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9 Best Ice Fishing Accessories to Take On Your Next Trip

Nothing beats a day on the ice with your favorite gang of fishermen. Whether you like to set up a few tip-ups solo and sip coffee from your favorite chair or sled out a day’s worth of food, drinks, and gear for you and all your fishermen friends, we’ve tracked down some awesome items you’ll want to consider for any style of ice fishing. There are items here for bringing the party out onto the ice, as well as for staying warm and comfortable. Portability and gear load was a big factor in selecting the items on this list — there’s an awesome selection of highly portable gear here but don’t forget to consider using a tote sled if you want to really bring everything along!

We’ve tried to imagine every type of ice fishermen and selected a short list of equipment that just about every angler will find useful. If you’re interested in purchasing a new auger for this season make sure to check out the Best Hand Augers for Ice Fishing post – there are some sweet units there that could really up your winter fishing game.

When my pals and I are out ice fishing it’s just as much about the comradery as it is about catching fish. Tight lines, hot meals, good music, and maybe a few beers go great with any frozen water body. Read through our list of ice fishing accessories and consider what you and your fishing buddies might think about adding to your gear locker this season.

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