Angela Ermakova, Anna Ermakova’s Mother: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Getty Angela Ermakova and daughter Anna, daughter of Boris Becker, attend a fashion store opening of Prince Max Mario Schaumburg-Lippe on July 26, 2009 in Salzburg, Austria.

Angela Ermakova is a model and the mother of Anna Ermakova, who was conceived on a scandalized fling with three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker. Becker was sentenced to prison time for bankruptcy fraud on Friday, April 29, 2022.

Becker, 54, was convicted in April 2022 for failing to disclose assets related to his bankruptcy case, according to CNN. He was charged with four counts under the British Insolvency Act. The court alleged he failed to declare assets in his bankruptcy case, including a $2.3 million property in Leimen, Germany, his hometown, failing to disclose 75,000 shares in a tech firm and failing to declare a $1.2 million bank loan.

Anna Ermakova told Bild, a German newspaper, that the prison sentence handed to Becker left her “in shock.” She said that she would support him, visit him and give him any help she could offer.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Angela Ermakova Was a Waitress When She Conceived Her Daughter With Becker, Whose Wife Was Expecting a Baby

Angela Ermakova was a waitress at “an exclusive London restaurant” when she had a brief fling with Becker, according to Anna Ermakova’s modeling profile.

“[Anna] Ermakowa’s life has always been in the spotlight, with her father Boris Becker famously having an affair with her mother, a waitress at an exclusive London restaurant,” the profile says. “Press and the media fuelled the scandal with tabloid stories about the affair, and Becker initially denied the baby was his. He eventually took a paternity test, with Ermakowa growing up in London in relative privacy.”

The Daily Mail detailed the 1999 affair, saying Ermakova “was conceived on the stairwell of the Nobu restaurant in Park Lane.” At the time, Becker’s wife, Lilly Becker, was seven months pregnant, and he had “crashed out of Wimbledon to Pat Rafter in the fourth round.” Becker decided to retire that night, and Becker went to the hospital, believing she was in labor, the Daily Mail reported. Becker told his wife, who was expecting their second son, to call him if she was in labor, the outlet reported.

He “cried his eyes out” after the game and eyed Ermakova at the restaurant, the Daily Mail reported.

“Eight months later, he received a fax informing him he was about to become a father again,” the Daily Mail reported.

2. Ermakova Raised Anna as a Single Mom & Becker Claimed Paternity After a Court Battle

Angela Ermakova raised Anna Ermakova as a single mother, according to ABTC, a Nigerian news outlet. The outlet reported Becker “simply disappeared” after learning Angela Ermakova was pregnant.

ABTC reported:

Angela met Becker, and their rendezvous was limited only to sex, after which the athlete did not call her anymore. Their meeting ended in pregnancy and the birth of Anna’s wonderful daughter.

As Angela herself said, she never had a thought to have an abortion, because she was expecting a child from a real champion, and not from a janitor.

3. Angela Ermakova Was a Model, But Her Work Was Overshadowed by the Scandal

Angela Ermakova was a model who is known better for conceiving Becker’s daughter in a brief fling than for her modeling work, according to ABTC, a Nigerian news outlet. Angela Ermakova was born in Russia to a a Russian parent and a Nigerian parent, the news outlet said.

“Born in 1968, Angela became famous not for her talent, but for a fleeting affair with the champion of the Wimbledon tournament Boris Becker, as a result of which she gave birth to her daughter- Anna,” the news outlet reported.

The outlet reported she experienced racism in the Soviet Union, where she lived until she was a young adult, and moved to London to pursue a modeling career. Angela Ermakova was born in Russia to a Russian parent and a Nigerian parent, the outlet reported.

“She heroically endured condemning glances and raised the baby alone, trying to provide her with everything necessary,” the outlet reported.

4. Ermakova Has a Background in Film & She Sews Many of the Clothes That Anna Wears in Modeling Gigs

Angela Ermakova sews many of her daughter’s clothes that she models, according to Anna Ermakova’s MN2S model profile.

“She often appears wearing pieces her mother Angela Ermakowa has hand sewn, and is well on her way to becoming the next British supermodel,” the profile says.

Ermakova shared a photo of her London film festival pass on her birthday March 23, 2022, and wrote about her travels and experiences. Ermakova, who was born in 1968 in the Soviet Union, wrote that she wished for peace for her birthday.

She wrote:

throwback to the early nineties when I worked in a film company in London in Wardour street from 1990 to 1995 and enjoyed the atmosphere of the west and the east being curiously interested and open to each other , exchanging various cultural events , opening its borders to each other and promoting cooperation – Pax Romana of the 20s century – I hope it shall come back to this . Peace is the precursor of what’s written in American Declaration of Independence as right to life and pursuit of happiness, and it’s my birthday wish that we live to see that every human being on earth can enjoy this !

5. Angela Ermakova & Anna Appear to Be Close; the Young Model Often Shares Photos Taken With Her Mother on Instagram

Anna Ermakova frequently shares photos of herself with her mom on Instagram.

“Happy birthday to my incredible mama!” Anna Ermakova wrote March 23, 2022. “Throwback to my mama on the set of Eyes Wide Shut in London 1998. I love you so much.”

Anna Ermakova shared a brief video for her mother’s birthday in 2021.

“To the kindest, funniest and most caring mama I hope to always make you proud and put a smile on your face. I love you so much,” she wrote.

Angela Ermakova also shares headlines that feature her daughter.

“Rising with the stars,” Angela Ermakova wrote April 15, 2022.

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