Is Anyone Up? Website: Does It Still Exist?

is anyone up website

Netflix/YouTube Is Anyone Up? website is no longer up.

A new Netflix documentary called “The Most Hated Man on the Internet” features Hunter Moore and his revenge porn website called Is Anyone Up?

But does the Is Anyone Up website still exist? No. was up for only 16 months, and it caused such a stir that Moore, now 36, landed in prison after being charged with hacking crimes. The website was rerouted to a website opposed to bullying.

The infamous website Is Anyone Up? launched in the early 2010s and ran for 16 months, according to Marie Claire.

The series launched in July 2022. “Determined to remove her daughter’s photos from a revenge porn website, a persistent mother launches an online crusade to shut down its cruel founder,” the Netflix summary reads.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Former Marine Bought Is Anyone Up? to Shut Down the Website

Moore’s website was purchased in 2012 by a former Marine named James McGibney with the sole purpose of shutting it down, according to Radio Times.

McGibney has created various websites over the years, including and According to Radio Times, McGibney’s shut down the latter one down after realizing it was being exploited by stalkers.

In the documentary, McGibney, working with Anonymous, says that Moore wanted him to advertise on his site. “I went to the website and I was appalled by what I saw,” McGibney says in the documentary. According to Radio Times, McGibney purchased Is Anyone Up? for “less than $15,000” in April 2012 and sent the traffic to instead.

McGibney told Wired in a 2016 story, “So one morning all these perverts go to IAU and they expect to see their dose of revenge porn and it reroutes to BullyVille.”

The Website for Has an Open Letter to Hunter Moore That Reads, ‘Are You Still Laughing Now’?

If you go to today, you get an open letter from McGibney to Moore.

The page is dedicated to informing people about Moore.

It reads,

Hello Hunter……..It’s been nearly 10 years since I took over and shut down your despicable revenge porn site Sometimes you need to be a bully to beat a bully and I’m the first to admit that I intellectually bullied the ever-loving sh** out of you. Your main stated objective was to ‘ruin’ young girls’ lives. Even after they indicated that they were going to commit suicide if their unauthorized naked images weren’t removed from your website, you laughed in their faces. Are you still laughing now? You tried to destroy their lives, but instead, I intellectually destroyed yours. You received a masterclass in the fine art of social engineering.

The page adds,

It was shocking that you were only sentenced to two and a half years in federal prison for your plethora of crimes. That wasn’t nearly enough time for what you did to those girls. Just remember Hunter, revenge is never pretty, but when it’s done meticulously, intelligently, and psychotically, it sure is a thing of beauty.

Moore Today Lives in Florida & Has Tweeted About the Netflix Series

Today, Moore is on Twitter, but as of August 1, 2022, his account was suspended. His Twitter page says he lives in Miami. His Twitter page also hawks his book, which was published in 2018 and is available on Amazon. He also weighs in on the Netflix series and other current issues.

In a July 2022 interview with federal prison consultant Dan “RDAP Dan” Wise, Moore said, “First of all, you have to understand I was a 20-year old kid having the time of his life. It’s easy to look back now especially when we’re in this ultra-sensitive, like, woke era, where literally anything seems like the end of the world.”

He said “culturally, we were completely different” when he started the site 13 years ago. He said he is 36 years old now, and he has obviously “grown and obviously changed.”

Moore Was Indicted on Hacking Charges Because of Is Anyone Up?

Moore was indicted in 2013 because of Is Anyone Up? You can read the indictment in full here. The latest document on the federal court records website is from 2019 and says probation was transferred out of the Fresno, California, jurisdiction, but it doesn’t say to where.

The indictment was filed in the Central District of California against Hunter Moore and Charles Evens, otherwise known as “Gary.”

It alleges that Moore resided in Woodland, California, where he operated the website on which he posted, among other things, “nude or sexually explicit photos of victims submitted by other individuals without the victim’s permission for purposes of revenge.”

Evens lived in the Central District of California. Moore used online PayPal accounts in the names of Hunter Moore, Catalyst Web Services and quebella, the indictment says.


It says that seven victims, identified by only their initials in the indictment, maintained email accounts that contained nude pictures of themselves and others.

Moore and Evens were accused of engaging in a conspiracy to access a protected computer without authorization to obtain information for private financial gain, more commonly known has hacking.

The indictment accuses Evens of gaining “unauthorized access to the email accounts of hundreds of victims … by various means, including ‘hacking’ into the victims’ accounts” where he would obtain “nude pictures, belonging to the victims and stored on the victims’ accounts.”

Evens would “send nude pictures obtained from the victims’ accounts to defendant Moore in exchange for payment,” the indictment says. It says that Moore was aware that Evens had “obtained the nude pictures by gaining unauthorized access into the victims’ accounts” and would pay Evens.

He would “offer defendant Evens additional money to obtain unlawfully additional nude pictures, and would post the victims’ nude pictures on his website … without the victims’ authorization.”

The indictment cites multiple overt acts: That in 2011, Evens sent Moore an email discussing “how to hack emails.” That same year, Moore asked Evens to work for him and offered to pay him $200 a week using PayPal. Evens told Moore that the hacking was illegal, the indictment says.

The indictment accuses Moore of sending Evens an email stating he would like “as many as possible” referring to nude pictures obtained by hacking. Evens accessed victims’ email accounts without authorization, the complaint says. They ended up on Moore’s website.

The indictment says that in 2012, Moore sent Evens an email requesting nude pictures of “7 girls and 3 dudes.”

On Twitter today, Moore rails about cancel culture and posts about getting healthy and the Netflix documentary.

On July 1, 2022, he tweeted, “I really want to make twitter fun again but cancel culture revolution thing and people are way to sensitive now 🤷🏻”

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