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15 Best Cheap Tents for Camping: Your Buyer’s Guide

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Immersing into nature and spending time in the wilderness is truly good for the mind and soul, and owning a cheap tent makes it that much easier.

These days, the expenses involved with camping span a huge range. You can choose between spending your entire salary on top-notch equipment, or putting together a real budget gear list for next to nothing!

We’ve compiled a top list of the best cheap tents that are meant to keep your money in your bank account while still effectively getting you into the great outdoors!

techcell cheap tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very easy assembly and break down
  • Vestibule creates mud room space
  • Full coverage rain fly
Price: $26.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
mountaintop cheap tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Includes a lantern hook and gear pocket
  • Very easy setup and breakdown
  • Covered with a 90 day warranty
Price: $28.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
gigatent cheap tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Includes a rain fly
  • Set up is easy enough for young children
  • Built impressively tough for the cost
Price: $24.11 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
coleman kids tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Super simple setup and break down
  • Great size for two children or one adult
  • Coleman logo is glow-in-the-dark
Price: $50.15 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
coleman cheap tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Effectively weatherproof
  • The snap-pole assembly is fast and easy
  • Spacious dimensions for a two man tent
Price: $51.34 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
yodo cheap tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very lightweight and highly portable
  • Excellent value
  • Durable zippers and mesh
Price: $54.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
alps mountaineering cheap tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very economic, higher quality tent
  • Full length rain fly
  • Two door design
Price: $249.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cctro cheap tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Two door design
  • Mesh roof is great for stargazing
  • Effectively weatherproof
Price: $29.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
tangkula cheap tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Highly affordable group option
  • Full coverage rain fly
  • Simple set up
Price: $29.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
wenzel dome tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Gear loft and extension cord port
  • Space for taller campers
  • Mesh sidewalls enhance ventilation
Price: $62.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
wenzel alpine tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Awesome two man tent option if you appreciate extra space
  • Effective mud mat with drainage entering the front door
  • Nice ventilation
Price: $74.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
everking cheap tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Classic dome tent design
  • Cool color scheme
  • One year warranty
Price: $74.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
forfar cheap family tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Effectively weatherproof
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Front door includes a mud mat
Price: $97.80 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
alcott dog tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for keeping your personal tent from taking on dog-damage
  • Super lightweight and packable
  • Great ventilation
Price: $35.73 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
coleman hooligan tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Rainfly vestibule creates a mud room
  • Nice sized footprint for four people
  • Mesh sidewalls
Price: $141.48 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Techcell Two Person Tent

    • Very easy assembly and break down
    • Exterior door can be unzipped and used to extend the footprint of the tent when entering/exiting
    • Full coverage rain fly
    • Pretty low ceiling, not ideal for use with thicker air mattresses
    • Thin material of the tent walls will likely not insulate well in colder weather
    • Poor quality zippers

    This two-man tent by Techcell is a sweet affordable option for camping pairs. It’s a simple, no frills tent that should get the job done just fine. 

    The single layer curtain is fairly windproof and rainproof. There are hooks to facilitate for tent lights or whatever other gear you might want to hang. Furthermore, the exterior door panel when unzipped can extend the footprint of the tent and act as a space to kick off shoes or to keep certain items off the ground.

    It’s a classic style camp tent that customer reviews insist is really simple to set up. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of height with this one, so sleeping on a thicker air mattress might bring you a little close to the ceiling.

    All in all, as far as cheap two-man tents go this one should function just fine and hold up well with the proper care.

  2. 2. Mountaintop Waterproof 2 Person Camping Tent

    • Comes equipped with standard tent features like a lantern hook, gear pocket and two way zippers despite the budget cost
    • Very easy setup and breakdown
    • Covered with a 90 day warranty
    • Effectively waterproof as long as it's not raining sideways
    • Rainfly is not adequate for severe weather
    • Only has one door
    • Only one color option

    This tent by Mountaintop is another excellent, higher-quality economic option for camping pairs.

    The tent material is waterproof polyester, so this bad boy stays dry in moderate rain. The fly does not, however, provide full coverage – so don’t plan on taking this tent with you if you’re expecting some severe, sideways-rain type weather.

    The poles are fiberglass and not the highest quality – but perfectly adequate for keeping the tent erect in most scenarios. At less than six pounds, this tent by Mountaintop is relatively lightweight considering its low cost.

    A lantern hook, two-way zippers, and an interior storage pocket are nice added features that make this tent more than just a shelter to crash in. The footprint dimensions are of this tent are 83” by 59” – pretty standard size.

    All in all, this cheap tent option will repel water just fine and is a breeze to set up and disassemble – what more could you ask for in a budget two-man accommodation?

  3. 3. GigaTent Cooper Boy Scouts Camping Tent

    • Includes a rain fly
    • Set up is simple enough for young children
    • Built tough for such a cheap tent in order to handle some rowdy child play
    • Too small for use by most adults
    • Not designed to stand up to heavy weather
    • One door design

    This is a great little tent for the kids from GigaTent. The setup and breakdown of this cheap tent are meant to be super easy and therefore simple enough for young children to do on their own. 

    This could be a great introduction to camping for a youngster. For its staggeringly low cost, this tent and included rain fly are an impressive deal.

    This tent is sized to fit two children with a footprint of five by five feet – but there’s also a slightly larger model available through the same link. Five by five feet furthermore might be perfect for some smaller-sized adults, so don’t rule this one out for yourself! 

    This tent is built tougher than a lot of other cheap tents in anticipation of handling the wear and tear of children. The zippers and clips are of decent quality and the tent poles are built from fiberglass.

    Gigatent has made a great introduction to camping with this product that’s sure to get the youngins’ stoked on being in the outdoors!

  4. 4. Coleman Kids Wonder Lake 2-Person Dome Tent

    • Super simple setup and break down
    • Great size for two children or one adult
    • Coleman logo is glow-in-the-dark
    • Highly packable due to its particularly tiny size
    • Rainfly does not provide full top to bottom coverage
    • One door design
    • Only suitable for one adult

    The Wonder Lake Kids Tent by Coleman is a sweet little tent for the kids or a solo adult. Don’t overlook this option if you’re seeking a minimalist, highly packable and affordable option with just enough space to comfortably sleep.

    Coleman’s weather tec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams help keep this tent dry, and the included rainfly even extends out over the door to create a small awning. The price tag is that of a cheap tent, but the quality no doubt exceeds most similar alternatives.

    The two-pole set up is quite simple – they feed right into the continuous pole sleeves that are designed not to snag.

    It’s an easy little tent that could also be perfect as an introduction to camping for the kids. With floor dimensions of seven feet by four feet, it’s kind of awkwardly sized for anyone other than two children or one adult.

    The Wonder Lake also includes some interior storage pockets for keeping things organized, as well as a carry bag for easy transport.

    The logo is glow in the dark which is fun for the kids. Coleman offers a one year limited warranty on this product, so don’t fret if your tent turns out to be factory defected or if it’s just not your style.

    Although you won’t want to bring it into the backcountry, for the cost this is a great tent to own for a variety of potential uses.

  5. 5. Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent

    • Effectively weatherproof
    • The pole-clip assembly is fast and easy
    • Nice amount of space for a two man tent
    • Coleman guarantee
    • Only one door on this unit
    • Complaints about ventilation and keeping cool despite the two windows
    • No color options

    The Sundome Two Person Tent is a great two-man cheap tent option from Coleman. This is a pretty standard tent with pretty standard stats – but the quality of the materials used and functionality of the tent is quite a good value considering the cost.

    The included rainfly when employed makes this tent up to 33% more water-resistant than a comparable standard Coleman tent according to the manufacturer. There are furthermore two windows included to ensure you maintain good ventilation.

    The footprint is a spacious seven feet by five feet, and the center is four feet in height. That’s a pretty good amount of space for a two-man tent. The poles clip onto the tent body with this one, so there are no frustrating sleeves to get caught up on while trying to feed poles through the unit.

    Customer reviews rave about this tent’s ability to stand up to weather and insist it holds its own compared to even far more expensive tents. A lot of users of Coleman tents recommend spraying all the seams with a waterproofing spray to ensure the tent will stay dry even after years of use – a good tip in our book for any piece of budget camping gear!

  6. 6. Yodo Lightweight 2 Person Camping Tent

    • Very lightweight and highly portable with the included carry bag
    • Super low price tag for the quality - truly a good value
    • Durable zippers and mesh employed in design
    • Complaints about the length of the tent being a bit short for anyone over six feet who likes to sleep fully extended
    • The stakes it comes with are easily bent - consider pairing this tent with different, more heavy duty stakes
    • One door design

    Yodo has built a nice quality and impressively affordable two-man tent with this option. The durable polyester with PU coating material of the tent is designed a bit thin, yet there are very few complaints about the tent tearing – a good indicator of a tent that’s both highly lightweight and durable.

    At about one and a half pounds, this cheap tent won’t add a lot of weight to your backpack. The design employs a two-way zippered mesh window and large mesh side wall vents towards the top of the tent for ideal ventilation and stargazing. The roof is vented and there is a rainfly included.

    The fiberglass poles are not the highest quality but ensure the weight of the tent stays minimal. The zippers are metal and appear to be durable enough to hold up in the long run.

    Given the exceptionally low price, this tent isn’t going to hold up on a Lewis and Clark status expedition, but for some light backpacking or boy scout trips, this could be the perfect unit!

  7. 7. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent

    • Very economic, higher quality tent
    • Two doors for convenient entry/exit
    • Fly is full length on the sides for maximum weather protection
    • Tent poles are attached to clips rather than being fed through sleeves for ease of assembly
    • Thin tent floor, it may be wise to utilize a foot print with this option
    • Complaints about morning condensation creating moistness around the corners of the floor
    • Cost of this tent is certainly higher than a lot of other "cheap" options, but you get much more than you pay for with this one

    The Meramac by ALPS Mountaineering is a great all-around tent for you and your camping partner. Although more expensive than most of the tents listed here, this tent by ALPS is the real deal for a more than fair cost.

    With a base size of five feet by seven and a half feet, there should be plenty of legroom for people of all sizes. The center height is four feet, a good height for not generating too much wind resistance during intense weather without sacrificing too much headroom.

    The total weight of the tent, fly and poles is eight pounds, so the Meramac is more of a car camping tent than a tent you would want to carry with you backpacking. This tent has two, “single zip” doors on either side which I think is an excellent feature for smaller size tents. It’s great to have the option of using either side of the tent for entry/exit; especially when you are sharing the space with a companion and don’t want to step all over each other.

    The Meramac is crafted with a simple free-standing two-pole design, so there are not a hundred moving parts to erecting this little domed tent. The weatherproof fly coupled with the ridge pole creates a little awning over each door so you can enjoy a bit of coverage from the weather while you kick your boots off.

    Other features the Meramac comes equipped with include mesh storage pockets, a gear loft, 8 inch steel stakes and guy ropes. The polyester fly with 1500 millimeter coating should ensure the tent holds up to UV exposure and stays taught.

    For the cost, the Meramac is an excellent tent for the value that is both simple and built to last.

  8. 8. CCTRO 2 Person Camping Tent

    • Well designed rainfly for good weather protection
    • Two doors for convenient entry/exit
    • Mesh roof is great for star gazing and providing ventilation
    • Nice quality fabrics and zippers used on this one
    • Wide color selection
    • Footprint length is about 72 inches so campers over six feet tall might fit a little tight in this one
    • Tent height is pretty low
    • Poor quality zippers, be gentle with this one if you want it to last more than a season or two

    I find this tent by CCTRO to be an excellent affordable two-man tent option. This dome tent is designed to be effectively weatherproof, a claim not a lot of cheap tents can live up to.

    The rain fly is durable 190T PU fabric and extends all the way to the base of the dome tent rather than just providing the top half of the tent with coverage like many other flys. The floor is waterproof oxford fabric and should stand up to some fairly heavy abuse before letting in any water.

    This tent has two doors, a really nice touch for campers who despise clambering over each other whenever entering/exiting the tent. The poles are fiberglass and clip to the tent body rather than being fed through sleeves.

    The tent body is built with an open mesh roof area for maximum ventilation and also stargazing potential. On dry nights when there’s no rain fly needed, this is a great tent to enjoy the sky.

    I would give this tent some pretty high stats for the cost considering the materials used and included features. No doubt a stellar two-man option for those camping on a budget.

  9. 9. Tangkula Waterproof 4-5 Person Camping Tent

    • Impressively inexpensive for its size
    • Full coverage rain fly
    • Simple set up even if you're camping alone
    • Only one door
    • Tent poles feed through sleeves rather than clip-on
    • Only one color option

    This larger sized tent by Tangkula comes at a seriously low price point and can likely accommodate your whole camping crew.

    For an impressively low cost, up to five people can crash in this bad boy – if you and some friends make a group purchase this tent will be a seriously cheap investment! 

    The rainfly provides full coverage for maximum weather protection and even creates a bit of an overhang over the door for some added shelter when entering/exiting the tent. The assembly is simple and easy – your classic dome tent style.

    The fiberglass poles, unfortunately, are fed through sleeves on the main tent body rather than clipping on, so you and your friends will have to be just a little more patient setting this one up.

    Perhaps the biggest downfall of this tent is the single door. With five people staying in one tent, having just one door for everybody’s entry and exit might get a little frustrating. Aside from that detail, this tent seems to be totally suitable for a group camping trip.

    For the cost, this really seems like one of the ultimate economic options for group campers or for those who just really like to sprawl out.

  10. 10. Wenzel 5 Person Dome Tent

    • Provides a nice amount of space for taller campers
    • Gear loft and extension cord port to run a power cord from
    • Mesh sidewalls enhance ventilation
    • Fabrics are built tough for the cost, this one should last you more than a season or two with the proper care
    • Only has one door
    • Questionable durability of the tent poles - don’t be too rough with this one
    • Only one color option

    Here’s a nice quality five-man tent by Wenzel. This dome tent is built more structurally sound and designed to last longer in the wilderness than most of the other cheaper tents listed here.

    The footprint of this family tent option is ten by eight feet, so it’s a fairly large unit. The assembly is simple and quick – the “x-frame” design with fly hoop pole is a breeze to set up.

    The rainfly is suitable for weather coverage and built with 600mm waterproofing and seam tape. Although the fly doesn’t extend to the floor of the tent, the materials used in the bottom half of the tent pairs nicely with the fly for adequate rain protection.

    There’s a gear loft for stowing some personal items which is a nice added feature considering the mess five people can make with all their gear strewn around.

    Another neat feature of this tent is it has a little port on one of the corners to run a power cord into the tent. This could be perfect for plugging in a tent heater or some lighting without having to keep a gap open in your main door.

    Wenzel has made a nice quality product here for camping groups, at a stellar price point.

  11. 11. Wenzel 3 Person Alpine Tent

    • Effective mud mat with drainage entering the front door - great for keeping things clean inside
    • Staggered sleeping arrangement provides maximum personal space for all campers
    • Nice ventilation
    • Only one door
    • Fairly heavy to be backpacking or hiking with
    • More moving parts means more potential longterm issues

    Here’s a pretty neat three-person unit by Wenzel. The design of the Alpine Tent by Wenzel is both cool and effective in my book – it’s erected using a shock-corded fiberglass frame and has a neat little mud mat built into the front door.

    This is a unique but effective design depending on your camping style that’s sized particularly well for camping pairs. 

    There are two mesh windows and a D-style front door that all provide adequate ventilation for the tent interior. The footprint is eight and a half by eight feet, so this a spacious three-man tent.

    Due to its unique design, it’s, unfortunately, eight pounds in weight, so don’t plan on backpacking with this one. The interior of this tent is shaped like a pentagon, so the sleeping arrangement is a bit different than tents with a square footprint.

    Everyone’s heads are kind of staggered so nobody is sleeping right next to each other – ideal for generating as much personal space as possible in a smaller sized tent. The rainfly doesn’t look like it provides a ton of weather coverage so this tent might be more of a clear forecast piece of gear.

    For three people, this tent by Wenzel is an interesting, effective and affordable approach to camping.


  12. 12. EverKing 3-4 Person Tent

    • Great for use as a beach tent
    • Super simple, classic dome tent design
    • Highly packable
    • Cool color scheme
    • One year warranty
    • One door design
    • No rainfly built into the design - I wouldn’t trust this tent in anything more than a light rain
    • Not a ton of ventilation with only one window built in

    This tent by EverKing is a great option for some casual, clear weather camping or perhaps use as a beach tent. Although the design of the tent appears to be fairly waterproof, there’s no included rain fly and the tent likely won’t keep dry under moderate to heavy rains.

    The frame of the tent, however, should at least hold up to some decent winds. There’s one zippered window on the backside of the tent for added ventilation, but the rest of the tent is solid bodied in an attempt to keep wetness out.

    This tent will provide decent weather coverage as long as conditions are not particularly severe, but will likely heat up quite a bit on the interior due to the lack of mesh in the design. Weekend campers and festival goers will likely find this unit to be totally adequate for their needs.

    For the cost, this tent deserves a spot on this list for its simple, easy and effective design – but don’t go exploring the vast wilderness with this one, it’s not built all that tough.

  13. 13. Forfar Family Camping Tent

    • Provides great ventilation between all the windows
    • Profile is built with water and wind proofing in mind
    • Front door includes a mud mat to help keep the tent interior clean
    • Several color options
    • Only has one door
    • The weight (about eight pounds) is a little much to hike with
    • Not a ton of head room due to the low profile design

    Here’s an outstanding family tent by Forfar for the cost. The design and materials used with this one make it a worthy unit for comfortable group camping.

    This cheap tent option is built for three-season use and can accommodate three people.

    The dome shape to this tent has a bit of a lower, sleeker profile that although sacrifices some headroom, no doubt makes this tent sturdier in high winds.

    Dual vents in the roof, door, and walls coupled with four larger sealable mesh panels really provide this tent with a ton of ventilation. The double-layer waterproof design adds a bit of weight to this tent but ensures you’ll stay dry.

    It’s not a tent that’s great for hiking with at about eight pounds – but makes up for it with it’s durable and reliable design. The setup and break down is quite easy with this unit, it’s a pretty classic design modified to be a bit more streamlined in shape than other dome tents.

    As a family tent, this product by Forfar is an excellent economical option. As a piece of expedition camp gear, you’ll likely want to look elsewhere. 

  14. 14. Alcott Explorer Pup Tent

    • Provide your dog(s) with some of the comforts of home with this easy little tent
    • Great ventilation
    • Super lightweight and packable
    • Simple dome tent design
    • Not large enough to comfortably accommodate an adult
    • One color option
    • Poor quality zippers

    Here’s a tough little dog tent that could be a great addition to your camping gear if you prefer your personal tent to be dog-free.

    This tiny unit by Alcott is extremely lightweight at less than a pound and a half and packs down impressively compact. It’s ideal for one or two dogs or even just to keep on hand in your vehicle for situations where you might need to set up a tent and crash somewhere. Its 32 inches wide and 42 inches deep, so there’s plenty of space for two canine companions.

    This could work great as a children’s tent as well. The base is waterproof and there are five mesh windows to ensure there’s plenty of ventilation. It’s a simple dome tent design that your pooch is sure to appreciate.

    Considering the low cost and the super low weight, this unit is worth owning if you enjoy camping with your dog but would prefer to keep your personal tent claw-puncture and dog hair-free.

  15. 15. Coleman Hooligan Tent (Four Person)

    • Rainfly vestibule creates an awesome enclosed “mudroom” for stowing gear or keeping out of the elements when entering/exiting the tent
    • Mesh sidewalls make for great ventilation and stargazing
    • Nice sized footprint for four people
    • Several color options
    • One of the more expensive tents listed here - split the cost with some buddies to keep the cost down
    • Pretty heavy tent at about 11.5 pounds
    • More moving parts and pieces than a regular dome style tent

    I really like the design of the Hooligan tent by Coleman as a four-person, cheap tent option. For family camping and group trips into the wilderness, the value of this easy and affordable choice is tough to beat! 

    The fully covered vestibule that encloses the door is really a nice feature to ensure entry and exit of the tent during rains is as dry as possible.

    The elongated vestibule also provides an ideal space for stowing some gear so the inside of the tent can stay open and spacious for tired campers. Despite its lengthy shape, this is a simple dome tent that’s no harder to set up than any other old regular tent.

    The footprint is nine by seven feet, so this unit provides plenty of space, especially when you consider the “mudroom” the rain fly provides.

    The walls are mesh so if the forecast is clear this is an excellent tent to stay cool in as well as to stargaze from. It’s no wonder this is such a crowd favorite amongst budget campers!

    This unit is highly reviewed for good reason, it’s a simple yet well thought out design that can comfortably accommodate larger camping groups. Coleman has made a winner with this one, definitely check it out if you’re interested in a nicer quality tent at a cheap tent price.

If you can't justify shelling out a good chunk of change just to camp a few nights a season, then there are some good options here that will serve you fine. On the other hand, if you rather be spending your money on different equipment and can settle for a cheaper tent, you might be surprised at the quality of some of the models we've tracked down.

There are some pretty sweet tents included here that for the cost, are well worth their value. If you're in the market for something a bit higher quality than what's listed here, check out our posts on the best two person tents as well as the best ultralight backpacking tents and family tents - there's some great value buys there as well. Gear up solo or with the family and get out into the wilderness this season with a cheap tent that won't break the bank!

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