Wisconsin School Gunman Damian Haglund’s Manifesto Says He Related to Sandy Hook Shooter

mount horeb suspecct

Getty Mount Horeb police and an unrelated photo of the Columbine shooters.

An X page linked to the Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, gunman Damian Haglund, 14, contains posts and replies with repeated references to the Columbine and Sandy Hook mass shooters, and Haglund’s website contains a manifesto of sorts that says he related to  Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza “the most out of the scum bunch.”

“I’m going to be honest, School…shooters, weird comparison, but I relate to Adam Lanza the most out of the scum bunch. Everyone else picks Eric, or the popular ones, but Adam Lanza is really, I see myself in him,” he wrote on the website. “I have similar views, less OCD for sure. I wasn’t…touched as a child like he was thanks be to God. But he’s the ‘loud when I wan’t to talk’ introvert.” The X page makes repeated references to Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold.

“Happy 420,” read a post on the X page on April 20, the date of the Columbine High School massacre. The page also contains references to guns and LGBT and Jewish people, as well as Nazis.

Fritzsche Letvan

X (Fritzsche Letvan)Fritzsche Letvan post.

A post on the X page “Fritzsche Letvan” at 8:37 a.m. on May 1 reads, “My last morning.” Other posts that day read, “I’m killing my plans” and “Ah the true Aryan.” On April 27, the page wrote, “Man I don’t even have 5 days to live.” The page also contains a reply to an anti-Semitic post.

May 1 was the day of the Mount Horeb incident, in which the 14-year-old 8th grader is accused of taking a rifle to middle school and trying to break through a window before, according to a Wisconsin Department of Justice news release, a law enforcement officer shot him to death. No one else was harmed.

In a May 4 update, the DOJ revealed that the suspect had a pellet rifle and pointed it at officers.

A reply by the X page on April 18 read, “We need to bring back columbine.” And on April 20, “Hitler birthday is happy but not columbine?”

Haglund’s website was verified to Heavy by a law enforcement source. It confirms that Haglund was using the name “Fritzsche Letvan” online. The website links to the Letvan X page.

Fritzsche Letvan

X (@FritzcheLetvan)A post on the @FritzcheLetvan X page.

Haglund, 14, was publicly named as the the rifle-carrying “active shooter” who was shot and killed by law enforcement near a Wisconsin middle school in Mount Horeb on May 1 by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel , which cited six sources.

The Journal Sentinel reported that Haglund “was an eighth grader at Mount Horeb Middle School.”

letvan x

X (Letvan page)A reply on the Letvan X page.

Here’s what you need to know about the Haglund social media accounts:

The ‘Fritzsche Letvan’ X Page Makes Repeated References to School Shootings, Including Columbine Gunman Dylan Klebold

Fritzsche Letvan

X (Fritzsche Letvan)Fritzsche Letvan page.

The Fritzsche Letvan X page says it was created in June 2023. It was following 53 accounts and has 54 followers. “Please help me Columbine,” reads a reply from the page on April 27.

The X page “Fritzsche Letvan” states, “I’m Haglund.”

The Letvan page contains a post that links to Damian Haglund’s TikTok page, which has been deleted. A law enforcement source confirmed that the TikTok page belonged to the Mount Horeb suspect. The TikTok page was @Iknowyouseemenow. A Google cache of the page refers to “Damian, MHMS.”

The source also confirmed a YouTube page that belonged to Damian Haglund; it used the name Fritzsche. It also has the same profile picture as the Fritzsche Letvan X page. The YouTube page contains a video of a young man destroying a nightstand.

Fritzsche Letvan

X (Fritzsche Letvan)Fritzsche Letvan

The Letvan X page also makes references to Madison, Milwaukee, and Lake Michigan. Mount Horeb is located about 35 minutes from Madison, Wisconsin.

In another disturbing X thread, the Letvan page replied to a cartoon with a swastika by sharing a GIF of Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold and referring to his victim, Isaiah Eamon Shoels. “Now you spreche Nazi?” the Letvan page wrote in that thread. The page’s replies contain multiple references to Columbine and school shootings.

Fritzsche Letvan

X (Fritzsche Letvan)Fritzsche Letvan post.

On April 25, he wrote, “Look, 9/11 jokes can sometimes be funny.”

Fritzsche Letvan

X (Fritzsche Letvan)Fritzsche Letvan page.

There are also multiple references to Columbine.

Fritzsche Letvan

X (Fritzsche Letvan)Fritzsche Letvan

In response to a post that read, “The situation on trains and subways in US seems out of control💀,” the page wrote, “I’d shoot them.” He responded to another post by writing, “That guy looks like Salvador Ramos,” referring to the Uvalde elementary school gunman.

mount horeb shooting

X (Letvan page)A post on the Letvan X page.

He also replied to an X post that read, “Austrian police arrest Germans visiting Hitler’s birthplace,” and wrote, “Because here’s the thing, they didn’t fight a whole independence war. They can make laws banning offensive stuff like Nazi salutes.”

On April 26, he wrote, “Kid shoots gun on accident in backyard and the bullet lands in the schoolyard? Shooting, cop misfires his service weapon in a school parking lot? Shooting, 100s of thugs in chicago that shoot guns, and most of them in proximity to school, they’re all counted.”

That same day, the page wrote, “I don’t believe lgbt is the main cause of shootings, but to be more accurate we should actually count ‘real’ shootings. This map fails to mention what types of shootings they are. See, america counts everything that had gun, and school in the same sentence, as a shooting.”

“I want to continue to indulge in media, night core, videogames, but when you continue living, these simple things become so mundane. I’m going to miss you,” the page wrote on April 30.

In an April 30 post, the page wrote, “I don’t think pope says this like ‘oh yeah LGBT good, let them expand.’ He wants the hate to stop, which is good.” He replied to another X user, writing, “I mean you’ve got ur tec 9, rifle.” Some of the posts interacted with fans who wrote posts about a YouTuber named Ruben Sim.

There are references to mass shootings tied to the page.

letvan x page

X (Fritzsche Letvan)A post on the Letvan X page.

He also shared a post that read “JUST IN: 16-year-old shoots ten people at a venue in Sanford, Florida,” including a reply from another person who asked the shooter’s ethnicity and another person who replied, “It’s obvious he’s white, if it was other race, the headline was gonna be ‘A terrorist.’” The Letvan page responded, “Eric got em.”

There is no “Fritzche Letvan” in the United States via data mining sites.

“Providing a safe place for lgbt people is probably very good in Gods eyes, it’s important to help out all people, especially sinners,” the Letvan page wrote on April 28.

The page also wrote, “I relate to John Jones a lot, we’ve both pushed ourselves into straight holes of death.” He also wrote, “Nein der juden fisch,” which means, “No, the Jew fish.” That was in response to a post about deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein, which stated that one of his victims exposed a “Jewish conspiracy.”

Another recent post says, “How can somebody just kill themselves, Because think, how many kids want to kill themselves and do? 1000s of kids, but I don’t think people realise An edgy of a line as it is ‘the way of the samurai is found in death.'”

Damian Haglund’s Website Says He Felt Out of Place at School But was Not Bullied

Fritzsche Letvan

X (Fritzsche Letvan)Fritzsche Letvan

Haglund’s website contains what might be called a manifesto.

The page referred to Lanza saying, “His views on Travis the Monkey, I heard his voice first, not caring about the motive, but then I realized how right he was about, Chimpanzees groomed up to be humans-like no different than a mentally challenged future killer.”

He also wrote:

I don’t feel bullied when I’m at school, but when I’m there I feel so..out of place, left out. I like staying home and playing step mania or Roblox or crap. Ultimately, I think I saved myself from “peaking in high school” as they say. But honestly saying that being popular in school doesn’t matter is crap. I mean they say, you meet about 70% of your friends for life in school, of course being the popular jock matters, and make no mistake I envy those people, but I seem to be at the bottom of the crappy human chair pyramid. Ultimately, I think that social problems are always bound to occur, and if you’re a kid that knows me personally, maybe you won’t get that I don’t know. Flip you, you flipping Hecker.

I mean back in the Medieval times if someone insulted you you frickin whipped out your sword and dueled them.

One time at school I was sent 3 DAYS FOR A STUPID RECESS ‘Fight’ if you even call it that. School staff are so fricked.


The page notes, “You know I feel death, as much as it seems an escape, is pointless for me. Would I even be more important to anyone? Loss of my own life wouldn’t be very tragic outside of my family. Even then, if people said, ‘Oh I’m so sorry, I always cared for Haglund’ No, you didn’t show it, at all, and in that scenario my life is done. So, I see death wouldn’t matter, not even if my blood splattered the town. So, there’s nothing we can do.”

He also wrote, “I don’t hate Gays, or Trans, Or Pan people, but I will be 100% truthful, they should turn around from that standpoint. They are a very intolerable community sometimes, always blaming straights, I think everyone has some fault, but the LGBT community is very wrong, and I’ve grown up to realize that I don’t agree with how it has been normalized kind of, although I guess I’d say they all deserve rights of course, I’m not saying we should send them back to the camps.”

Mile Split WI lists Haglund as an athlete in the Mount Horeb “class of 2026.”

The Wisconsin Department of Justice Confirmed the Suspect Was a Middle School Student Killed by Police

The state Department of Justice has taken the lead in public release of details, revealing in a news conference that the suspect was a student at Mount Horeb Middle School.

“Police officers from Mount Horeb Police Department responded to a report of someone with a weapon outside the middle school. Police officers responded to the threat and used deadly force,” the press release says.

“This incident took place outdoors. The subject in this case never gained entry to the school buildings during the incident and was a student from the Mount Horeb School District. While the investigation into the details remains ongoing, other than the subject, no other people were physically injured during this incident,” the DOJ’s press release says.

Snapchat Messages by Damian Haglund Also Emerged, Reports Say

According to a story by Madison365 journalist Robert Chappell, the gunman “posted cryptic messages to Snapchat” before the shooting. Chappell is also the parent of an 8th grader at the school, an editor’s note on the story says.

The Snapchat posts included, according to Chappell, “Break free from the chains of slavery, cheers to the blood” in Finnish and “My dad is a war criminal” in Bosnian, which Madison 365 reported is a “Serbian war song” title.

On April 30, the Letvan X page wrote, “1999, helping in kosovo.” The X page also refers to “Finland hunters.”

Mount Horeb Area School District wrote in a statement posted to Facebook, “Community members, there has been an active shooter near our middle school this morning. The individual did not breach entryway. Police department is helping to scope out our building to ensure the safety of our students and staff. I will keep you posted.” Photos and videos from the scene showed a massive law enforcement response.

A witness told Madison365 that the suspect tried to “break through a window to the cafeteria during the eighth grade lunch time,” which was around 11:15 a.m., by “using the butt of a long gun.”

The gunman couldn’t get through the window and began shooting at it, according to Madison365, which did not name Haglund.

WISN 1130 AM talk show host Dan O’Donnell wrote on X, “Law enforcement sources say the gunman in Mt. Horeb is a 14-year-old armed with a rifle who stole his grandfather’s car, drove to his middle school.” Authorities have not confirmed those details.

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