Giovanni Graziano, Fox Anchor Shepard Smith’s ‘Boyfriend’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

shepard smith boyfriend

A salacious new article that ran on Gawker not only outs Fox’s most enjoyable news anchor, Shepard Smith, it also declares that he is in a relationship with 26-year-old Giovanni “Gio” Graziano.

Here is what you need to know about Shepard’s alleged “boyfriend:”

1. He’s Worked Several Jobs at Fox

giovanni shepard smith


According to his Linkedin page, Graziano has worked numerous jobs at Fox News, starting as a summer intern in 2008, before moving up to become Production Assistant for Shepard Smith.

Gawker reports that Graziano was moved from Shepard Smith’s show to Varney & Co. because it would have been a “conflict of interest” for Smith to date a subordinate.

Graziano is now an Assistant Producer, a position hire than the Production Assistant position he held on Smith’s show.

2. He Studied Journalism at Penn State University

According to social media profiles, Graziano studied broadcast journalism at Penn State University between 2005 and 2008.

Gawker confirms this in their report that Smith and Graziano have been spotted at sports bars watching football games when either Ole Miss (Smith’s alma mater) or Penn State were playing.

3. They’ve Been Seen Around Manhattan Together


There are reports that Shepard Smith and Graziano have been seen together, numerous times, at different hot spots around Manhattan. This was also reported earlier this week by Gawker when the two were seen together at Bathtub Gin.

4. Gawker Has Received Criticism for the Piece

Gawker appears to haven gotten their lead for this story from an article published earlier this week.

On Tuesday, they reported that Shepard Smith yelled at a waitress at popular Manhattan speakeasy Bathtub Gin. The waitress shared that one of the men accompanying Smith that night was his “boyfriend.”

Slate responded to the story wondering why Gawker felt compelled to “kick open the closet door” in the middle of a story about Smith’s barroom tantrum. Their finding, “There’s no other way to do it [outing Smith] without seeming sleazily reactionary.”

They also wonder why, in an era of progress, Gawker seemed compelled to write an entire article that revolves around the gossipy detail that Smith has a boyfriend.

5. Shepard Has Never Spoken Publicly About his Sexuality

shepard smith

Shepard Smith was married between 1987 and 1993 to a college sweetheart. However, since then Shepard’s assumed homosexuality has been a common trope of media gossip. Despite the rumors, Shepard has never spoken publicly about his sexuality.

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