Kevin Durant above Charles Barkley in NBA Mt. Rushmore Says Legend [VIDEO]

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Appearing on this week’s episode of #WORDSWITHSCOOP Presented by Orox Leather, three-time NBA Slam Dunk Champion, Nate Robinson weighed on on the battle of Los Angeles between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers.

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What NBA team could possibly take it once the season resumes?

“Whoo,” said Robinson.

“I mean honestly man; I just think that the Clippers have too much firepower for guys. And they play hard and they play as a team. It’s going to be tough you know, to beat the Clippers –I’m sorry to say that like, watching what they’ve done previously; now they have a healthy PG, healthy Kawhi, they got Pat Bev, they got Lou Will…they got too many killers.”

LeBron and Kawhi will have their hands full if the season resumes this season. Next season, the Brooklyn Nets will have a healthy Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Will there be an adjustment with Irving and Durant next season?

“Nah,” said Nate Robinson.

“Honestly it’s going to be fun to watch. They’re going to fun to watch toghther actually hoopin’. Because Kyrie’s style is just so free, KD is just out there ballin’ and you know, Sniper Gang; you know what it is. He really brings that championship mentality when he’s playing. He’s one of the hardest players to guard, one of the best players in NBA history…you heard what I said, one of the BEST players in NBA history so, it’s going to be fun to see those two together healthy and ballin’ man. I’m excited for next season for sure.”

A two-time NBA Champion and two-time NBA Finals MVP, Durant was the NBA’s regular season MVP as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2014.

Nate Robinson already considers Durant a great. When I asked him where he place him on his Mount Rushmore, he was quite candid.

“Anywhere over Charles Barkley,” he joked. “Anywhere over Sir Charles. And he’s a Hall of Famer.”

On a serious note:
Durant has respect for greats.

In a chat with Durant after receiving the NBA’s MVP in 2014, Durant told me that he credits Michael Jordan for impacting culture.

“His legacy is much more than just what he’s done with championships,” said Durant.

“I hope to be able to drive change like he did both on and off the court and follow in the footsteps he laid out.”

Durant also mentioned potent advice that Naismith Hall of Famer, Karl Malone for advice gave him during the 2014 NBA All Star Weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana. “Someone I looked up to as a kid,” Durant said of Malone.

“He had some great advice for me in how he approached the game every single day. He was one of the most coachable guys and played the game the right way every time he stepped onto the court. He was the ultimate team player and it’s been great getting to know him.”

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