WATCH: Giuliani Sweats Hair Dye During Live Presser, Twitter Mistakes It for Blood

Giuliani sweating blood


During a press conference on November 19, Rudy Giuliani was sweating profusely, which caused hair dye to drip down his face in long brown streaks. Many on Twitter mistook the hair dye for blood, causing confusion and prompting some to create memes about the moment.

Giuliani’s sweating mishap happened on Thursday just as he was doing an impersonation from the iconic film My Cousin Vinny. He said in part:

Did you all watch My Cousin Vinny? You know the movie? It’s one of my favorites law movies because [the main actor, Joe Pesci] comes from Brooklyn. When the nice lady who said she saw – and then he says to her … ‘How many fingers do I got up?’ and she says ‘Uh, three.’ Well, she was too far away to see it was only two. These people were farther away than my cousin Vinny was from the witness. They couldn’t see a thing.

Here’s what you need to know:

Video Shows Hair Dye Dripping Down Giuliani’s Face as He Sweats; Many on Twitter Mistook it for Blood

Video of the press conference shows brown streaks running down Giuliani’s face as he sweats during the press conference. “Giuliani’s lizard blood is seeping through his host skin,” one person tweeted in response to a video of the incident.

“Rudy Giuliani appears to have blood coming out of his wherever,” another person tweeted, referencing a comment Trump made in 2015 about Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

“I just caught the end of that supposed news conference on Fox news because CNN wouldn’t air it, they said it was too crazy and they may be right,” a user tweeted. “Giuliani was sweating freaking bullets and was that blood running down his face from his right temple? I haven’t even gotten to the BS.”

CNN host Anderson Cooper called Giuliani “a hot mess,” adding, “the man once described as America’s mayor appeared sweating with newly applied black hair dye rolling down his face.”

Giuliani Made Unsubstantiated Claims About Biden & Voter Fraud During the Press Conference

During his press conference, the president’s personal lawyer made several claims about President-elect Joe Biden that have no factual evidence to support them. He also said Donald Trump’s legal team has “thousands” of voter affidavits alleging fraud in the presidential election, but none of these claims have held water in court.

While dye dripped down his face, Giuliani, who didn’t present any awareness of the mishap, alleged there had been a “centralized” effort to carry out mass instances of voter fraud across the country. “What I’m describing to you is a massive fraud,” he said.

There’s no proof of this claim. When a reporter challenged him on the veracity of his statements, Giuliani said more than once, “You’re lying.”

Giuliani’s press conference has been met with widespread dismissal and mockery, thanks in part to the hair dye situation. “Pray for Rudy Giuliani’s hair today, which was apparently doused this morning with the blood from a package of ground beef for some reason,” one person tweeted.

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