Kimberly-Sue Murray, the Star of ‘Christmas in the Rockies’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kimberly-Sue Murray

Instagram/Kimberly-Sue Murphy Kimberly-Sue Murray pictured on her Instagram page in April 2019.

Kimberly-Sue Murray plays Kate Jolly Fox Nation’s holiday movie Christmas in the Rockies alongside Stephen Huszar, who plays Harrison Brock in the movie.

Murray, 32, is a Toronto-based actress who is also known for her roles in the Netflix series V-Wars, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles & Crimson Peak, according to her IMDb page. At the time of her role in Christmas in the Rockies, Murray in the Canadian series The Wedding Planners. Murray is represented by the Amanda Rosenthal Agency.

Murray is a 2012 graduate of Norman Jewison’s Canadian Film Centre’s actors conservatory. Murray also studied theater at Dawson College in Montreal before moving to Toronto to pursue her professional career. Murray told Crookes Magazine about her time at Dawson College saying the experience taught her, “The program at Dawson taught me discipline, how to fend for myself, and what not to do, but most importantly, it taught me about friendship and supporting your friends through the ups and downs of this industry.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Murray Is Very Attracted to Roles that Involve the Supernatural

Murray told Ouch Magazine in February 2020 that she loves appearing in projects involving the supernatural. Murray said, “I love the magic of it all. The supernatural and fantasy genres are definitely a favorite of mine.” She added, ” As actors, we get to experience a different reality and take the audience along for the ride. I lose myself on set as much as I do watch those shows.”

On her Twitter profile, Murray describes herself as “Human, first and foremost. On my off days, I play pretend.” When asked about her test for what makes a good script by Crookes Magazine, Murray said, “I don’t fall asleep. That’s the test.”

Murray told The TV Junkies in December 2019 that she was attracted to the role in Netflix’s vampire-themed show V-Wars thanks to her love to television shows such as True Blood and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Murray said, “Playing a vampire was always on my radar and something I joked about, but this is a different kind of show. It’s very grounded in reality and has so many parallels to what’s happening in our world today. It touches on climate change, immigration, discrimination, and hate crimes. The show is really relevant and goes beyond the genre.”

2. Murray’s Passions Outside of Acting Include Photography & Crochet

When asked in her Ouch Magazine interview about her hobbies outside of acting, Murray said they include “knitting, crochet, weave, and macrame.” Murray said that she was inspired to adopt home projects because her father was in construction and that she “grew up watching him break things to then fix them. I have a similar approach. There’s nothing I can’t make.” When asked about her social media habits, Murray said that another of her passions is photography and therefore she is more drawn to Instagram.

Murray told Harlton Empire in a February 2020 interview that the type of role she would like to do that she hasn’t had a chance to do yet was a family drama. Murray said, “We all have messed up families and know how it feels to return to our childhood home.”

3. Murray Is a Climate Change Activist & Adopts a Vegan Lifestyle

Murray spoke about her passion for the environment in an interview with Jejeune Magazine in December 2019. During the interview, Murray said that the more that she learned about environmental issues and climate change, the more she was willing to alter her lifestyle. Murray said, “Whether it be supporting WWF, eating a plant-based diet or purchasing a plug-in hybrid, I’m seeking ways to better myself and how I treat the planet I live on every day.”

Murray said that she and her partner have cut out animal products completely and that they were planning to become vegan in 2020. Murray added, “We also purchased a plug-in hybrid which is IDEAL for in-city driving. I also want to only shop secondhand to discourage mass production of cheap fashion and furniture. It’s going to be tricky, because I love shopping as much as the next gal, BUT there’s amazing vintage markets, second-hand stores and antique shops with great things at a decent price — AND you can feel good about it.” When asked about her life motto in the same interview, Murray replied, “Be unapologetically yourself.”

4. Murray Says that Her Brother’s Efforts to Get Into Medical School Helped to Inspire Her Acting Career

In an interview with Pop Culturalist, Murray said that she has been performing and figure skating since the age of 4. Murray also said that her biggest inspiration was her brother. Her brother was constantly rejected for medical school because of his grades but that he kept studying and reapplying until eventually he was accepted. Murray said that her brother was heading to Oxford University for a fellowship. She also said that their entire family cried when he told them that he was finally going to medical school. Murray said, “He also taught me to be stubborn and unapologetic about what I want for myself. Thank you, big bro!”

5. Murray Believes Claire Foy Could Play Her in a Movie

Kimberly-Sue Murray

GettyBritish actress Claire Foy poses on the red carpet upon arrival at the BAFTA British Academy Film Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London on February 10, 2019.

During the same interview, Murray said her favorite guilty pleasure TV show was Queer Eye and her favorite guilty pleasure movie was Hocus Pocus. Murray added that she felt The Crown star Claire Foy would be the ideal person to play her in a movie. Murray described Foy as represented “perfect casting.”

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