Trump’s Kenosha, Wisconsin, Rally Attendance: See Crowd Size Photos

Trump Kenosha rally crowd size

Getty Trump's rally in Kenosha.

President Donald Trump has hosted numerous rallies over the last few days as the election draws near, and the night before the election was not an exception. One of his numerous rallies of the day took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin. After concluding that rally, he still had one more to close out the day in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here’s a look at how many people attended his Kenosha rally, along with crowd size photos.

Thousands Attended Trump’s Kenosha Rally

GettyPresident Donald Trump speaks during a Make America Great Again rally at Kenosha Regional Airport.

Trump’s Kenosha rally began at 7 p.m. Central. Trump’s rally was held at the Kenosha Regional Airport. At the beginning of the speech there were technical difficulties and Trump had to switch to a handheld microphone, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Although a crowd estimate wasn’t available, Monica Alba of NBC News referred to the crowd as a “sea of red.”

Kenosha was in national news this year as the location of the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting, which occurred during protests that took place after Jacob Blake was shot by the police. Rittenhouse recently had his bail set at $2 million. In line with that news, Trump told the crowd: “They’re waging a war on our police.” Trump told the crowd that his administration saved Kenosha, adding: “We brought law and order.”

GettyTrump speaks in Kenosha.

This photo below of the crowd was shared by Dan Scavino, White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications and Director of Social Media.

During his speech, Trump also said that we are nearing the end of the pandemic, although the pandemic is currently surging in some areas like El Paso, Texas.

GettyTrump speaks in Kenosha.

He also denounced the Supreme Court’s ruling that mail-in ballots in some states could still be counted if arriving after Election Day. He called the ruling “dangerous” and said his lawyers would fight it. He told the crowd: “We could be waiting for weeks before we ever find out what’s going on. The whole world is waiting for this decision.”

“I hope the Supreme Court has the wisdom to change it, because they can’t let it stand,” he said about those late-ballot-counting rules. According to CNN, mail-in ballots can be counted up to nine dates after Election Day in North Carolina; up to three days late in Pennsylvania; but must be counted by election day in Wisconsin.

GettyEric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Tiffany Trump, Ivanka Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and others watch as President Donald Trump leaves after a Make America Great Again rally at Kenosha Regional Airport.

There were numerous people at the Kenosha rally, and some parked three miles away and were bused to the airport, ABC 12 reported. Many had already been to other Trump rallies and knew what to expect. Here’s a photo of the line of cars in Kenosha.

Here’s another crowd photo.

Jason Calvi of Fox 6 Now shared these next photos, noting the when Trump won the county in 2016, he was the first Republican to win the county since 1972.

During the rally, Trump addressed how he sometimes holds a glass of water with two hands, saying that he does it not to spill water on his red tie. He pointed to the handheld mic and told the crowd that everyone could see he could hold objects just fine.

Here’s another video showing the size of the crowd below.

Watch Trump’s Speech Online

You can watch Trump’s speech in the video below.

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Trump had one last rally before the election, after Kenosha. His last event was in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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