Erie School Shooting: Student Shot at Erie High School in Pennsylvania

erie school shooting

Facebook Erie school shooting reported

There was an Erie school shooting in Pennsylvania in which a single person was shot on April 5, 2022. However, the victim, a student, is expected to survive.

The Erie Police Department wrote on Twitter on April 5, 2022, shortly after reports of the shooting broke out, that: “Erie Police responded to Erie High School for an emergency. Police have secured the building. There is a high presence of police cars. Please avoid the area.”

The police further tweeted, “The school is locked down, and all students are safe.” According to, the wounded person was a student who suffered non life-threatening injuries. The shooter fled the school and was not in custody, contrary to an earlier tweet from the school district, according to the newspaper, which said the call came in at 9:35 a.m.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Person Who Was Shot Is in Good Condition, the City Says

Erie High School

The City of Erie wrote in a tweeted statement, “Erie Police confirm that a single individual at Erie High School has been shot. The individual is in good condition and has been transported to the hospital. More information to follow as we receive it. Please continue to avoid the area.”

Heavy has reached out to Erie public schools for more details. It was not immediately clear where in the high school the student was shot or what precipitated the shooting.

The city also confirmed that students were safe.

The Suspect & Motive Are Not Clear

This is a fast-breaking situation and, thus far, there was no word from authorities as to a suspect or motive.

Erie’s Public Schools wrote on Facebook:

Attention Erie High families: There has been a shooting at Erie High. The building is on hard lockdown with a police presence on campus. We are coordinating with law enforcement and are arranging an intentional dismissal process, including parent pick-up, now. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE AREA UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. More information will be coming shortly. Please stay connected to all district communication channels.

In the comment thread, the district offered further details. “Evacuation by orderly dismissal will begin as soon as the district is cleared to do so by the Erie Bureau of Police,” the district wrote.

They also wrote, “Families: we will begin dismissing students by classroom shortly. Please report to the back parking lot to be directed to the dismissal area. EPS yellow buses are also on site to transport students home.” They added, “Dismissal has begun.” And, “The building is secure. Erie Bureau of Police report no active threat.” The district wrote that only Erie High School students are going home.

The victim and suspect have not been identified. It’s not yet clear whether the shooter was a student.

This story will be updated when more details are learned about the Erie School shooting. The shooting comes on the heels of a mass shooting in downtown Sacramento, California, that left six people dead after a barrage of gunfire rang out.

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