrote about the Cadillac Pawn incident on social media.

It was a night of growing turmoil in Minneapolis. A Target store was looted and an AutoZone store set ablaze.

What started out as vigils quickly turned more chaotic in the streets. People were throwing Molotov cocktails and police were using tear gas, according to live CNN reports. Flashbangs could be heard during the live broadcast. The scenes resembled the protests of a few years ago in Ferguson, Missouri, and other U.S. cities after controversial police-related deaths.

KTSP reported that looters left the Target store “with televisions, rugs and other items.”

There was also looting reported at a “tobacco store, a Dollar Tree and a liquor store. Additionally, Cub Foods and an AutoZone is being looted as well,” the television station reported.

See a livestream news report from Minneapolis here:

The Minneapolis police chief quickly fired Officer Derek Chauvin and three other officers involved in the incident with Floyd, but that action hasn’t quelled the growing unrest. Police use of force experts have criticized the restraint used against Floyd.

Thomas Lane, Tou Thao and J. Alexander Kueng were the other three officers present, according to the city.

The Minneapolis mayor tweeted that “four responding MPD officers involved in the death of George Floyd have been terminated. This is the right call.” Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo called the four officers “former employees” in a news conference.

The FBI has joined in the investigation.

Floyd’s sister, Vanita Williams-Dabney, wrote on Facebook, “My bro was killed by Minneapolis police on Memorial Day . . . R I.P. bro we will get Justice for u . . . gone2soon . . .loveU4life.”

Video & Photos Showed the Chaos in the Streets

People tweeted about the AutoZone.

Videos showed a Target and other stores being looted.


The viral video that started it all was a 10-minute video of Floyd’s interaction with police that was posted to Facebook by a bystander.

“Please, I can’t breathe. Please man. Please,” Floyd says, his voice anguished.

The officer, now identified as Chauvin, has his knee on the man’s neck next to a squad car as Floyd continues saying he can’t breathe. A second officer is standing nearby at the scene and a third next to Chauvin, and bystanders grow increasingly distressed in the video at what they are watching.

“Why you got him down, man. Let him breathe at least, man,” says one bystander to the officers.

Floyd repeats again, several times, “I can’t breathe.” He added, “I can’t move. … My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Everything hurts. Please, please.”

“His nose is bleeding, c’mon now,” says a bystander. “You’ve got your knee on his neck,” says another bystander.

“How long you’ll gotta hold him down?” says a woman. “You can put him in a car,” says a man.

“That’s bullsh*t bro. … you’re f*cking stopping his breathing,” says a bystander.

People challenged the officer to just put the man in a car. The bystanders call the officer a “bum” and claim he’s stopping Floyd’s breathing.

Partway through the video, Floyd stops talking, but the officer keeps his knee on Floyd’s neck, the video shows.

“He’s not responsive right now,” challenges a bystander.

The Minneapolis Police Choke an Unarmed Handcuffed Black Man to DeathHis name is George Floyd. 🤬🤬🤬My God. ⁣I'm furious. This is murder. PERIOD The Minneapolis Police murdered this brother. ⁣ ⁣ This man, who, like Eric Garner, yelled out over and over and over again that HE COULD NOT BREATHE, was CLEARLY in distress. ⁣ ⁣ He is in handcuffs. ⁣ On his belly. ⁣…2020-05-26T14:28:32Z

“Check his pulse,” demands a man.

The second officer, named as Tou Thao, sometimes interacts with the passersby. “Check his pulse. The man ain’t move yet, bro,” demands a bystander.

“He’s not f*cking moving. Get off of his f*cking neck,” the man yells. “Are you serious? Are you serious?”

“He’s black. They don’t care,” says a woman.

Paramedics eventually show up with a gurney after Floyd has gone silent for some time.

“The fact you guys aren’t checking his pulse and doing compression if he needs help?” says an upset woman.

“You just really killed that man, bro,” says a man to Chauvin, who appears unemotional and impassive throughout the video.

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