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15 Best Bikes for Boys: Your Ultimate List

Is there a more kid-centric thing than riding a bike? Bikes and kids are a perfect fit. By checking out the best bikes for boys, you’re doing your part to keep an important tradition going, as well as helping to maintain the strength of a crucial helix in the DNA of the kid-bike species. Below, find 15 cool bikes for boys available right now:

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Our List of Bikes for Boys

For this list, we’ve broken it down into five different sizes with two bikes for each size. (If you're interested in a list of bikes for girls, take a look at our 15 Best Bikes for Girls).

We’ve also narrowed it down to bikes that ship free with Amazon Prime membership or offer free shipping. If you’re not a Prime member, check it out here and do be aware that you get a free 30-day trial AND you can cancel anytime.

A word on assembly: most of the bikes require some assembly but, usually, the bike will arrive just about ready to go. (The sellers have it in their best interest to make things as easy as possible for you.) As an option for the two-left-thumbs types, Amazon does offer professional assembly for around $80.

Bikes for Boys: What’s the Right Size Bike?

You’ll want to make sure that you pick the correct size of bike, and talking about the size of a bike for kids means you’re talking about the wheel size. And certain age groups and kid-heights are better fitted for certain wheel sizes. When it comes to getting the correct size for a boy’s road bike or a boy’s mountain bike, the gender thing really isn’t an issue. Whatever the gender of the human, this is a good sizing guideline to follow (thanks SchwinnBikes).

Age: 1-4
Height: 28”-38”
Wheel size: 12”

Age: 3-7
Height: 38”-48”
Wheel size: 16”

Age: 5-9
Height: 42”-52”
Wheel size: 18”

Age: 7-13
Height: 48”-60”
Wheel size: 20”

Age: 10-15
Height: 56”-66”
Wheel size: 24”

Don’t Forget the Helmet

It’s also crucial that any rider wears the proper safety gear and that starts with a bike helmet. There are a wide array of helmets available, so take a look at the helmet options available.

We have more on bicycle basics at the bottom of the list. Now it’s time to take a look at the 15 Best Bikes for Boys 2018… pick a ride… and go!

Bicycle Basics for Beginners

If you’re getting one of the smaller bikes — that is, if you’re buying for a brand new bike rider, here’s a little bit of starting out advice from the Cascade Bicycle Club, the nation’s largest statewide bicycle organization.

1. Check out the gear
Make sure the tires are properly inflated.
Make sure the brakes work and that the user can reach the brakes.
Make sure the chain isn’t too rusted and that it turns freely.

2. Work on balance
Cascade recommends removing the pedals and working on balance. After balancing in place is worked out, begin trying to balance while moving forward. Once that’s mastered….

3. Add in pedaling
If you have taken the pedals off for the balancing effort, it’s time to put them back on.

Start in the “power pedal position,” which has the dominant foot at 2 o’clock (for right-footed) or 10 o’clock (for left-footed).
Straddle the bike — don’t sit down yet.

Look up.

Opposite flat foot on the ground.

Push into the dominant pedal.

Sit down and without looking, find the opposite pedal.

Start pedaling and don’t stop!

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