Conor McGregor Takes Aim at Khabib, Diaz, Poirier and Holloway

UFC Star Conor McGregor


UFC superstar Conor McGregor had lots to say over the weekend. The 32-year-old Irishman answered several questions posted by fans via social media, so Heavy collected all of them for you to read here in one place.

During the Q&A session, McGregor chatted about his upcoming rematch against Dustin Poirier as well as future potential rematches against Khabib Nurmagomedov, Nate Diaz and Max Holloway, and so much more.

On McGregor’s Plan for 2021

Perhaps most important to his immediate future, McGregor said he was committed to competing in the UFC’s lightweight division in 2021 and that he wanted to handle some “unfinished business” at 155 pounds before moving on to 170.

McGregor posted, “For sure! I will commit to the 155lb division for 2021 however. Some great matchups to be had here, as well as unfinished business. I will show the world once again who I am, and what I’m about. Trust that! 170 is in my thoughts also however. You know me for doubling up…”.

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On Current State of UFC’s Lightweight Division

When a fan asked McGregor about the state of the lightweight division and its long list of talented fighters, including the Irishman himself, McGregor posted, “Excitement as well as supreme confidence! If they give me the dates I’ll do them all first quarter.”

On Upcoming Rematch  Against Poirier

Another fan asked McGregor how long Poirier will last in their upcoming rematch. McGregor posted, “I will aim to not only improve on the time I beat him in previously, but the shot I slept him with also! Poirier is a hell of a fighter, but I’m McGregor.”

On Undefeated Champ Nurmagomedov

McGregor was also asked for his honest take on Nurmagomedov, who retired after UFC 254 but recent comments from Dana White suggest there is one more fight for the undefeated champ.

McGregor posted, “A phenomenal grappler fighter. The current best in the sport with it.
I’ve the answer however and they know it…”.

On Rival Diaz

A fan pleaded for just one word from McGregor on his former two-time opponent and longtime rival Diaz.

McGregor posted, “Excellent fighter! The trilogy will be of epic proportions when it goes down. Nathan, and his fighting styles, are never far from my thoughts throughout my own practices.
When it happens, I’m ready.”

And when asked who the toughest fighter he has ever faced, McGregor gave the nod to Diaz.

On Most Underrated Fighter on the UFC’s Roster

When asked which current UFC fighter is the most underrated, McGregor posted, “Tony Ferguson. It chops and changes daily however in this hollow forgetful business of recency.”

On Potential Rematch Against Holloway

A fan of the Irishman’s first go with Holloway wondered if the two would ever meet inside the Octagon again. McGregor posted, “For sure I would be interested in running it back with Max.”

On UFC’s Most Exciting Fighter

In classic McGregor style, when a fan asked for the most exciting UFC fighter apart from the Irishman, McGregor posted, “Me in the next division.”

On Anderson Silva’s Last UFC Fight

Saturday featured an emotional scene inside the Octagon after UFC legend Silva lost his match against Uriah Hall. A fan asked McGregor for his thoughts on Silva’s performance and his possible retirement from the sport.

McGregor posted, “Sad to see tonight, but I say keep going! Real fighters never lose that fire so why try to force it out? Simply put time into finding the correct competition and continue on. The right competition is out there, for all levels and ages. Find it and do what you love to do! Forever!”

On Boxing vs. UFC

Being in the unique position of having been both a professional boxer and mma fighter, McGregor was asked what was the biggest difference between the two communities.

McGregor posted, “Can’t quite put my finger on that one to be honest with you. But there is a stark difference. Both amazing in their own respective right! Two incredible worlds to be immersed in!”

On When He’ll Be A Billionaire

When a fan asked the Irishman when he expects to become a billionaire, McGregor posted, “35 years of age.”

On When His Lambo Yacht Arrives

And for those that keep up with the happenings of McGregor’s life outside the Octagon, this fan inquired about the arrival of his “lambo yacht”.

McGregor posted, “We are aiming for the finish of yachting season 2021. Around August, September. With it I will set the Guinness World Record for ‘Fastest time to lap the Country of Ireland by Power Boat’ That is my goal with it. I will do it with my son and my father.”

On His Current Mindset

Another fan asked about the state of McGregor’s mind right now.

McGregor posted, “I am infinite times better again! Sometimes we must go to a place in our lives in order for us to get to a better place! I am in a tremendous space right now and I am excited for competition.”

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On Traveling to India

A fan asked the former champ if he or his whiskey would make their way to India.

McGregor posted, “Thank you Sir. India has seen double digit growth in whiskey sales this past few year, and we are most certainly working on India for our future, yes. And of course I’ll be there! India”.

On Ad Placement During Epic KO

McGregor’s whiskey was featured on a boxing PPV that aired on Showtime Saturday night. A fan wondered how happy McGregor was with the ad placement during the devastating knockout that ended the fight.

McGregor posted, “Ecstatic! I’ve watched the replay a million times! Between the smoothness of the shot itself, to studying all the nuances of it, to the placement of Proper Twelve on the finish, as well as all over the ring, it’s safe to say this mornings Irish coffee was quite delightful!”

On McGregor’s MMA News Site The Mac Life

Another fan wanted to know about the future of the Spurs from “The Mac Life”.

McGregor posted, “I’m not sure on that one, but I will tell you this! Oscar Willis is up there with the greatest in the game of Mixed Martial Arts reporting! Our analytics through Fight Island where glorious! The Mac Life was unmatched compared to all our fellow media outlets. Even the promotion.”

On Ireland’s Handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic

McGregor also shared his opinion on his home country’s handling of the global pandemic.

McGregor posted, “Today’s numbers have shown another nice decline in cases. Down almost half from where we were at the beginning of this lockdown. Promising! We are getting there, and WE WILL get there! You’ll never beat the Irish!”

On This Epic Photo of Jeremy Stephens

A fan sent McGregor a photo taken of the fighter’s mother and fighter Jeremy Stephens, and if Stephens asked for the picture.

McGregor posted, “Hahaha yes he did! An excellent comeback this was, just a tad too late. A solid fighter is Who The F*** is That Guy!”

On This Kid’s Halloween Costume

And in a festive spirit, McGregor got to see what appears to be one of his biggest fans, and maybe one of the youngest. The fan’s uncle asked for a shout-out from the double champ.

McGregor posted, “Looking good Philip, my man! Thank you for the support!”

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