Pregnant Woman Murdered After Vanishing on Thanksgiving Walk to QuikTrip

amethyst killian

Facebook Amethyst Killian

Amethyst Killian was a 22-year-old pregnant woman from Missouri who was found deceased outside after disappearing on an early Thanksgiving morning walk to a QuikTrip gas station and convenience store. Police believe she was a victim of homicide.

A 27 year old Missouri man named Damion Delgado is now accused of murder in the deaths of Killian and her unborn child. Prosecutor say Killian was stabbed more than 20 times in the abdomen, neck, and head area, but they don’t have a motive. They say the two had communicated online that night, and blood evidence connected Delgado to the scene.

Killian was known to loved ones by the nickname “Ame.” She vanished after walking to the convenience store around 1 a.m. on Thursday, November 26 in St. Peters, Missouri. St. Peters is a city in St. Charles County, Missouri. It is located on a major interstate, 70. She was five months pregnant, KMOV-TV reported.

Her family members found her belongings in a park, the television station reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Family Members Say Killian Went to the Gas Station Down the Street & Never Came Back


Killian’s mother Stacy Stelzer shared a photo of her and wrote, “This is Ame Killian. She is my daughter. She left to go to the gas station right down the street this am and she has not returned. Please message me if you know where she is. Praying she is ok?”

According to Fox2Now, Ame and her mom were planning to have a green bean casserole bake off for Thanksgiving, but she never showed up.

Before her body was found, Killian’s cousin Gabrielle Tat shared, “Has anyone seen my cousin Ame Love Killian?? She has been missing since 1:30 this morning. She walked to QT on Mid River in St. Peters MO (which is right down the street from her home) and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Her phone is off so her mom has not been able to track her phone. If anyone sees her please let myself or Stacy Stelzer her mom know.”

Stelzer described the efforts she went to while Killian was missing in a Facebook post. She filed a missing person’s report, checked hospitals, and checked jails. “The anxiety is getting to me,” she wrote, indicating that the convenience store down the street is a “hub for 18 wheelers…This is not like her.”

2. Killian’s Body Was Found Outside

Amethyst Killian

FacebookAmethyst Killian

In a November 27 press release, the St. Peters Police Department wrote that the major case squad was activated for the homicide in St. Peters. The specific cause of death is not clear, but Fox2Now reported that her mother said the death was “brutal.” According to the television station, Killian had a “bit of a troubled past.”

Her body was found only a block from her home.

“On Friday November 27, 2020, St. Peters Police Department requested the activation of the Greater St. Louis Major Case Squad to assist with an investigation wherein a female subject was the victim of an apparent homicide,” police wrote, adding, “St. Peters Police Department received a call at approximately 12:00 PM in regards to a deceased female lying outside at the 100 block of North Church Street.”

The deceased female was identified as Killian.

“Amethyst Killian was reported missing on 11/26/2020 at approximately 8:00 PM by family members after not returning home all day. Officers were called to the scene this afternoon after personal items of the victim were found in the area, which lead to the discovery of her body nearby,” added the release. “The Major Case Squad asks that anyone with information that would assist in the solving of this crime call Crime Stoppers at 1-866-371-TIPS (8477).”

3. Killian Leaves Behind Two Young Children

amethyst killian

FacebookAmethyst Killian

Tat created a GoFundMe account to help Killian’s family; it has raised more than $5,000.

“I have created this go fund me for my beautiful cousin Ame Killian who passed away today. Ame went missing Thanksgiving morning and her body way found Friday morning. She leaves behind 2 amazing kids,” the page says.

“Her mom can’t afford a funeral so any help is greatly appreciated. Plus I would like to raise enough to help in supporting her kids. (Killian’s daughter) age 6 is a smart, talented, amazing little girl who will now have go grow up without her mommy, and (Killian’s son) age 11 months is a handsome, smart, loving little boy who will never get the chance to know his mommy. Ame was 5 months pregnant so not only do we have the loss of my cousin but also we lost a soon to be addition to our family. If you can’t donate please share and say a prayer for our family for comfort and support in the coming weeks. God bless all of you, give your loved ones a kiss and hold them extra tight.”

On Facebook, Tat wrote, “Many people don’t know yet but my cousin Ame Love Killian was found deceased this morning. I have created this go fund me to help with her funeral expense and to help her babies. If you can’t donate please share. Thank you everyone for your kind words and messages. I ask that you give our family time to process all of this. God bless everyone.”

4. Killian’s Mother Described the Heartbreaking Moment She Told Killian’s Young Daughter She Wasn’t Coming Home

Ame killian

FacebookAme Killian

On Facebook, Killian’s mother described how she sat Killian’s 6-year-old daughter down “to tell her that jesus needed a beautiful angel and her mom was the most beautiful of them all.”

She wrote that she couldn’t “even get another word out,” and all the child could do was “scream No! No!” The child has had “several outbursts of crying” but was being comforted with toys.

The grandma told the girl, “toys don’t heal your heart,” and the child expressed a desire for a Christmas tree.

5. Killian Wrote on Facebook That She Loved Her ‘Perfect Little Family’

amethyst Killian

FacebookAmethyst Killian with her family.

On Facebook, Killian mostly shared pictures of her children. “She’s so silly. I love my perfect little family 😍❤️❤️❤️ my babies bring SOOOO much love and light into my life and I honestly couldn’t ask for anymore love, laughter, and happiness than I get from them. I am so thankful and blessed for the little family I have. ❤️❤️❤️❤️” she wrote with one post.

She posted pictures on Facebook that indicated she was in a relationship.

Tributes filled the Facebook comment threads of Killian’s loved ones.

“I can’t believe this. Ame was such a beautiful talented young woman. The person responsible for her and her unborn childs deaths is a evil demon who must pay. I pray this is a fast investigation,” wrote one person who knew Killian.

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