Gay Porn Star Ian Frost Attended Coronavirus Rave in New York City

Ian Frost

Screengrab via YouTube Ian Frost pictured in an episode of the YouTube series The Circuit.

Ian Frost, a gay porn star, attended a rave at a New York City apartment in May 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Frost posted multiple videos to his Instagram story showing the party on the night of May 4. The handle on the account that posted the videos was @IanFrostok. At the time of writing, Frost, a native of Argentina, has deleted his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

According to Frost’s PornHub profile, he has achieved over 700,000 views on the site. Frost is represented by Lucas Entertainment. Frost’s profile on the company’s website begins with the words, “The solid, tight muscles of Ian Frost’s lean body sure are a lot of fun to wrap your arms around when you’re in bed with him. Ian is handsome and always ready to hop into bed with a hot guy.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Frost Reportedly Posted 51 Videos of the Party to His Instagram Story

The Huffington Post and New York Magazine’s Yashar Ali tweeted that Frost posted 51 videos of the party to his Instagram account.

Ali also quoted the rave’s DJ Alec Brian as saying he worked the party in order to pay bills. Brian said he suffered from coronavirus and since his recovery, he desperately needed the money in order to pay rent. Despite attending the event, Brian said he does not “support social gatherings of this nature.”

The New York Post reported on April 30 that authorities in the city would “crackdown” on gatherings of more than 100 people. Mayor Bill DeBlasio is quoted in the article as having said at a press conference, “If you’re talking 100 [people] or above there’s just nothing to discuss you’re going to get fined and if you resist you’re going to get arrested.”

2. Frost Said in an Interview That It Would Be ‘Impossible’ for Him to Get Bored During Quarantine

Less than a week before Frost posted videos of the party, he gave an interview to DNA Interview in Australia about living in quarantine. During the interview, Frost says he is a “master in terms of entertaining.” Frost said it would be “impossible” for him to get bored during the quarantine.

Frost listed the activities he participates in including playing the piano, playing ping-pong and cooking. Frost also said he was looking after his mental health by engaging in video chats with a therapist, something he has been doing since 2018.

When asked about the most surprising thing he has learned since being quarantined, Frost said:

People. This situation that we are living is showing a completely new face of everyone, including myself. I love anthropology and physiology and I personally think that’s a great opportunity for introspection.

Good and bad things come from it. How we deal with them makes the difference.

The article now appears on DNA Magazine’s website with a disclaimer about the party that Frost attended. The disclaimer reads in part, “We have decided to keep the story online to remind readers of the importance of social distancing rules.”

3. DNA Magazine Named Frost as 2020’s ‘Next Big Thing’ in December 2019

Ian Frost Twitter

Twitter/Ian Frost

Frost graced the cover of DNA Magazine in December 2019 and was named as the “Next Big Thing” of 2020. In his interview, Frost said he was a third-generation Argentinian who had French, Italian and Spanish heritage.

Frost said in the interview that he had “many sexual moments” in high school despite referring to himself as a “pretty average kid” and “skinny.”

4. Frost Appears in a YouTube Series About the Lives of LGBT Entertainers

THE CIRCUIT trailer (LGBTQ limited series)A new YouTube docuseries that explores the underground LGBTQ circuit community by following the lives of influencers that live within this world – DJs, producers, dancers, adult entertainers, and circuit queens. The cast includes Nina Flowers, Sam Gee, Joe Pacheco, Ian Frost, Shane Jackson, Shane Marcus, Manuel Skye, Alec Brian, Eugene, Trey, Shane Marcus, DJ…2020-01-13T19:44:38Z

Since February 2020, Frost has appeared in the YouTube series The Circuit. The show followed a group of LGBT entertainers including Nina Flowers, Sam Gee, Joe Pacheco and Darius Glover.

Frost said in his December 2019 interview with DNA Magazine that he was a “social butterfly.” Frost said, “I’m out a lot, sharing new friends and getting to know new people constantly.” Frost added that if he had to describe his social life in one word, it would be “vacations.”

5. Frost Began as a Go-Go Dancer in New York City Before Venturing Into Pornography

Frost told Get Out! Magazine in November 2018 that he first moved to New York City from Argentina to work as a dancer. Frost said in the interview that he first encountered gay adult movie stars through their appearances at gay clubs.

Frost said it was an agent who saw the Argentinian’s Grindr profile photos and asked if he had ever considered porn. Frost added that his decision to enter the industry was not related to money but was more about working with “very good studio and good co-stars.”

Frost went on to say he did not feel as though he had achieved the rank of “porn star.” Frost concluded the interview by saying:

What I’d like to say is that people, when watching porn, never think that we have lives. We have friends, family, many of us even have children. Nobody stops to think about that. I had to tell my sister and my family and my niece who’s 19 years old. It’s just a moment to think that these film stars have a mother and a father.

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