Anna Ermakova, Boris Becker’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Anna Ermakova

Getty Anna Ermakova attends the Dustmann store pre-opening on October 12, 2018 in Dortmund, Germany.

Anna Ermakova is the daughter of three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, who was sentenced to prison time related to bankruptcy charges. Ermakova is a model who is speaking out about the case. Her mother is Angela Ermakova.

Becker was sentenced to serve 2 1/2 years in prison on Friday, April 29, 2022, following his conviction earlier in the month on four charges filed under the British Insolvency Act, according to CNN. His charges are related to failing to declare assets, including a $2.3 million property in Leimen, Germany, his hometown, failing to disclose 75,000 shares in a tech firm and failing to declare a $1.2 million bank loan. Becker is 54.

Judge Deborah Taylor said he would serve half the sentence, according to CNN. She told him she was taking into account his “fall from grace.”

Ermakova has a relationship with her father today, according to her statement to German newspaper Bild. She is planning to visit him in prison and offer him support. She is 22.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Ermakova Said She Was ‘Shocked’ By Her Father’s Prison Sentence

Ermakova told Bild, a German newspaper, that the prison sentence handed to Becker left her “in shock.” She said that she would support him, visit him and give him any help she could offer.

“I’m really in shock that my father has been sentenced to two years and six months,” she told Bild. “I will support him and I will visit him whenever I can. I hope that will help him a little to get through the time.”

Taylor, who sentenced Becker, said during his court appearance he did not have remorse over his actions.

“I take into account what has been described as your fall from grace. You have lost your career and reputation and all of your property as a result of your bankruptcy,” she said, according to the Press Association (PA). “You have not shown remorse, acceptance of your guilt and have sought to distance yourself from your offending and your bankruptcy. While I accept your humiliation as part of the proceedings, there has been no humility.”

2. Angela Ermakova, Anna Ermakova’s Mother, Was a Model & She Raised Her Daughter Alone

Angela Ermakova was a model who is known better for conceiving Becker’s daughter in a brief fling than for her modeling work, according to ABTC, a Nigerian news outlet. Angela Ermakova was born in Russia to a a Russian parent and a Nigerian parent, the news outlet said.

“Born in 1968, Angela became famous not for her talent, but for a fleeting affair with the champion of the Wimbledon tournament Boris Becker, as a result of which she gave birth to her daughter- Anna,” the news outlet reported. ABTC reported Becker “simply disappeared” after learning he had impregnated the woman.

ABTC reported:

Angela met Becker, and their rendezvous was limited only to sex, after which the athlete did not call her anymore. Their meeting ended in pregnancy and the birth of Anna’s wonderful daughter.

As Angela herself said, she never had a thought to have an abortion, because she was expecting a child from a real champion, and not from a janitor.

The New York Post reported that Ermakova was “infamously conceived in the bathroom of Nobu in London during a one-time fling.”

3. Anna Ermakova Has a 12-Year-Old Half-Brother, Amadeus

Anna Ermakova has a 12-year-old half-brother, Amadeus, who is the son of Becker and his ex-wife, Lilly Becker. The couple was married for nine years, from 2009 to 2018. Lilly Becker said at the time of their divorce that they “truly tried” to make it work, according to Hello Magazine.

“Sadly, Boris and I cannot make it work – that is the reality. We have truly tried. I am not full of regrets as he gave me so many wonderful memories and also our incredible son. For that alone I will be truly grateful – you learn and move on. Take the chapter and use it.”

Lilly Becker said that their “incredible, blond, blue-eyed” son takes after his father.

“He definitely has his father’s genes, he is tall and energetic and super athletic. He is a good runner and he’s very interested in tennis,” she told Hello Magazine.

Anna Ermakova wrote a letter to the court on behalf of her younger half-brother, she told German newspaper Bild.

“I wrote a letter to the court to express my concern for my little half-brother, Amadeus,” Ermakova said, according to the newspaper. “After all, he is only 12 and will now have to do without a father figure, whom he will lack during a difficult phase of his development. It’s not fair to him. It’s going to be tough for Amadeus.”

4. Ermakova Began Modeling as a Teenager & Appeared in Berlin Fashion Week at 14

Ermakova’s modeling career was sparked when she came across an issue of Vogue as a teenager, according to her MN2S model profile.

“The daughter of tennis player Boris Becker, Anna Ermakova is a model who has appeared on the cover of You and on red carpets around the world,” the profile says.

She appeared at Berlin Fashion Week at 14, the profile says. She often models clothing that was handsewn by her mother, the profile says.

“She was signed to Mega Model management, and has since graced the cover of British magazine You as well as making appearances on red carpets and catwalks across the globe. Ermakowa is regularly invited to charity fundraisers, awards shows, after parties and product launches, and has worked with brands such as Rodenstock, Buffalo and Marcel Remus,” the profile says.

5. Ermakova Is a College Student & Splits Her Time Between Monaco & London

Ermakova is a student at The Courtauld Institute of Art, according to her MN2S model profile. She has appeared on the cover of You magazine “and on red carpets around the world,” the profile says.

Despite the scandal that surrounded her birth, Ermakova lived a private life until she began modeling, the profile says.

“Ermakowa’s life has always been in the spotlight, with her father Boris Becker famously having an affair with her mother, a waitress at an exclusive London restaurant,” the profile says. “Press and the media fuelled the scandal with tabloid stories about the affair, and Becker initially denied the baby was his. He eventually took a paternity test, with Ermakowa growing up in London in relative privacy.”

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