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11 Best Compact Treadmills for Your Home

compact treadmill

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When space is at a premium but you don’t want to skimp on your workouts, a compact treadmill is a practical solution. The best compact treadmills deliver the power, performance and features you need for running or walking, and also fold up when you’re done working out. Skip the gym and work out at home on your own schedule with these space-saving treadmills.

Want another great space-saving workout solution? An interactive fitness mirror could be a good choice. For more indoor workout ideas, browse our best indoor cycling bikes for home spinning workouts.

best compact treadmill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Live training sessions
  • Powerful motor
  • Ideal for walking and running
Price: $799.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
bowflex treadmill 22
  • Adjustable 22-inch HD touchscreen
  • Folding system reduces footprint
  • Built for runners of all levels
Price: $2,699.00 Shop now at Bowflex Shop now Read our review
compact treadmill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great value
  • Five-inch LCD display
  • Easy to fold up
Price: $613.50 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
compact treadmills for small spaces Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal size for home offices
  • Can be used for walking or running
  • Moves easily with transport wheels
Price: $283.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
compact treadmill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Built-in heart rate sensors
  • Offers 16 workout programs
Price: $1,385.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
sole f85 treadmill
  • Powerful 4.0-horsepower motor
  • Built-in LCD screen
  • WiFi connectivity
Price: $1,999.99 Shop now at Sole Fitness Shop now Read our review
compact folding treadmill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Can be stored under the bed
  • Built-in speakers
  • Folds up quickly and easily
Price: $269.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
compact treadmill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Folding arms
  • Easily slides under the bed
  • Built-in transport wheels
Price: $349.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
compact folding treadmill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Transport wheels
  • Multi-function handlebars
Price: $471.25 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
compact folding treadmill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Hydraulic folding system
  • Hangrip sensors
  • LCD display
Price: $309.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
best compact treadmill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Phone and tablet holder
  • Quiet operation
  • Transportation wheels
Price: $359.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: NordicTrack T 6.5 S Folding Treadmill

    • Includes a five-inch backlit display
    • Space-saving design with lift assist
    • Dedicated media storage slot
    • Tablet isn't included
    • Doesn't have a fan
    • Lacks Bluetooth capabilities

    Enjoy live interactive training sessions in the comfort of your home with the NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill. These classes are available through the iFit platform. A 30-day trial membership is included so you can see whether it’s a good fit for you. With its fun and challenging workouts and rock-solid construction, this NordicTrack treadmill takes the top spot on our list.

    Once you’re set up with your iFit membership you can experience live, global and studio workouts in the comfort of your home on the NordicTrack space saver treadmill. Complete your home gym setup with the popular NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle, an interactive spin bike that replicates your favorite cycling studio experience.

    Fitness classes aside, you’re probably wondering whether this compact treadmill will actually fit in your home gym, apartment, or smaller living space. The machine measures 73.5 inches long, 36 inches wide and stands 54 inches high. You’ll also have plenty of room to stretch your legs on the comfortably sized 20 x 55-inch tread belt.

    This compact treadmill is large and stable enough to keep you from feeling claustrophobic as you walk or run. The best part is that it can be handily folded up and pushed against the wall or maneuvered out the way after workouts. An innovative EasyLift Assist program simplifies this process.

    Whether you’re setting out to walk, run, or sprint, the treadmill is equipped with a 2.6-horsepower commercial motor to keep up with your workout demands. You’ll also find incline controls up to 10 percent and speeds up to 10 miles per hour. If you’re following along with an iFit class, the instructor can automatically adjust your settings so that you can stay focused on your workouts.

  2. 2. RUNNER UP: Bowflex Treadmill 22

    Price: $2,699.00
    • Cushioned deck offers softer landings
    • Includes a Bluetooth heart rate monitor
    • Stream content and access a variety of classes with JRNY membership
    • Quite heavy and hard to move
    • Only the deck folds up
    • Bluetooth speakers produce average sound

    The heavy-duty Bowflex Treadmill 22 is more space-saving than compact. It’s easily one of the sturdiest treadmills for serious workouts. However, it folds up to save space when necessary. This treadmill doesn’t fold flat, but it can be stored in home gyms and smaller studios.

    Bowflex sent me a Treadmill 22 for a hands-on review. Here are my thoughts after testing it out.

    It’s immediately apparent that this Bowflex treadmill isn’t nearly small enough to fold up and store under your bed, or even against a wall. Only the running deck folds up for storage. This beastly piece of home exercise equipment weighs 336 pounds when fully assembled, which means you’ll likely need at least one additional person to move it around. Opting for assembly with delivery can save you time and aggravation. The treadmill’s 400-pound weight capacity indicates just how durable it is.

    Once the treadmill is set up and ready to go, your eyes will undoubtedly be drawn to the immersive 22-inch HD touchscreen display. This is actually the same size as the screen on the larger interactive Bowflex VeloCore Bike for home spinning workouts. You can easily adjust the screens on both machines to follow along with your favorite instructors or achieve better viewing angles when streaming content. I found the display to be crisp, clear and responsive.

    This treadmill offers wide speed and incline levels for athletes of all levels. Depending on your goals and how you’re feeling, you can toggle between 0 and 12 miles per hour and experiment with the adjustable motorized incline, which spans from -5 to 20 percent for hill workouts.

    Integrated handrail controls make it easier to adjust your speed and incline settings without reaching up to the console. While these controls were pretty consistent overall, I noticed an occasional slight lag compared to the console-based controls.

    As with most interactive fitness equipment, signing up for the accompanying platform gets you the most bang for your buck. Bowflex offers JRNY, a digital fitness platform with a wide variety of workouts, from scenic routes around the world to numerous trainer-based classes. It works with iOS and Android devices. You can also enjoy adaptive workouts that progress as you become fitter and virtual coaching for extra inspiration. Although you’ll need a membership to access the platform, Bowflex offers a free two-month trial with each Treadmill 22 purchase.

    If you’re a fan of personalized workouts, the JRNY platform is just for you. To get the most out of each workout, you’ll complete an initial assessment to determine your current fitness level. Once this simple test is done, you’ll be able to access various classes that are within your capabilities. You can also hop off the treadmill for some yoga, strength and core workouts. These additional classes are included in your JRNY membership and are accessible via the touchscreen.

    An included Bluetooth heart rate monitor tracks your levels as you exercise and offers pretty accurate readings. This treadmill is also Bluetooth-enabled to accommodate your smart devices.

    Besides on-demand workouts and individualized programs, your JRNY membership includes another distinct advantage. If you’re not in the mood for a trainer-led workout, you can opt for streaming services instead. As long as you have your own account you can binge-watch your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Prime Video. Only one JRNY membership is required per household.

    You can still use the treadmill without a JRNY account. It’s even possible to use a third-party app such as Zwift if you prefer. When you go this route, the console displays basic metrics to keep you in the loop. There’s also plenty of storage space for your phone or tablet if you want to use your own device.

    If you’re looking for a treadmill that doesn’t rely as heavily on the JRNY platform, the BXT8J could be a better fit.

    Although the Treadmill 22 isn’t very light or portable, it’s clearly designed for maximum performance. This is perhaps most evident by its Comfort Tech cushioning, which softens the blow on your joints and provides a highly comfortable running platform. I completed various workouts, including shorter sprint sessions and longer endurance runs, without any issues. In fact, the extra cushioning felt slightly bouncy and somewhat cloud-like. Runners and walkers suffering from knee pain and joint issues may find that this additional cushioning makes this treadmill worth the splurge.

    Another perk of this larger home treadmill is the spacious 22-inch wide and 60-inch-long running path. If you’ve ever felt claustrophobic or squashed on a smaller belt, the Treadmill 22 is a compelling option. To put these numbers into perspective, some of the best compact treadmills on our list have smaller decks that measure closer to 40 inches long and 15 inches wide.

    You’re probably wondering just how much space the Treadmill 22 requires. The machine measures 85 inches long, 39.6 inches wide and 44.5 inches long when it’s unfolded. Folding the running deck reduces the overall length to just 44.5 inches. To ensure a comfortable fit in your living space, Bowflex suggests a minimum ceiling height of the user height plus 21 inches.

    As we previously mentioned, this treadmill weighs well over 300 pounds once it’s fully assembled. The good news is that its SoftDrop technology gently lowers the deck to the ground. Once you’ve initiated the drop, simply step back and allow the treadmill to do the hard work. Not only is SoftDrop technology convenient, it also reduces the treadmill’s footprint by more than 40 percent.

    After using the treadmill for several weeks, I noticed a few areas in need of improvement. For example, the treadmill doesn’t display minutes per mile pace. I also found that the speaker quality was just average, especially when ramping up the speed for sprint intervals. It’s not a super quiet treadmill, which is worth keeping in mind if you live in an apartment or often do your workouts during off-peak hours.

    Overall, it’s very solid and is worth the higher price tag if you’re looking for a serious space-saving treadmill with the latest technology for your workouts.

  3. 3. XTERRA Fitness Folding Treadmill (TR150)

    • Tracks heart rate with hand pulse grips
    • Preset speed settings for quick workouts
    • Spacious deck for walking and running
    • Lacks an audio jack with features
    • Screen isn't backlit
    • Weight limit is 250 pounds

    The XTERRA Fitness TR150 is a solid value, especially if you’re looking for an entry-level treadmill for your apartment or small home gym. This treadmill folds up quickly and easily for your convenience. When it’s unfolded, you can walk or run on the spacious 16 x 50-inch surface.

    A smooth yet powerful 2.25 horsepower motor brings the treadmill from 0.5 up to 10 miles per hour, depending on your fitness goals. You can also play around with the three manual incline settings for a more customized workout.

    As you move, you can glance at the five-inch LCD display to keep tabs on your speed, distance, calories and time. Pulse sensors are built directly into the handgrips to track your heart rate. You won’t find a suite of interactive workouts to follow along with, but there are several preset speed settings for more control over your workouts.

    Consider the higher-end TRX3500 Treadmill if you want a more powerful motor, larger screen and a bigger selection of available programs.

  4. 4. Goplus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill

    • Can attach handlebars for running
    • Bluetooth connectivity for listening to music
    • LED display shows calories, speed, distance and time
    • Some complaints of noticeable belt drag
    • Handlebars need to be removed to fold the treadmill
    • Need to use the accompanying remote to start and control the treadmill

    With its compact size and folding handrails, the Goplus 2-in-1 treadmill is nicely sized for a home office. You can use it to walk or run to stay in shape without paying for an expensive gym membership.

    This compact folding treadmill has a 2.25 horsepower motor and reaches speeds up nearly 2.5 miles per hour for walking and 7.5 miles per hour for running. It’s easy to walk and run on the treadmill’s 40 x 16-inch surface.

    Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your phone so that you can pass the time by listening to your favorite music. An LED display on the front shows your calories, speed, distance and time.

    A multi-layer belt cushions the back, knees, joints and ankles. You can attach the handlebars for running if you prefer.

    The weight capacity is 265 pounds. This compact treadmill folds and can be easily moved via its transport wheels, making it one of our favorite compact treadmills for small spaces and home garage gyms.

  5. 5. Schwinn 810 Treadmill

    • Syncs with Explore The World app for virtual training runs
    • Cushioning system minimizes noise and stress on joints
    • Easy to move and store the treadmill
    • Doesn't have a built-in screen
    • Can't save user settings
    • Unable to stream music via Bluetooth

    Step into the world of virtual training with the Schwinn 810 treadmill. Once you sync the treadmill to the Explore The World app, you can enjoy runs around the globe.

    Whether you’re intrigued by California sunshine or a more rustic location, you’ll find many appealing routes. You can track your workout metrics using your smartphone or tablet as you go, which will give you a better idea of your current fitness level and progress. There’s also an integrated backlit LCD display that’s easy to read. The entire family can enjoy this treadmill, which has 16 workout programs and two user profiles.

    This Schwinn treadmill offers speeds up to 10 miles per hour and a 10 percent motorized incline so that you can conquer your fitness goals. A 20 x 55-inch running belt with a deck cushioning system protects your joints and minimizes noise.

    Another perk is the Soft Drop folding system, which lets you easily move and store the treadmill to save space. Other features include built-in speakers, a USB charging port, water bottle holders and a media storage shelf. If the integrated fan isn’t enough to keep you cool, a floor fan can be a worthwhile investment.

    This compact treadmill supports up to 275 pounds.

  6. 6. Sole F85 Treadmill

    • Quiet running deck minimizes impacts
    • Heavy-duty steel frame construction
    • Designed for all types of runners
    • Very heavy for moving around
    • Can take a while to assemble
    • Doesn't have a touchscreen display

    With its powerful 4.0-horsepower motor, the Sole F85 is a compact folding treadmill for dedicated runners. A speed range from .5 to 12 MPH handles everything from HIIT sessions to endurance workouts. There’s also an incline range from 0 to 15 levels for walking and running. 

    The Sole F85 also stands out for its enormous display. It’s not a touchscreen, but this machine’s 10.1-inch TFT-LCD touch panel +Android system has an intuitive interface. You can easily pass the time with preset apps such as YouTube and Netflix.

    If you prefer to set up your own device, there’s an integrated tablet holder. Bluetooth speakers blast out your favorite music or instructions from your trainer.

    Sole even offers military fitness tests according to standards set by the Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps if you want to test your current fitness level. Want more workout options? Connect to the Sole+ app to expand your home fitness routine.

    If you’re looking for a sturdy treadmill that won’t rock or move around as you exercise, the Sole F85 should be at the top of your list. This compact treadmill weighs over 300 pounds and can easily support heavier runners up to 400 pounds. A similarly sturdy home elliptical machine is also available.

    Its heaviness can also be a drawback, though, as it can be very challenging to move this machine. The good news is that Sole has built this compact folding treadmill with an easy-lift design that leaves the heaviest lifting up to the F85. All you need to do is release the step back and watch as the deck gently unfolds and eventually locks into place when it’s in the proper position. Folding the deck back up is just as simple.

    As you might expect on a treadmill built for runners, you’ll find a spacious 22 x 60-inch running deck that’s equally comfortable for taller users and sprint intervals. The deck is nice and quiet, making this a favorite compact treadmill among apartment dwellers. It’s also designed to reduce impact up to 40 percent, which makes this treadmill particularly splurge-worthy for those with bad knees and achy joints.

    If you don’t need quite as much power, check out the Sole F80 treadmill. You’ll save some money without giving up much with this treadmill, which has a 3.5-horsepower motor and a weight limit of 375 pounds. An easy-assist deck makes storing the treadmill that much easier.

    The Sole F63 treadmill is even more affordable, yet still offers many of the same features. If you’re using the treadmill for less intense walking and running workouts, the 3.0-horsepower motor on this model should be sufficient. The Sole F63 supports up to 325 pounds and also has easy-assist folding technology.

  7. 7. Merax Electric Folding Treadmill

    • High-density lawn belt texture absorbs shock and prevents slipping
    • Has 12 built-in programs
    • Large LCD display tracks distance, time, calories burned and more
    • Doesn't have incline levels
    • Lacks Bluetooth connectivity
    • Slender side rails

    If you want a treadmill that folds flat for convenience, we suggest the Merax Electric Folding Treadmill. It folds quickly and easily to instantly create more space, which is great for apartments and condos.

    Once it’s folded, the treadmill will fit into a small corner and even under the bed. A 1.5 peak horsepower motor generates speeds between 0.5 and 7.5 miles per hour, which is enough for a variety of walking and running workouts. The treadmill also has 12 preset programs and 3 countdown modes to keep you engaged.

    To stay entertained during workouts, simply prop your phone up using the device holder. You can also plug in your phone or insert a USB flash drive to listen to your favorite playlists.

    To keep the belt from feeling slippery, this folding treadmill features a high-density lawn belt texture. It also absorbs shock so your knees and joints won’t ache after a workout. This treadmill supports up to 240 pounds.

    This treadmill doesn’t have incline levels. Check out the Merax Folding Treadmill with Speaker, Incline and Cup Holder for that feature. 

  8. 8. Murtisol 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill

    • Ideal for walking
    • Quiet motor won't disturb others
    • Media holder for phones and tablets
    • Not powerful enough for serious runners
    • Arms need to be manually folded with a wrench
    • LED display is very basic

    If you’re looking for a compact treadmill that slides underneath your bed for storage, the Murtisol 2-in-1 folding treadmill is one of our favorites. You can manually fold the arms down with a wrench to flatten the machine for storage. The arms can stay down if you’re only using the treadmill for walking. Transport wheels make moving the treadmill that much easier.

    With a 2.25-horsepower motor and a top speed of 7.5 miles per hour, this Murtisol treadmill works best for walking and light jogging workouts. The deck measures 40 inches long and 16 inches wide, which is on the narrower side for runners. Whether you’re walking, jogging or running, the five-layer non-slip belt is textured to keep your feet from sliding.

    An integrated LED display shows your speed, time and distance, so you can track your workouts without the distraction of a screen. Prefer to pass the time with music or movies? There’s a dedicated device holder with enough space for a tablet. You can track your fitness by connecting to the accompanying app as well.

    The weight capacity for this compact folding treadmill is 220 pounds.

  9. 9. Sunny Health & Fitness Smart Treadmill (SF-T7515)

    • Digital display shows distance, time, calories, incline and more
    • Integrated device holder makes it easy to follow along with fitness apps
    • Soft drop hydraulic system also ensures the treadmill is safely folded up
    • A bit heavy for moving
    • Some find the handrail positions a bit awkward
    • Bluetooth speaker sound quality isn't the best

    One of the hallmark features of the Sunny Health & Fitness Smart Treadmill (SF-T7515) is its Bluetooth connectivity. You can sync your smartphone or another device using Bluetooth to work out along with your favorite training videos or songs.

    This compact treadmill doesn’t have a screen, but its integrated device holder gives you a convenient space for storing a tablet or phone to follow along with your favorite fitness apps.

    A soft drop hydraulic system also ensures the treadmill is safely folded up after use. Once you’ve folded the treadmill, you can wheel it away for storage using the portable wheels.

    A digital monitor makes it easy to keep tabs on your progress by showing distance, time, speed, calories burned, incline and heart rate. The 12 levels of automatic incline are accessible by simply pushing a button. Whether you feel like walking or running, the peak 2.2 horsepower motor generates the power you need to get through your favorite workouts.

    This treadmill offers a speed range of one to eight miles per hour, along with 12 available programs. Multi-function handlebars allow you to quickly raise the deck and monitor your heart rate. The weight limit is 240 pounds.

  10. 10. SereneLife Smart Electric Folding Treadmill (SLFTRD20)

    • Has 12 preset programs
    • Bluetooth connectivity lets you record and review training data
    • User-friendly touch button controls
    • Narrow platform
    • Not ideal for faster runners
    • Limited one-year warranty

    The SereneLife SLFTRD20 is a practical compact treadmill for small spaces, and can easily be set up and put away in minutes with its handy hydraulic folding system. You can activate the system by simply pushing a lever with your foot.

    Not only does the treadmill feature Bluetooth connectivity, but it also lets you record and review your training data, share fitness information on social media and display your training statistics. There’s also an integrated book and magazine tray along with a cup holder. You can use your iOS, Android or tablet device.

    This compact treadmill has a speed range of 0.6 to 6.0 miles per hour and three levels of incline. An LCD display with touch controls shows your distance, time, speed, heart rate and calories burned as you run.

    Grip sensors on the handlebars keep tabs on your pulse as you exercise. This compact treadmill has 12 preset training modes and supports users up to 265 pounds.

  11. 11. MaxKare Folding Treadmill

    • Soft-drop system for safety
    • Multi-layer tread belt keeps feet from slipping
    • LCD display shows calories, distance, heart rate and more
    • Not much room to store accessories
    • Water bottle is in an awkward location
    • Not powerful enough for faster runners

    Not only does this MaxKare compact treadmill fold up for storage, it even has a soft-drop system for safe handling as you’re raising or lowering the deck. For your safety, the machine automatically locks when you raise the bottom portion.

    While a speed range of 0.5 to 8.5 isn’t quite enough for sprinting or really fast running, it’s plenty for walking and light to moderate jogging. The tread belt spans 47.5 inches long and 16 inches wide and has multiple layers to absorb shock and noise. The noise level won’t go above 60 decibels, even at the highest speed.

    This compact treadmill doesn’t have WiFi connectivity or a large built-in display, but it is nicely equipped for this price point. If you prefer to use your phone or tablet as you exercise, you’ll appreciate the integrated device holder. There’s room to store a bigger smartphone or tablet, although larger devices may block the numbers on the screen.

    You can check essential workout data as you go, such as calories burned, speed, distance, time and more. Integrated handrail sensors make it easy to monitor your heart rate during workouts. You’ll also find handlebar controls for increasing or decreasing the speed, as well as for starting and stopping the treadmill. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out the 15 pre-set programs. 

    On-board storage for your accessories is essentially non-existent, but each treadmill comes with a water bottle holder off to the side. 

    This treadmill has a weight capacity of 220 pounds.


What Is the Best Compact Treadmill on the Market?

If you live in an apartment, the best compact treadmill for you might be the one that folds up to the smallest possible size. Or, maybe you're looking for a compact folding treadmill for your home gym, but you don't have much extra storage space. Having a treadmill that folds up and can be wheeled out of the way when you need more space can transform your home workout routine.

We've done the research and found these models to be the best compact treadmills on the market right now.

There are many advantages to having your own compact treadmill for small spaces, especially if you can't get to the gym on a regular basis. Whether you prefer walking, running, or a mix of both, the best compact treadmills invite you to test your physical and mental limits.

 According to the Mayo Clinic, the average adult should get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity each week. Whether you prefer to walk, run, or a combination of both, you'll want the best compact treadmill for the job. 

We've found the best compact treadmills for everyone, from budget-friendly machines for walking and light jogging to robust ones that can withstand your most intense indoor running sessions. Some compact treadmills come with interactive displays so that you can follow along with your favorite fitness apps and instructors.

What Is the Best Treadmill for an Apartment?

As an apartment dweller, you're probably wary of making too much noise during workouts. Another primary concern is a lack of space, especially if you need to move your exercise equipment out of the way.

The best compact folding treadmills are well suited for apartment dwellers, as they provide a quick and easy way to get in a workout and can generally be folded and moved out of the way when your session is over.

Adding a compact treadmill to your home workout routine can have other advantages as well. One perk, according to Human Kinetics, is that you have the freedom to choose your own exercise equipment, which can lead to more effective workouts. You can also start and stop at any time, and can remain focused throughout your entire session.

Which Is the Best Folding Treadmill for Home Use?

With so many different compact folding treadmills to choose from, your personal preference and budget can help you narrow down the best folding treadmills for home use. 

For example, you might want a higher-end treadmill that's loaded with the latest technology, including an interactive display that allows you to follow along with structured workouts and dedicated trainers. If this sounds like what you're looking for, check out the NordicTrack T 6.5 S folding treadmill.

A more budget-friendly option is the Horizon Fitness Folding Treadmill (T101). This compact treadmill stands out for its lightweight yet durable design, Bluetooth connectivity and powerful, efficient motor that's specifically designed to minimize noise. If you're looking for the best compact treadmill in terms of overall value, this one is a good choice.

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