11 Best Ellipticals for Home Workouts

An elliptical trainer is a gentler alternative to running, yet still burns lots of calories and gives you a rewarding workout. If you’re looking for the best elliptical machine for home workouts, keep reading to discover our favorites.

Another great low-impact machine for your home gym is an indoor cycling bike, which allows you to ride at your convenience. You can also check out more home gym equipment if you’re looking to round out your home gym.

schwinn 470 elliptical Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Durable eddy current resistance system
  • USB charging port
  • Built-in fan and speakers
Price: $899.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
best elliptical for home use Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Smooth magnetic resistance system
  • Fixed and moving handlebars
  • Loaded with features
Price: $3,199.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cheap elliptical Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Maintenance-free magnetic resistance system
  • Space-saving design
  • Integrated USB charger
Price: $489.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
compact elliptical Amazon Customer Reviews
  • iFit compatible for interactive workouts
  • Smooth and silent magnetic resistance
  • Vertical space-saving design
Price: $1,999.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
elliptical cross trainer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Large 7.5-inch workout display
  • Fully adjustable ramp
Price: $1,499.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cross trainer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Zero impact design
  • Doubles as a cross trainer and elliptical
  • Built-in device holder
Price: $799.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
bowflex max trainer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Bluetooth heart rate compatible
  • Combination elliptical and stepper
  • Compact space-saving design
Price: $2,299.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cheap elliptical Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Budget-friendly
  • Spacious extra-large pedals
  • Integrated device holder
Price: $293.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
nautilus elliptical Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Motorized incline from 0 to 10 degrees
  • Contact and telemetry-enabled heart rate monitoring
  • Acoustic sound system
Price: $999.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cheap elliptical Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Silent flywheel
  • Great for families
  • Eight adjustable magnetic resistance levels
Price: $299.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cross trainer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Doubles as an elliptical and recumbent bike
  • Soft-touch grips
  • Works with iFit Coach for personalized workouts
Price: $443.22 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Schwinn 470

    • Multiple resistance levels and built-in programs
    • Large 20-inch stride mimics a natural running movement
    • Bluetooth connectivity lets you use apps such as Explore the World, GoogleFit, Apple Health and more
    • Speakers aren't the highest quality
    • Some users complain that it shakes slightly at higher speeds
    • Can be tricky to assemble

    With features such as a wide range of preset programs, Bluetooth connectivity and a weighted flywheel, the Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer rivals some of the pricier models on this list but comes with a more affordable price tag.

    An eddy current resistance system sets this home elliptical apart from the competition. If you’re not familiar, this type of system relies on an electromagnetic current for control over the resistance. Not only does this provide a more stable ride, but this innovative system also doesn’t have moving parts and won’t wear down or break over time.

    In terms of connectivity, you’ll find a USB charging port and Bluetooth technology to track and transfer data such as calories, time and distance, then send it to popular apps such as MyFitnessPal, GoogleFit, Apple Health and Explore the World. A choice between 29 programs, including heart rate and fitness tests, makes it easier to mix it up.

    This elliptical also has a large 20-inch stride to mimic a natural running movement. A three-speed fan keeps you cool during workouts. This home elliptical machine accepts telemetry heart rate, although you’ll need to purchase a chest strap separately.

  2. 2. Precor EFX 225

    • Motorized CrossRamp allows you to target specific muscles
    • LCD display shows time elapsed and time remaining, average strides per minute, distance, calories, heart rate and more
    • Durable club-level quality for heavy and consistent use
    • Doesn't have workout tracking
    • Software can't be upgraded
    • Doesn't come with a chest strap heart rate monitor

    The Precor EFX 225 comes with a premium price tag, but it’s also fully loaded with features such as smart heart rate zone monitoring and a choice between 16 resistance levels. Precor’s motorized CrossRamp allows you to target specific muscles for a more rewarding workout.

    An elevation range of 15 to 25 degrees gives you a choice between flats and hills. You can also choose from eight resistance levels to go faster or slower. Several preset workouts are included, such as interval training, hill climbs, aerobic sessions, cross country, glute-specific workouts and more.

    Choose between moving or fixed handlebars to customize each workout. As you’re striding, you can glance at the LCD display for real-time metrics such as time elapsed and time remaining, average strides per minute, distance, calories, heart rate and target heart rate. Once you’ve completed your workout you can view the total time elapsed and calories as well as distance and average strides per minute.

    An integrated tablet holder lets you use your device to play music, watch movies and more. This Precor elliptical is iOS and Android compatible.

  3. 3. Go Elliptical V-200T

    • Backlit display shows distance, time, speed, heart rate and calories
    • Built-in EKG contacts for heart rate monitoring
    • Adjustable oversize pedals
    • Doesn't have Bluetooth technology
    • Basic LCD display
    • Heart rate monitoring isn't the most accurate

    If you’re looking for a compact elliptical that won’t restrict your movements, consider the Go Elliptical V-200T. This space-saving elliptical comes with a 17-inch stride length along with adjustable oversize pedals.

    You’ll find 24 resistance levels, which can be easily adjusted using a toggle switch. Whether you’re just beginning or are an exercise enthusiast, you can use the EKG contact heart rate monitoring to keep tabs on your heart rate during workouts.

    Despite its compact size, this home elliptical has a 5.5-inch backlit display that shows all the essential workout data you need, such as time, distance, speed, calories and heart rate. There’s also a built-in USB charger for your tablet or other devices. The magnetic resistance system provides a smooth and stable ride and is virtually maintenance-free over time.

  4. 4. NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7i

    • An 18-inch stride mimics a natural running movement
    • Integrated device holder is large enough for a tablet
    • Comes with 24 pre-programmed workouts
    • Doesn't have adjustable pedals
    • Inaccurate pulse monitoring
    • Quite heavy

    It’s no secret that home workouts can be downright boring at times, which is why this NordicTrack elliptical trainer stands out for its interactive personal training. If you’re craving a more interactive workout experience, you can use a compatible device to connect with various iFit workouts, including an on-demand workout library with thousands of workouts to choose from. You can also use iFit Coach for a more personalized experience. There are also 24 workouts if you’d prefer to skip the iFit membership.

    An 18-inch stride mimics a natural running movement, so you’ll feel like you’re still getting in a good workout without pounding the pavement. This elliptical comes with an 18-pound flywheel and 22 digital resistance levels to keep you feeling challenged.

    You can boost your heart rate even more with up to a 10 percent adjustable incline. An integrated workout fan keeps you cool even during the most intense training sessions. You can also prop up a tablet or smartphone via the integrated device holder. This compact elliptical has an innovative vertical space-saving design along with integrated transport wheels for easy portability.

  5. 5. Sole E35

    • Innovative power incline technology helps target specific areas for a more rewarding workout
    • Made with a high-grade steel frame with a lifetime warranty
    • Mimics a natural running movement
    • Some competitors offer more built-in programs
    • Quite heavy for moving
    • Not a very compact design

    Whether a nagging injury or bad weather forces you to curb your running routine, you can closely mimic it with the Sole 35 elliptical, which features a natural running movement and a smooth 25-pound flywheel.

    The foot pedals are designed by physical therapists and can be used forward and backward for a full-body workout. Unlike most other elliptical machines for home use, the pedals on the Sole E35 slope inward by two degrees to minimize knee and ankle stress.

    This higher-priced elliptical trainer comes with a long list of features, from Bluetooth compatibility to USB port charging, heart rate monitoring with an included chest strap and a large 7.5-inch LCD workout display.

    An integrated tablet holder lets you use your favorite device to keep boredom at bay. However, with features such as a fully adjustable ramp with 20 various incline levels and a variety of built-in programs to choose from, you probably won’t feel bored during workouts. 

    Sole’s own innovative power incline technology helps target specific areas for a more rewarding workout. This elliptical is made with a high-grade steel frame with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

  6. 6. Teeter FreeStep Cross Trainer & Elliptical

    • Lets you isolate just your arms or legs to target specific areas
    • Dial mechanism makes it easy to adjust the resistance
    • Provides a full-body workout with accompanying joint pain
    • Relatively limited one-year warranty
    • Lacks digital resistance indicators
    • Very basic LCD display

    Teeter’s FreeStep LT-1 cross trainer provides a full-body workout with accompanying joint pain. Despite its zero-impact design, you’ll still enjoy a challenging and rewarding training session on this machine, which doubles as a cross trainer and elliptical.

    The striding motion will feel a bit different than on other elliptical trainers, but that’s because the machine is set up to reduce stress on your back and joints. Variable magnetic resistance keeps the pedals moving freely and can be adjusted with a user-friendly dial mechanism. Unlike some elliptical trainers, this cross trainer lets you isolate just your arms or legs to target specific areas.

    The LT-1 has a built-in water bottle holder along with an adjustable fit and recline to keep you comfortable. Transport wheels allow you to move the trainer as needed. An integrated device holder lets you store your phone or tablet.

  7. 7. Bowflex Max Trainer M8

    • Optional JRNY subscription provides personalized coaching and workouts
    • Burn rate display shows precisely how many calories you're burning per minute
    • Dual-mode LED and LCD screens
    • Lacks WiFi connectivity
    • Doesn't have a touchscreen display
    • Bowflex JRNY subscription is only free for the first two months

    The Bowflex Max Trainer M8 is a combination of an elliptical and a stepper, both of which can burn loads of calories while giving you a rewarding low-impact workout. Despite the fact that it doubles as two machines in one, the Bowflex M8 is actually smaller than most home ellipticals and treadmills, making it a great choice if you’re tight on space. In fact, the machine will fit in most corners around your home.

    If you could use some extra motivation, simply subscribe to the Bowflex JRNY app to enjoy custom workouts created daily. While the first two months are free, your two-month trial is converted to a paid subscription if you choose to continue using the app. Your workouts will be adjusted as your fitness improves to ensure you’re challenging yourself to the max.

    This Bowflex cross trainer comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect for such a premium price tag. Highlights include a magnetic media rack to hold your smartphone or tablet along with dual-mode LED and LCD screens and an innovative burn rate display that shows precisely how many calories you’re burning per minute. This cross trainer is also Bluetooth heart rate compatible, although you can measure your heart rate via integrated contact strips. Connectivity is available for up to four separate users.

    The unique combined motion of this cross trainer gives you a more rewarding full-body workout by activating your upper body more than your average elliptical normally does.

    If you don’t mind giving up some premium features, you can save some money with the Bowflex M5.

  8. 8. MaxKare Elliptical Machine

    • Sturdy 5kg flywheel ensures smooth pedaling
    • Comes with eight resistance levels
    • Built-in handlebar sensors track heart rate
    • Stride length isn't adjustable
    • Basic LCD display
    • Can take awhile to assemble

    This cheap elliptical covers all the basics at an affordable price, making it a worthy option if you’re looking for an affordable elliptical machine for home use. Highlights include a sturdy 5kg flywheel for smooth operation, along with a total of eight resistance levels.

    Extra-large pedals provide plenty of surface for your feet, while a dual-track design keeps your feet from slipping. The fixed handlebars come in handy when you want to monitor your heart rate, while the moving handlebars provide a full-body workout.

    Despite its compact size, there’s enough room to hold an iPad or phone. The LCD display shows essential information such as speed, heart rate, time, calories burned and heart rate. Built-in transportation wheels make it easier to move the elliptical.

  9. 9. Nautilus E616

    • Multiple workout programs, including a recovery test
    • Weighted flywheel for smoother workouts
    • Dual LCD displays with USB media charging
    • Basic display console
    • Can be heavy for moving
    • Lower maximum user weight than the E618

    The E616 blends value and performance, with multiple user-friendly options that cater to all levels. In terms of pricing and performance, the E616 sits in the middle of the Nautilus elliptical lineup. Read on to compare the company’s three popular models to see if the E616 is the best fit for you.

    Nautilus has three elliptical trainers: E614, E616 and E618. The E614 is more affordable but only has 20 levels of magnetic resistance, whereas the E616 and E618 have 25 magnetic resistance levels. The E616 and E618 also have a motorized incline from 0 to 10 degrees, while you can manually adjust to six positions on the E614. All models have workout programs, but you’ll find more options on the E616 and E618, including a recovery test.

    The E618 has a larger 22-inch stride, compared with the 20-inch stride on the lower-end models. Both the E616 and E618 have contact and telemetry-enabled heart rate monitoring complete with a chest strap, while the 614 has contact grips. Another feature that’s unique to the E618 is its suspension cushioning system with customized heel support.

    Only the E616 and E618 have Bluetooth connectivity, and allow for greater performance tracking via the Explore the World app. Each model comes with a tablet holder, water bottle holder and fixed and moving handlebars. You’ll also find a three-speed fan, acoustic sound system and transport wheels on each Nautilus elliptical trainer. The E618 supports up to 350 pounds, while the E616 and E614 support up to 300 pounds.

  10. 10. Doufit Elliptical Machine

    • Dual-action arms provide an upper body workout
    • Digital display shows your time, distance, speed, total mileage and calories
    • Integrated pulse sensor tracks your heart rate
    • Some say it's prone to moving with heavier weight or intensity
    • Digital screen can be tough to read
    • Can take awhile to assemble

    The Doufit elliptical machine is designed for the whole family thanks to its eight adjustable magnetic resistance levels. Whether you’re a beginner or are working towards more advanced fitness goals, the silent flywheel ensures you won’t disturb others during workout sessions. Dual-action arms provide an upper body workout as well.

    The digital display provides all the basic information you need to track your workout, including time, distance, speed, total mileage and calories. An integrated pulse sensor tracks your heart rate. Large, textured pedals keep feet from slipping and can accommodate feet of all sizes. This elliptical trainer also comes with a bottle holder to ensure you stay hydrated during your sessions.

  11. 11. ProForm Hybrid Trainer

    • Wide seat provides plenty of lumbar support
    • Total of 16 resistance settings for all fitness levels
    • Built-in transport wheels make it easier to move the trainer
    • Limited 90-day parts and labor warranty
    • Some competitors have a larger stride
    • Seat can be tricky to adjust

    The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is a dual-use cross-trainer that doubles as an elliptical and recumbent bike. When you’re using it as an elliptical, features such as soft-touch grips and a 15-inch elliptical stride provide a low-impact cardio workout.

    The recumbent bike comes with oversized pedals and a wide seat for ample lumbar support. This cross trainer is also ready for use with iFit Coach if you want a more personalized workout experience.

    Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an exercise enthusiast, the 16 digital resistance levels will keep you feeling properly challenged. This hybrid trainer has a 350-pound weight capacity and comes with built-in transport wheels.

Which Is the Best Elliptical Machine for Home Use?

Depending on your specific needs, each machine listed above could be the best elliptical machine for home use based on factors such as your budget, desired features and intended use.

For example, some cheap ellipticals are designed for light or occasional use, such as substituting your normal running routine with an indoor workout when the weather isn't great. If you're looking to bring a studio-level experience to your home gym, it's probably worth investing in a more heavy-duty elliptical machine for frequent and heavy use.

Any elliptical you choose will give you a low-impact cardio workout that's similar to running. However, there is variation in terms of resistance, incline and stride length. Some ellipticals have extra features, such as the ability to adjust your stride length or pedal backward.

According to Runner's World, pedaling backward specifically targets the hamstrings. You can also easily focus on your glutes by increasing the incline.  Not only does the Sole E35 has pedals that can be used in reverse, the pedals also slope inward to reduce stress on the knees and ankles.

Shape.com suggests that ellipticals are better than running if you're looking for a full-body workout, as both the upper and lower body are being used at once. You also need to use your core to maintain your balance on an elliptical trainer. The best elliptical machine is the one that will keep you moving and motivated.

Which Is Better: Schwinn 470 Vs. Nautilus E614 Elliptical?

The popular Schwinn 470 and Nautilus E614 fall into the same price range and are close competitors in a number of ways. If you're comparing the two models, we've broken down the biggest similarities and differences to help you make an easier purchasing decision. Read on to see how the two models stack up against each other.

Both ellipticals have dual track LCD displays along with USB charging, a three-speed fan to keep you cool and a 20-inch stride that mimics natural running movement. You'll find seven more programs on the Schwinn elliptical, including fitness and recovery tests. Both machines have an incline, but the Schwinn stands out for its 10-degree motorized adjustable ramp, while the Nautilus has six manual positions.

The Schwinn has eddy current resistance, which is virtually maintenance-free over time. The Nautilus comes with smooth magnetic resistance, but it can't quite match the more premium level system on the Schwinn. Another big difference is the fact that the Schwinn has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can track data such as distance, time and calories and transfer it to popular apps such as Explore the World, MyFitnessPal, GoogleFit and Apple Health. The Nautilus doesn't have Bluetooth connectivity.

The Schwinn is also telemetry heart rate enabled, although you'll need to purchase the chest strap separately. You'll use contact hand grips on the Nautilus to monitor your heart rate.

Which Is Better: Sole Elliptical E25 Vs. Sole Elliptical E35?

While the Sole E25 and E35 ellipticals are similar in many ways, there are some notable differences. One of the biggest advantages that the Sole E35 has over the E25 is its exclusive Power Incline technology, which targets specific areas during workouts. The E35 also has a slightly larger flywheel (25 pounds vs. 20 pounds) along with a larger 7.5-inch backlit LCD display, compared to the 6.5-inch backlit LCD display on the E25. The E35 supports slightly more weight, with a 375-pound capacity versus the E25, which holds up to 350 pounds.

Both Sole ellipticals are well-equipped with features such as an integrated tablet holder, Bluetooth compatibility and a 20-inch stride that mimics a natural running movement. You'll also find Bluetooth audio speakers, a built-in cooling fan and a water bottle holder on both machines. Both ellipticals also come with pulse grips and a chest strap for heart rate monitoring.

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