WATCH: ‘Sacramento Karen’ Punched After Calling Black Woman N-Word

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YouTube The woman dubbed "Sacramento Karen" being punched.

A woman shopping in a California 7-Eleven has been dubbed the “Sacramento Karen.” The woman, who appears to be white, was punched in the face several times by a Black woman after she called the Black woman the n-word multiple times in the store earlier in June.

According to TMZ, the Black woman’s husband said she was arrested for assault, but that has not been confirmed.

Although it’s difficult to discern in the censored version of the video above, an uncensored video of the encounter shows “Sacramento Karen” and the Black woman in an argument that starts several yards apart. “Sacramento Karen” says she only said “excuse me” to the Black woman, but the Black woman seems to think something else was said.

The Black woman slowly comes toward her as the white woman appears to be standing in front of the checkout counter and the two continue yelling over one another before “Sacramento Karen” accepts the Black woman’s challenge to use the racial slur again, and the Black woman punches her several times in the head and face.

A video posted on Twitter of the incident and embedded in a BET story was viewed over 4 million times before it was taken down.

The Argument Escalated Quickly

The video does not show what prompted the argument, but the nearly 90-second clip shows an argument that quickly escalates after the unidentified woman being called “Sacramento Karen” uses the n-word.

After she does, the Black woman responds by telling her, “You can call me a n***** as much as you want to. I’m about to beat your a** in this store.” The Black woman moves closer to “Sacramento Karen” and threatens her several times: “Call me a n***** again, b***h, and I’ll beat your ass,” she says. “I’m the right one, try it.”

When “Sacramento Karen” instead repeats “Excuse me,” the Black woman then says, “That’s what the f*** I thought. Watch your f***ing mouth.” She also warns her again, telling her, “I’ll beat your a** in this motherf***ing store.”

However, the confrontation continues when “Sacramento Karen” uses the racial slur again and the Black woman challenges her directly: “I’ll beat your a**. Say n***** again, b***h.”

“Sacramento Karen” uses the slur again and the Black woman steps in and uses her right hand to punch her in the face several times. “You didn’t hear what the f*** I just said, b***h? You didn’t hear what the f*** I just said, b***h?” the Black woman repeats several times.

The first few punches knock “Sacramento Karen” to the ground and she stays there, at one point gripping the Black woman’s T-shirt. A man’s voice can be heard in the background, and he seems to be telling the Black woman, “She’s down, she’s down.”

“Are you going to let me go?” the Black woman demands. When “Sacramento Karen” finally does, the Black woman slowly starts walking toward the store’s exit and “Sacramento Karen” is left sitting on the ground, where she insists that all she said was “excuse me.”

The Black woman briefly responds, telling her, “I come in this b***h all the time, I’m the right one.” Before the video cuts out, she can be heard telling “Sacramento Karen”: “Call 911 and tell ’em.”

TMZ reported that “Karen” was treated by medical workers on the scene “for minor injuries” and the Black woman was gone by the time Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrived. According to TMZ, the woman who was punched “took responsibility for her part in it” and decided not to file a complaint but changed her mind the next day. TMZ reported that the SCSD has said “no suspect has been identified, charged or arrested,” though the outlet says the Black woman’s husband has claimed on social media she’s been arrested for assault. Heavy reached out to the SCSD but has not yet received a response.

‘Sacramento Karen’ Joins a List of ‘Karens’ Caught on Video in Recent Weeks

“Sacramento Karen” is hardly the first white woman gaining internet infamy after racist remarks made in public. Seattle comedian Karlos Dillard posted a video of a white “Karen” becoming hysterical after he says he confronted her for calling him a racial slur following a road-rage incident. A woman dubbed “Kroger Karen” blocked a Black mother’s car from leaving a Detroit grocery store after an argument that began inside. Video posted in mid-June shows a Los Angeles woman smashing a neighbor’s car with hammers and yelling, “Go back to Mexico.” Also in mid-June, a woman dubbed “Torrance Karen” was captured twice delivering racist rants in a public park and parking lot. And in Wisconsin, a “Karen” was caught on video in a racist confrontation after she became upset because a Puerto Rican man and his friends were listening to Spanish music.

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