Connecticut High School Football Captain ‘Murdered’ His 27-Year-Old Gay Lover

Tarence Mitchell Bloomfield Connecticut Ronald Taylor Jr. Bloomfield High Football Star Captain Murder Gay Lover.

(Bloomfield Police Department)

The captain of a Connecticut High School’s football team, Tarence “TJ” Mitchell, 18, is charged with the stabbing murder of his 27-year-old former lover, Ronald “Rondale” Taylor Jr., 27, on November 21, reports WFSB-TV.

Court documents allege that Mitchell confessed to stabbing Taylor, also known as “City,” five times, in his torso, at the 27-year-old’s home, including leaving the knife in Taylor’s back, after the teen tried to break off the relationship. The murder weapon is reported to be a steak knife. The Hartford Courant reports that Mitchell armed himself after Taylor arranged a meeting between the two, promising it “wasn’t going to end well.” The police report says that Mitchell chased after Taylor and continued to stab him after the 27-year-old put his hands up in the air. Mitchell reportedly suffered minor cut wounds during the ordeal, Taylor was taken to Saint Francis Hospital in Bloomfield, where he was pronounced dead, reports NBC Connecticut.

Here’s what you need to know about him:

1. The Pair Were Dating For 2 Years

Tarence Mitchell Bloomfield Connecticut Ronald Taylor Jr. Bloomfield High Football Star Captain Murder Gay Lover.


The couple had been together for two years. Mitchell, speaking to police the Bloomfield High School star said that Taylor had given him pot and alcohol. They got into an argument when Mitchell tried to leave Taylor. At one point the 27-year-old posted a picture on Facebook of Mitchell and outed him as “Bloomfield’s Gay Football Player.” The pic was left up for about five hours before being removed. Police were called to Taylor’s home on 24 Hill Farm Road in Stamford, Connecticut at 9:15 p.m. on November 22 after neighbors reported a disturbance:

In The Hartford Courant report, it says that Mitchell met Taylor through the teenager’s older brother. After a few meetings, that involved smoking weed and drinking, Mitchell says he just wanted to be friends with Taylor, but the relationship turned sexual. When Mitchell threatened to leave Taylor, the older man would threaten to out the teen again on Facebook.

2. Mitchell’s Family Don’t Believe He’s a Murderer

Tarence Mitchell Bloomfield Connecticut Ronald Taylor Jr. Bloomfield High Football Star Captain Murder Gay Lover.


At first, the football star told police that the pair had been attacked by two black males. Mitchell’s mother, Tyra Smith, is maintains her son is innocent, she told reporters:

He’s never been in trouble. He’s a star athlete, he’s loved all around town, everybody knows him. This is just so shocking. I send my deepest condolences to the victim’s family but my son is not a murderer.

Gilda Johnson, Tarance Mitchell’s grandmother called the accusations “disheartening,” and “I feel for his family, and I feel for our family.” 16 members of Mitchell’s family were present in court on November 22 during the football captain’s arraignment.

According to The Hartford Courant, around 12 members of Taylor’s family were in court. The 27-year-old’s aunt, Judith Harris, pondered why Mitchell went to the home if he felt so threatened before telling reporters:

My nephew, he loved life. He loved everybody. Two lives are lost. My nephew will never speak again…[Mitchell] will be locked up.

Taylor’s uncle, Lajauana McCoy added: “It’s bad all the way around.”

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3. He’s Back in Court on December 3

Tarence Mitchell Bloomfield Connecticut Ronald Taylor Jr. Bloomfield High Football Star Captain Murder Gay Lover.


Mitchell is being held in jail on a $1 million bond. Judge Joan Alexander initially set the release fee at $500,000 before raising it. The youngster doesn’t suffer from any mental illness, the court heard but “he’s extremely confused and upset” about Taylor’s murder.

Mitchell reportedly confessed to the crime after a detective reviewed the 27-year-old’s initial statement with him. The teenager has no criminal record, reports NBC Connecticut.

4. Mitchell Says Taylor Was Extremely Jealous

Tarence Mitchell Bloomfield Connecticut Ronald Taylor Jr. Bloomfield High Football Star Captain Murder Gay Lover.


Taylor was reported to have been very jealous of Mitchell texting girls. Court documents state that Taylor threatened Mitchell at one point with a sword. The Hartford Courant reports that on the night of Taylor’s murder, the pair were in the 27-year-old’s car when the older man demanded to see Mitchell’s phone. He became outraged at “cheerful” message the football star had sent girls.

5. Mitchell Claims He’s Straight on Facebook

Tarence Mitchell Bloomfield Connecticut Ronald Taylor Jr. Bloomfield High Football Star Captain Murder Gay Lover.


On Mitchell’s Facebook page, in the about section, it says that the 18-year-old is “single” and “interested in women.” His football coach, Ty Outlaw, told The Hartford Courant, that he didn’t know his captain was having a sexual relationship with an older man and added “TJ’s a great kid.”

In a preview for Bloomfield’s football season in 2013, Coach Outlaw told The Hartford Courant, “Mitchell [is a] Division 1-AA (FCS) caliber college player.” During the team’s last game before Taylor’s murder, a victory over Plainville, CBS Sports wrote of Mitchell’s contribution:

TJ lead the receiving core with 4 catches for 61 yards and a td. He was also a big time blocker for Bloomfield’s running game that totaled 280 yards.

The team, with Mitchell rated by The Hartford Courant as one of the team’s top players, were rated as a conference contender.

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  1. I’m watching this now on Fatal Attraction. It seems both of these guys were victims. The deceased was a gay male who possibly did lure younger males. Ronald’s family say that he wouldn’t hurt a fly. But in reality, they really, really don’t know what he’s capable of doing. Gay males are just as much perverts as any other gay male. Regardless of race, age, and what people thinkthey know, there could’ve been another side of Ronald they knew nothing about. I noticed that his family doesn’t mention that Ronald didn’t have a openly gay boyfriend. They don’t even mention anything about him having a known relationshi. That’s a sign that Ronald most likely was attracted to young heterosexual males. IMO, Ronald atteted to “turn them out.”

    • I agree! I’m watching it now and in my mind they had to question the fact you hanging out with young boys no different then a 27 year old man hanging with a 15 year old girl…he didn’t deserve to die but he definitely wasn’t innocent!

    • I no rite Ronald was given. Young boys. Liquor n weed then the boy was 16 that’s. Rape the law says. And person Ronalds age is not supposed. To date kids that age y didn’t they warn tarrance family that he he prayed on young men stay away I hate the man died but what is to b excepted he give liquor. N weed den mess with young men den he was sayin he was gonna. Tell err body he was gay the boy 18 his mind. Not fully developed I mean really were they way out stuff. N the man said it was not gonna. Turn out. Good 16 if that. Was a girl it’s rape it’s. Still rape n he probably. Been. Black mailing. Him saying he was gonna. Tell to get him to keep. Being with him Ronald family. Should. Have let the young. Man family. No this man did this maybe. They. Could. Have stopped. All this but probably. Embarrassed best. To b embarrassed then. Sorry later. I would. Have let them no so my kids would. Not b around. Him it’s. Sooooooo. Sad 😢 tho

  2. Correction: IMO, Ronald attempted to “turn these boys out.” It’s very possible that Tarence was offered 12 years because it known that Ronald did prey on younger males, which doesn’t make him victim. Not all victims are innocent.

  3. I to thought it was strange that Ronald’s family, didn’t mention anything about his sexual preference or if he was a openly gay man or in the closet. Did Tarence step brother know or hear anything about Ronald before introducing them and how old was his step brother? Did the step brother know he was gay but was a cool guy to hangout with at his house? Tarence grandmother didn’t want him hanging around Ronald, maybe his age or some thing else? There were too many unanswered questions and the people who could answer them were not in the show. However; I did read a statement from Ronald’s aunt, stating that if Tarence felt threatened, why go back to the house, he should have called the Police. It sounds like the aunt, knew about Ronald and his actions. Ronald’s family even went to the police, to blame Tarence based on the cell phone text messages. Not at any point, did they mention Ronald’s sexual status or past actions i.e.; hanging out with young guys at his house, a safe place for youngsters after a family argument etc. I just can’t believe that no one in this town, didn’t hear any information or rumors about Ronald aka City.

    • Ronald family is dead ass wrong for taking up for his ass knowing he was a grown man raping young boys. I hate when people take up for a person knowing their actions can harm another person life. Shows the type of morals his family has. None. Because no way in hell I would stand by my child nor family knowing they have raped another human. I pray TJ get out and be in top and live a normal life.

  4. Ronald Taylor was a pedophile. He gained the kids trust, he isolated him at his home, he lowered his inhibitions with drugs and alcohol and then he took advantage of him. Tj was 15 when they meet he was 24. He was also stabbed by a 16yr old prior. I don’t feel sorry for Ronald he was a predator. I feel sorry for Tj he’s the victim. Ronald for what he deserved. Good ridance pedophile.

    • Im watching the episode and it is pissing me off as a mother. I agree with you. I feel as if TJ should NOT have to do time since this grown ass man took advantage of a child. It’s unfortunately TJ is the one still hurting in this case. Justice was not serve at all.

    • No, the sentence should have been free! “you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.” -Tommy Sotomayor. Ronald Taylor played a stupid game. He won a stupid prize.

  5. Ronald was obviously deemed as ” a cool ass nigga” weed and liquor and talking about sports and females is a way to get young cats close to you. It is way more Ronalds around than you may know. People used to think only feminine guys were gay but every since the 2000’s more masculine acting guys are secretly gay or bisexual. Masculine men that participate in sports and the ones in jail are more likely to have homosexual escapades than feminine guys because they always say ” nobody ain’t gone suspect nothing cause you got a girlfriend and I got one” it
    its sickening but it the truth. Ronald probably came at Tj like this because Tj probably hadn’t been sexually active with females and he could tell and Tj being young and feeling like if my older brother introduced me to this guy then it must be ok for me to do this. He gave in and liked it privately but in reality he was looked at as a young masculine popular kid and he didn’t want people to look at him as gay because In everyone’s eyes that’s not normal and it doesn’t go hand in hand with school, athletics or being a young man to say the least. Ronald on the other hand met his fate because he was dumb to the fact that this young man had things going for him he fell in love with a kid that was popular and wasn’t going to be around anymore. Tj was probably on his way to a college out of state and going to meet a young lady or guy and forget all about him. This is what fueled the jealousy and caused his murder. Tj on the other hand had to get rid of Ronald because he was tarnishing his reputation and he probably didn’t expect this guy to get ” so attached” to him. By him being young he probably thought they would mess around then move on to females but this older guy wanted him exclusively. In actuality if this were an older woman going with a popular star athlete she would also become a person of the past because when your in school and your well liked you tend to live your life the way you see your friends doing as far as dating, hangout spots and the way you dress. Positive relations are to the forefront and negative relations are kept secret. Ronald the weed, the liquor and the homosexual activity was like a bad monkey Tj couldn’t shake. All of it was unacceptable for the road he was about to take. Simply put this young man let Satan into his life and it created a double life that was embarrassing and he wanted to correct it and he didn’t know how. He should’ve just prayed about it and God would’ve made it work out. If you have sex with a person and tell them you love them they will hold you to that..

    • You are so correct. Too many people let these awful sort of men, heterosexual or otherwise, into kids’ lives and they become attached. I don’t know why people don’t question who their children deal with more….

      • The 27-year-old old man is to blame. He had no business befriended a child or giving him drugs. I have a son the same age. My heart goes out to tj’s mother and grandmother. As for the mother of rapist i have no symphony for her. I just watched this and it brought me to tears knowing he had started messing with that child at 15. Sad

    • Could not said it better my self this is what lust brings you destruction no strong male roles was in the boy’s life to teach him how to be a man. People get confused by say the boy was gay he was fueled with achohol weed and then somebody stimulating him sexually he made a terrible chocie

  6. I just seen this on Tv One also. This is Eyeopening. If Ronald ment this young man any good he would’ve influenced him in a positive way like helping him find a girlfriend and advising him that he wouldn’t get drafted into the nfl smoking and drinking. He could have took him to the gym or church and influenced his life positively. He would have created a stronger bond that no one could ever break. Instead he filled this kids life with weed, liquor and gay sex he knew this boys family wouldn’t go for that! He was using this kid for his own personal satisfaction. He was trying to get this kid off the right track so he could have him forever and his selfish intentions caused him his life. Too bad so sad for the both of them , the young boy shouldn’t have took his clothes off and had sex with this man. Drugs and alcohol usually make a person more straight? He must’ve been sexually attracted to guys because he was supposed to gotten up and left walking if he couldn’t call somebody. Your conscience really works if your high or drunk. You still have sense enough to know if somebody coming at you the wrong way.

    • Ronald was wrong on so many levels. His family knew what he was up to. Your family always know. What’s sad is that they stood bu and did nothing about it. Yes he was cool to the young guys so he could take advantage and humiliate them. It’s sad he lost his life but you play with fire you get burnt. And now this young man must lift his head up and rebuild his life on a good foot and not let his past hold him back from the success that is waiting for him. God Bless and I pray for your strength when you return to a judgeing society.

    • In the show the first ronald came at him he refused him and left then he came back again whst was up with that?

  7. Some people don’t see what he was going through I think you would of did that if you were him you I believe his mom he was not a killer so that’s that

  8. Just saw the case of the football star who stabbed the 27 yr old who forced him into a same sex act. The 27 yr old got what he deserved, he was a terribly sick person. Just young dude lost a chance of a lifetime being a star athlete in getting s free education or making millions in the pro”s. You can’t force someone into a relationshio!

    • I just watched the episode on youtube on 28/03/16 from London, Uk. I agree with most of the comments i have read on here.

      Tj was first befriended, and manipulated by Ronald who at first must have come across as someone he could run to when life was too stressed, but after a while he really showed his true colors. In life you really do not know people the way you think you do, and some people are could at hiding their ulterior motives just like Ronald.

      Also Ronald’s family are just naive, and they bloody knew how he lived his life or at least had suspicions . Ronald took advantage of a young boy, and should have been chasing people his own age.

  9. At least Ronald is allowed to “rest in peace”, this child will have mental issues for life on earth. He shouldn’t have manipulated a child’s fragile mind, that is what cost him his life.

  10. The sentence in this case was right the boy was been groomed to be a suga baby its sad because he didnt have anyone to turn to while this confused perverted young man was taking his sexual lust out on younger men.if victim’s family would sought out help for him and if tarance had somebody he trusted to help him maybe this story would have turn out differently. Fathless boys broken families Lord help us