WATCH: Nevada Man in ‘BBQ, Beer & Freedom’ Tank Crashes Press Briefing

Nevada press conference

Twitter A man wearing a 'BBQ, Beer, & Freedom' tank interrupts a press conference about voting results in Nevada.

A fierce supporter of Donald Trump interrupted a live press conference in Nevada on November 4, and the video of the incident quickly went viral. While Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria was giving reporters an update on the ballot counting process, a white man sporting a tank that read, “BBQ, Beer, & Freedom” crashed the press conference.

The man cuts off Gloria’s speech to yell conspiracies about the 2020 presidential election. He says in the video, “The Biden crime family is stealing the election. The media is covering it up!”

Before the man walks away, he shouts, “We want our freedom for the world. Give us our freedom Joe Biden. Joe Biden is covering up this election. HE’S STEALING IT.” The video clip has already been viewed over 6 million times.

While the unidentified man pulls down his mask to shout conspiracy theories, Gloria remains extremely calm and unbothered throughout the entire ordeal. After the man leaves, Gloria sighs and asks, “Where were we? What was the last question?”

Comedian Kathy Griffin couldn’t believe this incident took place during the one break she took from election coverage. She retweeted the video and said, “I was away from my phone for two hours. TWO HOURS.”

8 News Now reporter Joe Moeller also captured video of Nevada’s conference crasher, but from a wider angle.

Many people on Twitter commented on how the angry, yelling man then walks away so calmly, almost as if nothing happened. One person tweeted, “Someone may have paid him or dared him to say that craziness… the man walking away was not angry, he was calm. Job completed more like it.”

There were also numerous comments about the man’s “BBQ, Beer, & Freedom” tank. One Twitter user joked, “For the record, that man prioritizes BBQ and beer over freedom, so keep that in mind when you consider his view,” while another person tweeted, “He could’ve worn a better shirt to the revolution.”

Nevada Will Not Announce a Project Winner Until November 5

Nevada’s pivotal six electoral votes remain up for grabs as of Wednesday evening, with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden having a marginal lead over Trump. However, Nevada will not announce its election results until November 5, as reported by CBS News.

On Wednesday afternoon, Nevada’s Secretary of State’s Elections Division announced that they had counted all the in-person votes cast early and on Election Day, as well as all the mail-in ballots received before Tuesday.

The only votes left to count in the battleground state are the mail-in votes received on Election Day, provisional ballots and legitimate mail-in ballots that arrive over the next week.

See the Map of Nevada’s Most Recent Ballot Count & Current Projected Winner

The map below automatically updates to show who’s in the lead to win the 2020 presidential election in Nevada. To see which way a particular county is voting, just scroll over the area you’d like to see more data from.

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