‘RIP Josh’: ‘The Real Dirty’ Josh Is Dead, Not Actor Josh Peck

rip josh

Getty/X (Dirty Truth Josh) Josh Peck (l) and the Dirty Truth Josh.

People on social media mourned the death of a conservative influencer known as “Josh” and “MAGA Josh” from the X page, “@AKA_RealDirty.” However, when “RIP Josh” trended after the influencer’s death, some fans mistakenly thought the trend referred to the actor Josh Peck, who is not dead.

The Josh who died also used the Rumble page Real Dirty.

Jack Posobiec, an editor at Human Events, wrote on X, “RIP Josh @AKA_RealDirty was a tireless patriot for our nation. His faith was never once shaken, no matter what was thrown at him. Salute.”

Here’s what you need to know:

‘The Dirty Truth’ Josh Was Found Unresponsive at a Nursing Home, Reports Say

The X page @saltinesnack wrote that they “hadn’t been able to get a hold of @AKA_RealDirty for a couple days & I was able to track down the name of his nursing home & found out that last night he was found unresponsive & they tried everything they could to bring him back, but they couldn’t. He went home to be with Jesus last night. I personally verified this with his nurse & was given the go ahead to post by the DON of his nursing home so that everybody knows. We are unbelievably saddened & heartbroken. I will miss him so very much. I don’t even know what to say.”

Josh had more than 100,000 followers on X, where his profile said, “I Watch the news and post important clips to keep followers updated. Things maybe spelled crazy but my hands don’t work and I use Siri to type.” His profile picture was the mugshot photo of former President Donald Trump.

“I hope @AKA_RealDirty Josh knew how loved he was before he crossed over…” wrote Brenden Dilley on X.

Josh’s last name is not clear. His page was devoted to pro-Trump posts and most of his recent reposts involved Trump’s legal case in Fulton County, Georgia.

“To my friend, Josh @AKA_RealDirty, I sent you this DM today. I am so heart broken. We will miss you, Josh and we will see each other one day in heaven. ❤️ Thank you for everything you did to help save America. 🫡🇺🇸” Grace Chong wrote on X.

Some Fans Mistakenly Thought the ‘RIP Josh’ Trend on X Referred to Actor Josh Peck

According to Marca.com, some fans mistakenly thought the RIP Josh trend on X referred to Josh Peck.

According to Marca.com, “The man in question was known as ‘MAGA Josh’ or ‘The Dirty Truth Josh.’ He lived in a nursing home due to his quadriplegia condition.”

Josh Peck starred as Josh Nichols on Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh.

The news comes after another Josh, former “Bachelorette” contestant Josh Seiter was falsely reported to be dead after an Instagram post, according to NBC News. According to NBC News, Seiter later blamed it all on a hacker and clarified that he was really still alive after all.

“Why is everyone tweeting RIP Josh? Got me all panicked thinking Josh Peck passed away 😭” one fan wrote on X.

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