Mike Pence’s Speech Versus Kamala Harris’s Speech: Which Was Better? [POLL]

Mike Pence vs Kamala Harris

Getty Mike Pence vs Kamala Harris: How do their speeches compare?

Vice President Mike Pence gave a keynote speech at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night, August 26. Last week, Kamala Harris gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention as she seeks to be the new Vice President in 2020 as Joe Biden’s running mate.  So how do the two speeches compare?

At the end of this article is a Twitter poll that you can participate in to share your opinion on whether Mike Pence’s or Kamala Harris’s speech was better. 

Both Pence & Harris Addressed Why They Support Their Running Mates, Along with Their Own Personal Journeys

Pence has a lot of pressure on him for tonight’s speech, as Hurricane Laura is expected to make landfall near the Texas-Louisiana border as either a Category 4 or 5 storm just a few hours after he speaks from Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland.

Pence’s campaign told Fox News that his speech would be optimistic about President Donald Trump’s economic and foreign policy accomplishments, and it would look at what’s ahead in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, he told CNN that he believes a miracle is “around the corner” for the pandemic.

Pence addressed Hurricane Laura at the beginning of his speech, asking everyone to stay safe. Then he thanked his family, and talked about why he thinks Trump is best for the job. Later on, he shared that America is the nation of miracles, and the country’s on track to have a safe vaccine by the end of the year. He then talked about the protests and said, “The violence must stop… We will have law and order on the streets of this country for every American of every race and creed and color.”

You can watch Pence’s speech below.

Harris delivered her speech last week, right after former President Barack Obama’s speech at the convention. Like Pence, she gave her speech on the second-to-last night of the convention. She started out her speech by talking about Black women activists who had fought for the right to vote. She spoke about immigration and racial justice, and how both of her parents are immigrants.

Harris said about her mother: “She raised us to be proud, strong Black women. And she raised us to know and be proud of our Indian heritage.”

She also talked about how she and her husband met and about her stepchildren who call her Momala. She talked about how the country may disagree, but we’re united in the belief that every human deserves dignity and respect. She addressed chaos that’s been seen in the country and talked about why she supports Biden.

You can watch her full speech below.

POLL: Whose 2020 Speech Did You Think Was Better?

So which 2020 speech did you think was better? Mike Pence’s speech at the RNC or Kamala Harris’s speech at the DNC last week? Vote in the Twitter poll below. Once you vote in the poll, you can see the results of the poll.

Kamala Harris is planning a speech Thursday night in Washington, D.C. to “counter” President Donald Trump’s speech at the convention, The Hill reported. Her speech will take place a few hours before Trump speaks at the Republican convention. Stay tuned to this author’s page for a poll where you can vote on those two speeches tomorrow night. The poll will be published shortly after Trump delivers his speech.

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