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9 Best Fly Tying Kits for Beginners: Compare & Save

The art of fly tying is both incredibly addicting and satisfying. If you’re new to the world of tying and are trying to get started with some quality tools, materials, and instructional content, a fly tying kit is hands down the most affordable and convenient way to get going. It’s also a great gift idea for fly fishermen!

A good fly tying kit will get you creating some decent bugs in no time. We’ve selected a few fully inclusive options that provide you with everything you’ll need to get started, as well as some tying kits that just include either tools or materials.

Nice quality tools will be your best friend when it comes to learning, but even more so, a good vise (the device that holds the hook in place while you create the fly) is crucial for beginner’s success. You can absolutely start on a simple, beginner’s vise, but if there’s one thing worth spending some extra cash on right off the bat, it’s a decent rotary vise. Check out our list of the best fly tying vises for some great value options!

As you delve deeper into the world of fly fishing, tying flies will become just as important to you as time spent on the water, so if you’re going to jump into fly tying, brace yourself! Tight lines from all of us here at Heavy!

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