Kim Jong-Un Has His ‘Traitor’ Uncle Executed [VIDEO]

The state run media in North Korea are reporting that their glorious leader, Kim Jong-Un, has had his uncle, Jang Song Thaek executed. State TV ran photos of his arrest during a news broadcast (above).

The official party line is:

It’s been reported that Kim Jong-Un had his uncle removed as a consolidation of power. That Jang Sung-Taek was more in favor of economic development rather than military, a view not shared by Kim-Jong Il’s regime. Taek’s title in the political sphere was as his nephew’s “key policy advisor.”

WATCH: Merrill Newman’s ‘Apology’ in North Korea

The North Korean state news agency has released a video of Merrill Newman, the California man being held prisoner in Pyongyang. Watch it here.

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