Geoffrey Hammond AKA Jeffrey Mandalis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

geoffrey hammond, ryan martin

ABC2/Portland POlice Geoffrey Hammond (l) and Ryan Martin

Geoffrey Hammond is a Portland, Oregon, cryptocurrency investment business owner who is accused of shooting another man to death after a downtown road rage incident and then wounding a bystander who started recording video.

“The suspect detained after the downtown shooting Wednesday is facing murder and other charges,” Portland police wrote in a news release.

“Geoffrey E. Hammond, 46, of Portland, was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center on charges of Murder in the Second Degree with a Firearm, Attempted Murder in the Second Degree with a Firearm, Assault in the First Degree with a Firearm, and Unlawful Use of a Weapon (2 counts),” the release said.

Court records show the suspect’s full name is Geoffrey E. Hammond or Geoffrey Edward Hammond. According to Daily Mail, he changed his name from Jeffrey Mandalis.

An extremely disturbing photo shows the suspect pointing a gun out the window of his car.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Portland Police Say Geoffrey Hammond, Who Founded a Financial Company, Was Driving a Black Mercedes Benz SUV in Downtown Portland When the Shooting Occurred

Hammond is the founder of a Portland company called Aequantium, which is in the financial services business. In 2021, CoinGeek posted a YouTube video that says, “Aequantium Founder Geoffrey Hammond, was at #CGNewYork conference to talk about financial trading and the tokenisation of equity and debt instruments. He mentioned the classification of Bitcoin and other digital assets as a commodity is a good thing as it allows digital tokens to be traded legally under certain rules.”

“This is actually really good. Everyone in this room should be really happy that the CFTC has taken jurisdiction over Bitcoin because that means it is legal to trade – unlike gold between 1933 and 1973 and other commodities which are not legal in interstate commerce,” the YouTube page caption quotes him as saying.

According to a police press release, on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 4:34 p.m., Central Precinct officers “were dispatched to a report of a shooting at Southwest 10th Avenue and Southwest Alder Street. The Central Bike Squad, and Central Entertainment Detail, and Public Safety Support Specialists also responded to assist.”

“When officers arrived they found two victims,” the release says. “They began lifesaving measures on the victims until Portland Fire & Rescue arrived to provide advanced care. One patient died at the scene. The other was transported to the hospital by AMR ambulance with injuries that are believed to be non-life threatening. Both victims are believed to be adult males.”

The release notes: “One person has been detained by police. No suspects are currently being sought.”

A probable cause affidavit obtained by KGW8 says Hammond “was driving downtown in his black Mercedes Benz SUV. He stopped in front of the Moxy Hotel on Southwest Alder, partially blocking traffic, and let his engine idle.”

2. Ryan Martin Tapped on Geoffrey Hammond’s Car Window After the Men ‘Exchanged Middle Fingers,’ Reports Say

ryan martin

Portland policeRyan Martin

“The victim in the October 11, 2023 homicide at Southwest 10th Avenue and Southwest Alder Street in Downtown Portland is identified as Ryan Martin ,47, of Southwest Washington. His family has been notified of his death and they are asking for privacy,” police wrote in a news release.

“The Medical Examiner determined he died of homicide by gunshot,” the police news release said.

According to KGW8, citing the probable cause affidavit, Martin “drove up behind Hammond in a gray Toyota Tundra,” and he and Hammond “exchanged middle fingers” as Martin “drove around Hammond to head eastbound on Alder through the intersection with Southwest 10th.”

ryan martin

Portland policeRyan Martin

At that point, Martin left his car door open as he stopped and walked toward Hammond, KGW8 reported, adding that Hammond then loaded a gun even though he told police he could tell Martin was unarmed. Martin then tapped on Hammond’s window, the television station reported.

3. Geoffrey Hammond, Who Has a Criminal History in Illinois, Is Accused of Trying to Shoot Ryan Martin After Martin Fell to the Ground & Said, ‘I’m Sorry. I Had a Bad Day’

ryan martin

Portland policeRyan Martin

According to KGWB, Hammond rolled down his window and shot Martin as shouting ignited, and Martin, lying on the ground, told Hammond, “I’m sorry. I had a bad day.”

The television station reported that police believed Hammond tried to shoot Martin again but his gun jammed, and this unfolded for a full minute. Hammond is accused of flashing a badge and saying something like “You are lucky I didn’t shoot you in the head.”

Hammond then shot another man, Sam Gomez, who started recording video of the scene, the television station reported, adding that Gomez was wounded in the leg. He was “attending a conference of the National Organization of Minority Architects as a presenter” at a local hotel, according to the television station.

According to the television station, Hammond turned himself in to police. “He believed he was justified in doing so because Ryan Martin menaced him and because Sam Gomez might have had a weapon,” the affidavit adds, according to KGW8.

“Everything just changed. I’m just grateful that I’m alive because it could have been worse,” Hammond told the Oregonian.

Daily Mail reported that Hammond “has a criminal history in Illinois including charges of assault, vandalism, trespassing and domestic battery.”

4. Geoffrey Hammond, the Grandson of Multi-Millionaires Who Was Involved in a Dispute Over Their Illinois Estate, Founded a Company That ‘Enables the Issuance of Tokens’ to Investors

According to another old video by CoinGeek, Aequantium LLC is “a startup futures fund operator.”

In an interview, Hammond “explains how futures are exchange-traded contracts settled to the prices of different commodities like traditionally agricultural commodities such as corn, soybeans, wheat, and precious metals. The company is a fund manager that can operate one or more different commodity pools and futures funds,” CoinGeek wrote.

“Aequantium enables the issuance of tokens to investors representing futures participation. In this way, tokens can be used within the traditional trading framework while being backed by the secure and auditable record of the #BSV ledger,” the site says.

Hammond once filed a suit in a dispute over an estate plan, according to court records. “This cause of action arises from the settlement of a lawsuit entered into between two family factions concerning the ownership and control of assets under an estate plan. After the settlement was affirmed by an arbitrator, the plaintiff, Jeffrey Mandalis, n/k/a/ Geoffrey Hammond, filed the instant two-count legal malpractice and fraud action against the defendants,” the records say.

The court decision says:

The plaintiff’s grandparents, Daniel P. O’Brien Sr. (Dan Sr.) and Mary D. O’Brien (Mary) (collectively, ‘the grandparents’) accumulated substantial assets and wealth during their lifetimes, including numerous business interests, properties, hotels, a golf course, nursing homes, fast food franchises, gas stations, warehouses, and a considerable amount of cash (the family assets). Apart from the nursing home business, which was held in several S-corporations (the Nursing Home Operating Corporations), the majority of the family assets were controlled and operated through limited partnerships. On March 1, 2013, the value of the family assets was estimated at about $125 million.

They had six children and 15 grandchildren, the court records say, adding that, when they died, they gave control of their assets to one of their sons but established trusts for their children and grandchildren. “For the next decade, various members of the family engaged in disagreements and protracted litigation over the control and disposition of the family assets,” the court records say, adding that lawsuits were filed against the child who was controlling the trusts.

A settlement was eventually reached but Hammond accused other family members of coercing him into it, according to the court records. The case was dismissed.

When the grandmother died, the Illinois state Assembly honored her in a resolution that noted that one of her children became a state senator.

5. Geoffrey Hammond Filed for Bankruptcy After His Company Closed & Was Unemployed, Reports Say

Hammond filed for bankruptcy in 2023, according to federal bankruptcy records obtained by Heavy, saying that he was unemployed and owed about $34,000 in credit card debt after his company closed. He gave his address as Portland.

He estimated both his assets and liabilities at between $500,000 and $1 million, the records show. He also listed a 2020 Mercedes, furniture, coins, and four firearms, the records show.

Read the bankruptcy filing here.

Meanwhile, Martin’s son created a GoFundMe page to help his family. “My name is Taylor Martin, first born son of my father, Ryan,” it says. “Late Wednesday night I got the news that my father was a victim of a road rage induced homicide incident Tuesday evening. He was pronounced dead on the scene. My family would greatly appreciate any donations made toward the memory and tragic loss of an amazing father, friend, and community member. Ryan leaves behind 4 children (Taylor 27, Anna 22, Emily 20, and Drew 17).”

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