Jason Gelinas: QAnon Website Goes Down as Operator Is Id’d as Citigroup Employee

Jason Gelinas

Facebook/Jason Gelinas Jason Gelinas pictured on his Facebook page.

Jason Gelinas is the Citigroup employee who was identified as the operator of QMap, the most-popular website regarding the QAnon conspiracy theory.

On his now-deleted LinkedIn page, Gelinas says he works as a security analyst for Citigroup. He has been with the finance giant since 2003. Previously, Gelinas worked in a similar role with Credit Suisse, according to his LinkedIn page. On that profile, Gelinas says he graduated with a bachelor of arts in information systems from Fordham University and also received his master’s degree in business administration from the same school.

QAnon is a political conspiracy theory in which followers believe a mysterious government employee, codenamed Q, is working with President Donald Trump to uncover child sex trafficking ring that is operated by Satan-worshipping Democratic politicians and liberal activists. In August 2020, Trump referred to QAnon followers as “people who love our country.”

The Report That Outed Gelinas Says It’s Unlikely He Is Q

Jason Gelinas wife

FacebookGelinas pictured with his wife in 2009.

Gelinas, 42, was outed as the operator of QMap by fact-checking website Logically.ai. The Logically report points out that it’s unlikely that Gelinas is Q or even that he was involved in the group’s origins. The website has been removed. The most recent post on the site showed a meme which suggested that Adolf Hitler’s act after assuming power was to defund the police. This claim has been debunked.

Gelinas is a resident of Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. He is married with children. The Logically report referred to Gelinas as the “developer and mouthpiece” of the site. Bloomberg reports that the site is connected to Gelinas’ address. According to Similar Web, QMap received 10 million visits per month during May, June and July in 2020. In August 2020, that number was to 7.6 million.

Gelinas Is Linked to Another Website Named Patriot Platforms

In addition, online records show that Gelinas’ address is linked to another website named Patriot Platforms, which has been removed. A cached version of the website sees the company call itself as a “technology company building next-generation social media applications and tools.” The introduction page on the website includes a quote from President Donald Trump that reads, “Must be more, and fairer, companies to get out the word.”

The Bloomberg report says that the Patriot Platforms email is also associated with an app named Armor of God. At the time of writing, Armor of God is not accessible via Google Play. Logically reports that a user named JJGelinas77 was a frequent poster on Armor of God. The profile says that JJGelinas77 works as an app developer.

In a post on the forum Feed for All, the user JJGelinas77 gives his name as Jason. Gelinas Facebook page has been deleted.

Gelinas Referred to QAnon as a ‘Patriotic Movement to Save Our Country’

Jason Gelinas Photo

MeetMe/Jason GelinasGelinas’ profile on his MeetMe page.

Gelinas told Bloomberg when he spoke to a reporter, “I’m not going to comment on any of that. I’m not going to get involved. I want to stay out of it.” Gelinas said that someone had sent him the Logically report on Twitter. He referred to QAnon as a “patriotic movement to save the country.”

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