Tornado in Michigan: Photos, Videos & Radar Images of Gaylord, Michigan


Photos and videos of the tornado that hit Gaylord, Michigan, surfaced as Michigan residents and local news reporters shared radar images and video footage of the tornado aftermath. The tornado killed at least one person, caused dozens of injuries and leveled homes and buildings in the northern Lower Peninsula.

Michigan State Police said in a statement that at least one person was killed and at least 44 people were treated for injuries at a local hospital.

“Patients have been taken to Otsego Memorial Hospital (OMH) in Gaylord, Grayling Hospital, and McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital in Petoskey. At this time we can confirm 23 patients were treated at OMH. We have one confirmed dead at this time,” MSP wrote on Twitter, and said an additional 20 people were treated at other hospitals.

Michigan State Police confirmed the tornado touched down in Ostego County. Lt. Jim Gorno of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources told CNN the tornado caused “catastrophic” damage.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Local Man, Kenneth Hoy, Shot a Video of the Tornado Hit Michigan

Kenneth Hoy caught the tornado on video as he watched the storm bearing down on a local neighborhood with his dad.

“It’s coming right over here,” Hoy can be heard saying on the video.

“You can see the funnel!” he shouted over the heavy winds, and pointed at the tornado.

“Oh no!” his dad shouted in the background.

The videographer said a power line was taken down and he saw a transformer blow up.

Another person shared a video of the tornado, shot from a distance that showed heavy winds surrounding the funnel.

Photos & Videos Showed the Damage in the Aftermath of the Tornado

Michigan State Police said the tornado caused “heavy damage” and ambulances were taking injured people to hospitals. There were no immediate reports of deaths.

A local news reporter shared a photo of a building that once was Little Caesars Pizza. The photo showed only one wall remained standing.

“This is the Little Caesars Pizza in Gaylord. Still waiting on reports of injuries from this #tornado,” Reporter Kevin Essebaggers wrote on Twitter.

In another video, the camera panned over a commercial area, which shows a building leveled next to a Goodwill, a damaged Marathon gas station, Culver’s and other stores, buildings and restaurants. Vehicles appeared to be abandoned in the drive-thru for the fast food restaurant.

“There’s an upside down Silverado at Culver’s,” a first responder can be heard saying into a radio.

“There’s nothing left,” the man said, referring to another building.

The video shows first responders and others walking through the frame.

“Is everyone OK at the Goodwill?” one person asked.

Meteorologist Blake Harms shared a photo of a radar image which showed the tornado closing in on the city.

“Gaylord needs some prayers right now, folks. Likely a damaging tornado making a near-direct impact on the city,” he wrote.

Another video showed serious damage in a neighborhood, with homes severely damaged, housing material strewn throughout trees and across the road, roofs ripped off of houses and people walking through the rubble.

“The tornado after math in Gaylord near Winifred Road,” Irelend Viscount wrote on Twitter.

“Prayers for the beautiful town of Gaylord Michigan. Huge tornado at least a mile wide,” another person wrote on Twitter.

9 and 10 News reported a new tornado warning had been issued for Presque Isle County shortly before 5 p.m.

Michigan State Police told the news outlet trees and power lines were blocking roads in the Gaylord area, multiple gas leaks were reported and 6,000 people were without power. Multiple homes and businesses are damaged, police said. Police asked the public to avoid the area.

Governor Gretchen Witmer wrote in a statement on Twitter that they would rebuild.

“To the entire Gaylord community — Michigan is with you. We will do what it takes to rebuild,” she wrote.

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