How Many People Were at the Trump MAGA March? See Crowd Size Photos

Trump MAGA March December 12 Crowd Size

Getty Attendees at the Trump MAGA March for December 12.

Supporters of President Donald Trump hosted a new MAGA March on Saturday, December 12, just two days before states cast their electoral college votes. How many people attended the “Stop the Steal” event in Washington, D.C. and how did it compare to November’s Million MAGA March? Here’s a look at crowd size photos in Washington, D.C. and more details about what happened.

Thousands Attended the Trump MAGA March

GettyMembers of the Proud Boys march towards Freedom Plaza during a protest on December 12, 2020.

Tens of thousands of people attended the November march, but how many attended today’s event? An official event website noted that more than 22,000 people were expected to attend the event taking place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Eastern. However, some local media said the turnout was smaller than the Million MAGA March in November. The event has been referred to by alternating names, including Million MAGA March (just like in November), Trump March, Stop the Steal March, and other similar names.

NPR reported that thousands attended the event on December 12.

GettySupporters of President Donald Trump protest.

Dan Scavino, White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications and Director of Social Media, shared the following crowd photo on Twitter.

Mike Valerio of WUSA9 shared this photo of the crowd gathering in Freedom Plaza before the speeches were supposed to start:

The largest December 12 event was organized by Women for America First. This is the same group that helped organize the last Million MAGA March/Stop the Steal rally, USA Today reported.

GettySupporters of Trump protest in D.C.

Valerio shared this video which panned into the crowd down the street.

Here’s another video of the crowd taken just before noon and shared by Amanda Golden of NBC News and MSNBC. This was taken as the event in Freedom Plaza was kicking off. At one point, President Donald Trump did two flyovers of the crowd in Marine One.

NBC Washington reported that there were two permits for events happening today, one organized by Women for America First and one for a Million MAGA March. The permit for the Women for America First Rally anticipated 15,000 people at Freedom Plaza who would then march to the Supreme Court. The Million MAGA March permit expected 500 attendees at the Sylvan Theatre on the National Mall.

Local News Said the Turnout Was Smaller than the November MAGA March

GettySupporters of President Donald Trump participate in the Million MAGA March to protest the outcome of the 2020 presidential election on December 12, 2020.

Mike Valerio of WUSA9 noted that the turnout was much lower than it was for the November 14 Million MAGA March.

Washington D.C. has a mask mandate right now, but many attendees didn’t wear masks, USA Today reported.

About the Event

GettySupporters of Trump protest on December 12.

Amy Kremer, chair of Women for America First, told USA Today that the rally is taking place for people to support each other and to demand transparency in the election.

One event’s website noted that speakers would be at the National Sylvan Theater on the Mall from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Eastern, including Kash Lee Kelly, Greg Hughes, Jonathan Gilliam, Ian Smith, MAGA Hulk, and “Token Black Guy USA.”

Counter protests were also expected. ShutDownDC shared an event on December 12 called “All Out Against Fascism.” This event was at Black Lives Matter Plaza in D.C. from 1 p.m. to 11:55 p.m. Eastern. Defend DC was also hosting an event that same day.

Attorney General William Barr said that the Justice Department found no evidence of voter fraud that could have changed the election’s outcome, USA Today reported.

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