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10 Best Kayak Hoists: Compare & Save

Storing a kayak or kayaks can be a challenge in tight or already cluttered storage spaces. A kayak hoist enables you to lift your boats up and off the ground and reclaim your garage, boathouse, shed, or barn for more organized and efficient utilization.

We’ve tracked down the best kayak hoists for all vessels and storage spaces within our top list, so there’s something here for every style paddler.

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Decluttering your garage or designated storage space is no small task - but hoisting your kayaks up and over the rest of your gear locker is bound to make a HUGE difference.

A wonderful organizational tool for your own boathouse or a thoughtful kayaking gift for a friend, this style of storage is not to be overlooked.

Kayak Racks

Seeking a storage solution for your kayaks but aren't necessarily in love with the idea of suspending your boat or boats from the ceiling? There are a number of different style kayak wall mounts and racks for accommodating every boat dimension and preferred showing style. Our top list of the best kayak storage options has some stellar solutions, a few of our favorites include:

Kayak Covers

When storing your kayaks long term for the offseason or stashing them even temporarily outside in the elements, it's important to consider utilizing some sort of cover/protection to ensure your vessel(s) don't take any damage from the sun, foul weather, or a critter infestation.

Our list of the best kayak covers has pinned down the top options for every style boat. 

Kayak Carts

If you own a particularly large and in charge kayak that's difficult to move and transport on your own, you oughta consider the benefits of a kayak cart or trolley. Paddlers with lower body strength or those that suffer from injuries that don't allow heavy lifting furthermore may find the benefits of a kayak cart to be well worth owning one! 

Check out our top list of the best kayak carts - no matter what kind of personal watercraft you own, we've tracked down the best carts and trolleys for moving your vessel from the garage to the truck, down to the water's edge, and then home again! 

Kayak Trailers

If you own a small fleet of kayaks or your boats are simply too long and/or awkwardly sized to be safely loaded onto a car top or into a truck bed, you may need to consider a towable transport system. 

Our top list of the best kayak trailers highlights the top options on the market for paddlers in need of a towable solution.