Crede Bailey: White House Staffer’s Leg Amputated Due to COVID-19

Crede Bailey

Facebook White House official Crede Bailey, who's been hospitalized with coronavirus since September, needed his right lower leg and foot amputated.

Crede Bailey, the director of The White House security office, has been gravely ill since September after contracting coronavirus. While Crede is finally starting to recover from COVID-19, a GoFundMe page created by his friend says that he was discharged from the ICU in early December, but the fundraiser also states that he lost “his big toe on his left foot as well as his right foot and lower leg” in the process.

Back in September, Bloomberg reported that he got sick with the virus before the Rose Garden ceremony on September 26, which has since been dubbed as a super spreader event after numerous White House staffers, including Kellyanne Conway, Hope Hicks, Kayleigh McEnany, and Stephen Miller, contracted COVID-19 afterward.

Bailey’s family asked President Donald Trump not to publicly discuss his COVID-19 diagnosis, however, friends of The White House official have started a GoFundMe account for his rehabilitation. The page states:

He will be fit for a prosthetic leg in the coming months and those are not cheap! Of course he will have to have all the medical equipment necessary for him to get around – crutches, a walker, a wheelchair, a scooter… His house will need to be renovated to accommodate his disability; ramps to get in/out of the house, the bathroom shower will have to be modified, handrails will have to be installed, etc. etc.

The fundraiser was created by Dawn McRobie. She recently added a note to the GoFundMe page that says:

This is a campaign to help Crede Bailey and his family with medical and healing expenses necessary as a result of Crede’s COVID-19 illness and the life-altering results. First let me say that Crede will NOT be happy I’ve done this as he is a proud man who is the first to help everyone else but would never ask for help himself.

As of December 14, the GoFundMe campaign has raised over $34,000.

Crede Has a Long Way to Go In Terms of Rehab After Spending Over 3 Months in the Hospital

McRobie states on the GoFundMe page that Crede needs financial help to pay the family’s “staggering medical bills” after spending over three months in the hospital. In addition to “a long road ahead in rehab before he can go home,” the Bailey family needs to make their home handicap-accessible.

We don’t want Crede or his family to carry the financial burden, we need them to focus on his health and recovery. Please donate whatever amount you can!  All funds will go to medical bills, renovations, and equipment necessary as a result of his disability.

For those of us lucky enough to be in Crede’s life, now is our time to show him how much we appreciate and care for him and his family. Anyone reading this who doesn’t know him – trust me that he is the friend you’ve always wanted, the guy you depend on for anything at the 9th hour, and the one who will always make you laugh.  Thank you in advance – your financial help and healing prayers are truly appreciated!!

Broadway Star Nick Cordero Needed His Leg Amputated While Battling COVID-19

Nick Cordero, who starred on Broadway’s Waitress and Rock of Ages, died from complications related to COVID-19 on July 5 at age 41. Prior to his death, like Crede, Cordero spent months in the ICU and needed his right leg amputated.

“We got some difficult news yesterday,” his wife, Amanda Kloots, revealed back in April, describing how doctors were treating Cordero with blood thinners to help ease the clotting in Cordero’s right leg, but that the blood thinners were now causing issues with his blood pressure, which could lead to internal bleeding in his intestines.

Therefore, she continued, “We took him off the blood thinners, but that again was going to cause the clotting in the right leg. So the right leg will be amputated today.”

In addition to losing his leg, Cordero spent six weeks in a medically induced coma and a total of 95 days in the ICU battling COVID-19 before he died.

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