Josh Giddey Trade May Impact Lonzo Ball’s Future With Bulls

Lonzo Ball

Getty Lonzo Ball

The Chicago Bulls made a notable shakeup when they acquired Josh Giddey from the Oklahoma City Thunder for Alex Caruso. The trade may have ramifications outside of Giddey, such as how it could impact Lonzo Ball.

The Athletic’s Darnell Mayberry revealed that Giddey’s acquisition could push Ball out of Chicago.

“Giddey’s acquisition also further clouds the Bulls’ plans for recovering point guard Lonzo Ball, who hasn’t played since January 2022 but is expected to make a comeback next season. It’s impossible to not view Giddey as insurance in case Ball doesn’t return. By bringing in Giddey, the Bulls also might have signaled they’re ready to move on from Ball. A trade or buyout could be likely.”

Both Ball and Giddey are impressive playmakers for their size. Before his knee injury put him out indefinitely, Ball averaged 5.1 assists a game with the Bulls. That was less than he had put up in the past, but that was because he played with other playmakers in Chicago.

Though Giddey’s role decreased with the Thunder, he still averaged 4.8 assists a game. Both players are big enough to play as wings but have shown that they can distribute the ball.

Lonzo Ball Received Meniscus Transplant

Ball has been on the shelf for almost two and a half years now. During his recovery time, he revealed that he received a meniscus transplant from a donor.

“There was no more meniscus left, and bone on bone was rubbing,” Ball said on “The Wae Show.” “The cartilage was gone and the bone was messed up, so I had to get a new meniscus from a donor. I had to get a bone allograft, and I had to get some new cartilage put in as well.”

Ball has not played in some time, but he thinks he will return. However, he said he still needs time to recover from the injury.

“Good enough to play, but it could still get better, I feel like,” Ball said. “Still got a long summer ahead of me, but definitely looking forward to the future.”

Ball added that he believes he’ll be ready for the start of the 2024-25 season.

“I firmly believe that,” Ball said. “That’s the plan that I’m on, and I haven’t had any setbacks. I expect to play the first game.”

The question will be whether or not his next game will be on the Bulls.

Josh Giddey Seen as Lonzo Ball Replacement: Woj

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski initially reported that the Bulls see Giddey as Ball’s replacement following the trade announcement.

“The Bulls have been determined to find a playmaker to replace Lonzo Ball, and Giddey , 21, comes with an All-Star potential that would unlikely be realized with the Thunder because of the playmaking starpower who surrounded him. The Bulls will offer him an opportunity to have the ball in his hands, and so much more freedom (to) pass and score,” Wojnarowski posted on his X account.

This could have several implications. It could imply that the Bulls will waive Ball in due time. It also may imply that Ball will not be ready when the season starts. There appears to be more than enough smoke to show that Ball’s days with the Bulls are limited.