Falcons Fans Respond to Todd Gurley Hooping in Quarantine

Todd Gurley

Getty Football star Todd Gurley in the Lakers locker room.

All this buzz about Atlanta Falcons’ running back, Todd Gurley and his knee can settle down now. It looks like he and his knee are doing just fine on the basketball court.

Gurley posted a picture of himself playing 1 v. 1 in basketball with his friend YG, who is a famous music artist out in California.

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Game 1 @yg #4hunnidPlayoffs

A post shared by Todd Gurley (@tg4hunnid) on Apr 22, 2020 at 8:51pm PDT

A lot of fans seemed to have been concerned with his knee which he hurt in 2018, resulting in a poor 2019 season.

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What Fans Had to Say

Here’s what some fans had to say in the picture’s comments:

-“That knee better be ready for the season you out here hooping and sh.”

– “Don’t play too hard champ…we need you if there’s a season.”

– “Gotta keep them knees good lol.”

– “I kno yo knees hurtin.”

Plenty of worrying where that came from, but that’s enough knee worrying I can deal with for the day.

Gurley’s Quarantine Workout

Heavy.com caught up with Gurley’s performance coach, Coach J. who gave a rundown on his intense workouts. Luckily, Gurley lives just one exit up from J. so it makes it possible for them to continue getting their workout routine in.

“The big thing is making sure he has a good routine. He has a structured routine that he goes through, Monday through Friday, J. told Heavy.com. He trains twice a day. Each are two-hour blocks. He has a training session in the morning, doing different things that I would call are more rehab—taking care of different modalities, making sure he’s ready to rock n’ roll for the afternoon session. The afternoon session is where I get into more strength performance. And then throughout the week he’ll mix it up and add yoga in there and we’ll go on hikes to get outdoors.”

Since the Mambas Sports Academy is closed, Gurley’s neighbor has been generous enough to let them use his weight room. The room is separated from the house so they don’t actually interact with the neighbor.

Todd Gurley isn’t concerned about his knee and neither is Falcons’ general manager, Thomas Dimitroff.

Gurley’s Physical

Gurley still has to pass his physical before he can play. Also due to the coronavirus, physicals have been pushed back until they’re given the “ok.” In Gurley’s case, his physical will focus primarily on his knee and Dimitroff has no worries.

“We looked closely at it,” Dimitroff said. “We have language in our contracts that are going to protect us and the player. If the player comes in and has an issue that he might not pass a physical, then that’s something that we’ll address then. We’re not looking at it that way [of Gurley possibly failing the physical]. In our mind, we’re thinking about Todd Gurley coming in … he really takes care of his body well and he’ll continue to work on it.

On the contract as far as the confidence level in passing the physical, I feel good about that. Of course, we have to be particular about it. We look at it very closely, and I feel good about that.”

If Gurley is hiking California mountains and playing basketball in quarantine, fans shouldn’t have a reason to worry either.

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