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13 Best Christmas Train Sets: Your Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best Christmas train set that won’t cost you an arm and leg? We’ve got you covered with our expert, hand-picked guide below, containing the 13 best Christmas train sets for under the tree you need to see.

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As a kid, nothing beats the magic of Christmas morning. Rushing into mom and dad's room then rushing down the stairs to the Christmas tree to wait for the rest of the family to stumble on down. One of my fondest memories of the season from when I was a young lad was watching our Christmas tree train set go around and around the tree while I waited for my parents to make it down the stairs.

We're not quite sure how under the tree Christmas train sets became a thing, but it caught on, and now, millions of families around the world place a locomotive under their fir, pine, or spruce.

But if you're one of those who has yet to adopt the tradition of putting a train under the tree, we've got you covered with our list of the top 10 best Christmas train sets in 2018. The list above features all sorts of under the tree trains in every price range, so take a look.