Emma Caplan Missing After Being Seen at Miami Airport

emma caplan missing

Missing person poster Emma Caplan

Emma Caplan is a missing Pennsylvania woman whose family says she vanished after being seen at Miami International Airport.

Update – her sister has posted on Caplan’s Facebook page that she was found safe and healthy. No further update was provided.

“Hi everyone this is Emma’s sister Maddie. Emma is a Missing Person – She was last seen at the Miami Dade Airport on Wednesday 6/29 at 5:30PM. If anyone has any information please give me a call or text at 610-574-9347. Please share,” reads a July 6 post on Caplan’s Facebook page.

Here’s what you need to know:

Caplan’s Sister Also Shared a Missing Person Poster for Caplan

emma caplan


Caplan’s sister also shared the missing person poster to her own Facebook page. According to Emma’s Facebook page, she lives in Philadelphia and is from South San Francisco, California.

The missing person poster lists two detectives’ names and says that Caplan was last seen at 6:30 p.m. June 29 on Concourse E of the airport.

She is described as age 23 years old, 5 foot, 3 inches tall and 120 pounds. She is white with hazel eyes and dark brown/black hair. She is “fair-skinned with dark hair and slim build,” the poster says.

The photos on her Facebook page show her mostly with her friends.

Caplan’s Sister Says She Was Seen on the Property of a Local High School

Her sister posted an update a few hours after her initial Facebook post: “Update: Emma Caplan seen on the property of Miami Beach Senior High School/Collins Park area late Thursday 6/30 early Friday 7/1 between midnight-2 a.m. Confirmed by police.”

That update did not further explain the sighting, nor did it provide further context.

The missing person poster has been shared more than 700 times on Facebook. Another woman shared the missing person poster, saying, “Hi everyone – asking for a ton of help and prayers. Please post this on your social media so we can locate Emma. We just want to know that she is safe.”

The missing person poster for Caplan was also shared on Reddit, where people discussed the case.

It’s not clear whether Caplan met with foul play or disappeared on her own volition or whether there is another explanation. On Reddit, people questioned how someone could disappear at the airport given the large number of surveillance cameras at airports.

Others requested additional context to assess the situation, but it had not been provided as the publication of this story. But another Reddit user countered, “There actually aren’t enough cameras at the airport..The stupid sh** that happens there is gratuitous.”

Heavy has reached out to the Miami-Dade Police Department for further details on Caplan’s disappearance. It’s not clear why Caplan was traveling to Florida and it’s not clear whether she was traveling alone. The police have not posted about Caplan’s disappearance on their social media accounts.

“…have you heard anything about Emma Caplan? Went missing from the Miami airport terminal 6/29 I believe. Seems like there’s no media around her disappearance,” a woman wrote on Twitter.

“This is a daughter of my dear old tennis partner. Please contact Maddie if you have any info about her sister. 🙏” another woman wrote on the Facebook comment thread on Caplan’s page.

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