Lena Hernandez, ‘SoCal Karen,’ Arrested on Battery Charge

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Twitter SoCal Karen charged with misdemeanor battery.

Lena Hernandez, who was dubbed “SoCal Karen” and “Torrance Karen” after a video of her making racist rants in a public park surfaced, was arrested by police and charged with misdemeanor battery, according to KTLA, which reported that a judge issued a warrant for her arrest.

Hernandez was charged with battery in relation to an incident that took place in October of 2019, CBS-LA reported, during which she was accused of pushing and striking a woman named Kayceelyn Salminao at Del Amo Mall. The station reported that Torrance Police chose not to arrest Hernandez, but instead turned the investigation over to the City Prosecutor’s office.

CBS-LA reported that she was arrested at 1 p.m., then released on bail.

Hernandez Arrested, Booked and Released

The May Lee Show #28 – First Lena Hernandez Victim Speaks OutLena Hernandez is now an infamous figure around the world as videos of her violent verbal assaults against two Asian Americans in Torrance, California went viral. Her racist tirades and death treats sent shock waves throughout the Asian community and beyond, but what added fuel to the fire is the discovery that Hernandez had physically…2020-06-20T17:03:02Z

In a video of the May Lee Show posted on YouTube, the woman accusing Hernandez of battery spoke.

She said she and Hernandez were using the same restroom when a custodian came in and started checking bathrooms.

Salminao said she was washing her hands when the door to Hernandez’s stall — which she said she didn’t think was properly locked — swung open. Hernandez, according to Salminao, yelled and swore at the custodian, who was apologizing profusely. Salminao said she stepped in and told Hernandez, “You need to stop that, you’re being rude.”

She said Hernandez came out of her stall, said “You shut up,” and shoved her down to the floor, where she fell on her back.

So I’m looking up at her from the floor and she’s pointing down at me saying, “You better not get the f*** up or else. So I tell the custodian, ‘call security’ and then, as I’m getting up, I say what the heck did you do that for to Lena and that’s when she grabs my hair, pushes my head down and starts punching me in the back fo the head multiple times. At that time, I’m saying “Get off me, get off me.”

She said her husband, who had been standing outside, pushed Hernandez off of her. Salminao said the custodian witnessed the whole thing and was trying to get security to come to the bathroom on her radio.

Salminao said that Hernandez fled the scene, and while she was running away, told her, “You’re all going to get it.”

When Torrance Police showed up, Hernandez said she was shaken and needed time to decide what she wanted to do; she filed charges three days later.

“It’s mind-boggling that someone would go to that extent,” Salminao said. When she saw a video of Hernandez being racist to the man in Wilson Park, Salminao spoke up.

I remembered her voice, I remembered how she looked … It was very upsetting because it’s like, she still out on these streets attacking people.

I started going to social media and saying look, this is the same woman that attacked me back in October. And I’m like showing the I had (taken) from when she was walking away from the hallway. And then I was trying to get into contact with the victim and we hadn’t gotten in contact until Friday … And then the next morning, because I posted it on Twitter, my phone was blowing up with retweets and comments like, “Oh my gosh, that is the same woman. What is going on over there in Torrance?”

Hernandez First Went Viral After A Racist Rant in Torrence Park

Hernandez was seen screaming at an Asian woman, allegedly after the woman said Oh Jesus when Hernandez tried to use the stairs.

“Listen to me,” Hernandez starts. “We don’t play games here anymore. Next time you talk to me like that, you’re going to get your ass kicked by my family. They’re gonna f**k you up.”

When the woman asks what she did wrong, Hernandez says, “Because you are an a**hole. Why don’t you go somewhere else where you can go to a gym. This is not just for you,” she says indignantly, gesturing towards the park. “Get the f*** out of this world, get the f*** out of this state, go back to whatever f***ing Asian country you belong in, you little fucking bitch.”

“Ok, thank you, racist,” the runner says.

“This is not your place, this is not your home, we do not want you here. You put that on Facebook, I hope you do because every fucking person will beat the crap out of you from here on out. Don’t you ever say, ‘Oh Jesus, to me when I want to use the stairs, you little bitch,” she says, walking away.

When the woman tells her there are other stairs, Hernandez stops walking and says, “You are a sick fucking ignorant teenager. You’re a fucking what, middle-aged runner, who wears black in California sun? Who the fuck wears black? Are you an idiot? You wear black in California sun? Seriously?” before continuing to walk away.

Hernandez Went Viral Again in Wilson Park

Hernandez was recorded in a video June 11, where she was seen making several loaded comments to a man while telling him to move his car. The man was an attorney and his friend, Brandon McNerny posted what happened on Twitter.

In the video, Hernandez steps out of a slate Honda and tells him:

“You know what? You need to go home. I don’t care about your Facebook or your video. Do you know how many people can’t stand you being here? You play games. We don’t play games,” she tells the man.

When he asks what kind of games, she tells him, “I play games where you get f***ed to death.”

In response, he says that he will get her car and her car’s license plate and she then says that she will call the police, telling him, “You are going to real jail now.”

She then starts speaking in imitation of a foreign accent and seems to be saying, “You understand me, Chinaman?”

When he tells her that she should have respect for other people, she retorts that if he had respect, he would move his vehicle.

The less-than-two-minute video has been viewed 10 million times.

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