Oaklynn Koon: Dawson Springs Mourns Baby’s Death

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Oaklynn Koon is an infant who died as a result of injuries suffered in the massive tornado that struck tiny Dawson Springs, Kentucky, and other communities.

Her parents, Douglas and Jackie Koon, have posted a series of heartbreaking photos and posts on their Facebook page.

Oaklynn is one of 13 deaths in a town of about 3,200 people where more than 100 people are still missing, according to The Dawson Springs Progress. The tornado leveled about 75% of the community, the mayor told the newspaper. Dawson Springs is located about an hour away from Mayfield, Kentucky, which also suffered massive destruction from the twister that leveled small towns throughout Kentucky and also caused deaths in other states.

The destruction in Dawson Springs leveled entire neighborhoods; it was so severe that it almost looked like a bomb went off.

The death of tiny Oaklynn has broken people’s hearts all over the country who have followed the Koon family posts on Facebook.

Here’s what you need to know:

Oaklynn Was in Her Car Seat When the Tornado Initially Hit & She Survived at First

Oaklynn’s story is particularly heartrending because the baby survived the initial aftermath of the tornado. In a Facebook post, her parents attributed that to the child being in a carseat when the twister hit. Neighbors said the tornado lifted the home where Oaklynn was staying over another home and destroyed it.

“Oh lord please be with us. My moms house is gone,” Douglas and Jackie Koon wrote on their Facebook page on December 11, 2021.

“We was in the bathroom and we all went flying and ended up way on the other end of our neighbors house. My poor babies. Nothing is more scarier than knowing a tornado is heading your way and hearing your kids freaked out and thinking we are going to die. To Bentley having a (seizure). If Oaklynn wasn’t in her car seat she wouldn’t be here today. Still here at the hospital. You really never think you would be the one that goes threw something like this. Man hold your loved ones tight. I’m surprised we all made it out alive. I never imagined having to go threw this in life. Prayings for Dawson.”

The parents also shared photos of their son in the hospital, writing, “My poor baby 🙏🏻 stapled him together. This seems all like a bad dream” and “Dallas is being transported to St. Vincent hospital. 🙏”

They later revealed that one of their sons was discharged from the hospital.

Just hours before the tornado hit, the parents wrote, “Hope everyone stays safe tonight 🙏 im kinda freaking out. 😬” Many of the parents’ posts before the tornado focused on Jackie’s pregnancy.

Tragically, the baby’s health worsened.

Oaklynn Started to Decline Throughout the Night

Many people offered prayers on the family’s Facebook page as they hoped for Oaklynn’s recovery. Unfortunately, it was not to be, as the parents revealed on Facebook.

“Oaklynn is being life flighted to deaconess. She has declined threw the night,” they wrote. “Having seizures activity. Did a ct again and they are saying the think they see a small bleed and something else going on. Will get more answers when she gets to Evansville. And Dallas is at deaconess not st Vincent. So brother and sister will be together. Please pray for my baby. I don’t know how much more I can take. Trying to stay calm 🙏”

On December 12, they added, “Update on oaklynn. She’s incubated. We’re at deaconess they looked at her and ran some test. They think she has injured her neck veins which may have caused her to stroke. So now we need to transfer again to Nortons in Louisville. Makes me so mad though as to why we didn’t fly her out there in the first place rather than all this running around. And this time I can’t even fly with her. I flew with her from Madisonville and now I can’t ride the next flight. 🤦‍♀️😭😩🙏”

By that evening, things were worsening. “It’s not looking good guys at all. The machines are keeping her alive. Her head swelled really bad. She doesn’t have activity. So now where going to have to make a decision. I can’t believe I’m writing this write now and I know I haven’t got back to everyone. I’ve gotten so much love for my family. Donations, prayers, call, texts. We love you guys. It really does take a village. Wish I was saying better news and I really thought this was by far of what the outcome was going to be. I’m in shock, my heart feels absolutely shattered. We love you Oakie 😭😩🙏” the parents wrote.

On December 13, they announced the heartbreaking news: “Miss Oaklynn. 💕 passed away 😭 🙏.” They posted a photo clutching her hand, saying, “At least I know who will be watching over you up there for me. My dad. God this doesn’t seem real.”

On December 15, the family wrote, “We found our keys 🙌 and we also picked a beautiful plot for Oaklynn and went to my moms house to see what we could salvage. Which isn’t much. Thank you guys for all the love. I can’t thank you enough. I’m trying to read everyone messages but there is so many. But just know I’m going threw everyone’s messages the best I can but everyone kind words and love is what’s keeping me going. But I can’t even tell you how I feel inside. Dallas and Bentley are doing good. My mom is doing good also just really sore. We got power at my house yesterday. My heart goes out to Dawson there are so many other people that are in need. This type of stuff makes me lose my faith because why would this tragedy happen. Why? I felt like I failed my baby and couldn’t protect everyone 😢”

They also reported that their car was looted.

The National Guard was checking IDs to get into town as other residents also reported that items were stolen from their shattered residences.

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