Matthew Durham: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Matthew Durham Kenya

Durham in Kenya on April 30 2014. (Facebook)

Matthew Durham is a volunteer from an Oklahoma charity who the feds say confessed to raping HIV-positive orphans while on a humanitarian mission to Kenya.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Durham Volunteered for a Christian Charity

According to an FBI press release, Durham was a volunteer at the Upendo Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.

The charity was founded by Eunice Menja, a woman from Durham’s hometown, Edmond, Oklahoma. The group, which describes itself as a Christian charity, lays out its mission as follows on its website:

To provide child-centered programs that prepare all children for a lifetime of learning, while families of those children are empowered to become self independent. The programs provide quality, comprehensive early and late child development programs and family services to meet the basic needs of low income population. One child at a time- while we envision a community with no more child poverty, no more child abuse but every child with each basic need met.

You can read the full criminal complaint below. WARNING: Page seven, section 15 contains vivid descriptions of the sex acts in question.

2. The Feds Say Durham Raped HIV-Positive Orphans

Durham had been a volunteer with Upendo since June 2012. Since then, the feds say he made four trips to Kenya to help out in the orphanage.

Matthew Durham Complaint

On his last trip, between April 30 and June 17, 2014, Durham insisted on staying in the children’s home rather than with a host family, the feds say.

He was housed in an “overflow bunk.” During that period, the feds say he had sex with as many as 10 children, ages 4 to 9, some of whom were were HIV-positive. According to the FBI, in at least one case, Durham had full intercourse.

Matthew Durham Rape

Durham was arrested at his family’s home in Oklahoma and was held without bond after facing a judge on July 18. He faces another preliminary hearing August 1. If convicted, he faces life in prison. He could also face charges in Kenya.

3. Durham’s Lawyer, Who Defended Timothy McVeigh, Says Durham Was the Victim of ‘Psychological Voodoo’

Speaking to The Oklahoman, Durham’s lawyer, Stephen Jones, said his client was the victim of “some sort of pseudo-tribal psychological voodoo practiced on him.”

He said Durham was subject to “false imprisonment” and was delayed from leaving the country. He added, “I don’t think Hollywood could make up what happened at this so-called orphanage.” Jones said he’s investigating the area around where Durham was staying and that “It’s like some cult over there.”

Matthew Durham Photos: The Pictures You Need to See

Matthew Durham, a 19-year-old aid worker from Oklahoma, is accused of raping the orphans he was supposed to be taking care of.

Click here to read more

4. The Charity’s Director Described Durham as a ‘Wonderful Man of God’

Matthew Durham Charity

Matthew Durham and his mother sleeping out to raise money for Upendo in March 2013. (Facebook)

On the now deleted Facebook page of Upendo Kids, Menja described Durham as a “wonderful man of God.” The same user adds:

Matthew your love for these kids is really amazing and every time you go an extra mile for Upendo kiddos, it brings joy into my heart.

According to a profile on the website for Crossings Christian School, Melissa Durham is a fourth grade teacher there, the profile adds:

Mrs. Durham and her youngest son (Matthew) enjoyed an amazing mission trip to Kenya the summer of 2014!

Matthew Durham’s father, Kyle, works for the Oklahoma City Fire Department. Matthew Durham is youngest of three brothers, Joshua is the oldest and Zachary is the middle child.

5. He Spoke Publicly About His Experiences in Kenya

Melissa Durham Facebook Teacher

Durham prior to his high school graduation in May 2013, pictured with his mother, Melissa, and father, Kyle. (Facebook)

In September 2013, Durham was invited to speak at his local rotary club about his aid work in Kenya. The article about the speech has been deleted from the Edmond Rotary Club website.

The rotary club said in the article that they contributed $500 to Upendo’s projects. The club also said that Durham was part of a group 30 adults and teens who went to Kenya. It also stresses how much the kids in Kenya loved to play soccer.

Matthew Durham Photos: The Pictures You Need to See

Matthew Durham, a 19-year-old aid worker from Oklahoma, is accused of raping the orphans he was supposed to be taking care of.

Click here to read more

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  1. I feel bad for everyone negatively affected by his actions; the children, his family, the charity, and his trusting church members. I also feel bad for him for not having the power to overcome this sickness. I hope there is some hope for those poor children.

    • you feel bad for him not being able to overcome his sickness? wtf is wrong with you? fuck this piece of shit. He’s not an alcoholic he’s not a drug addict (he was not under the influence of anything) he’s a sick little fuck who enjoyed raping young orphan children. Talk about taking advantage of the disadvantaged. Fuck this asshole forever. I hope he doesn’t enjoy being raped because he will be repeatedly when he God willing spends a lifetime in jail where he belongs. Ya I agree it’s sad for his family but fuck this lowest of the low piece of shit Child rapist.

      • I wonder where he learned this behavior. I wonder if he was a victim himself, growing up. And what are they talking about, “voodoo cult’?? Like, what?!

      • Nothing lower than a child molester. And child abuse is one of those gifts that keep on giving. More than likely, Durham was abused at sometime during HIS childhood, probably multiple times. And without a doubt, many of his victims will repeat by abusing someone’s child. The most vicious of circles.

      • Agreed!!! Brian – WTF is wrong with you that you’re sympathizing with this piece of shit? This is what his family raised. Fuck him and his family. His mother needs to take her sorry azz back to Africa and pay for any treatment her son’s victims need. Hell, she and her hubby need to financially care for all of his victims. smmfh

        • Seriously?? Blame his parents? I’m sure his parents are going through complete HELL, knowing what their son did. They are not responsible for what their adult son did. Unless, of course, his father molested him, while growing up. But we don’t know that, so WTF is wrong with YOU that you are blaming his parents and more specifically his MOTHER for what HE did??? Guaranteed, his mother did not molest him, while growing up. It’s highly unlikely. sMfh!

      • You know, I thought about it and what I should have said is it is unfortunate he wasn’t able to overcome this sickness, not so much bad for him. My mistake. I also don’t understand why he is allowed to go through US courts for a foreign incident.

  2. Yeah, he’s a sick guy. But, I really doubt this is what will keep this children from becoming brain-surgeons or rocket-scientists. Sheeeeeit….

    • Mike you are just as sick as that molesting monster. I hope someone in authority reads your twisted comments, tracks your IP, and keeps a close eye on you, because you sound like you’re about 2 posts away from raping a kid or 2 yourself.

    • Really Mike? How about all the rapes whites have done to blacks? Hell, a few of our founding fathers are fucking rapists too. STFU and crawl back under your rock.

    • Crazy Mike, go back to the padded room. This guy is a Paedophile. It was also stated he raped HIV positive children and read he has become HaiV positive, although no follow up report to that claim. I feel bad he may have passed HIV to uninfected children. All I can say is too bad he wasn’t in Ebola ravaged Nigeria where his little nightmare could have been stopped forever.

  3. He needs to be first extradited to the country in Africa were the crimes took place. He then needs to be tested for std’s and then it needs to be confirmed if he spread any of the HIV virus to any of the children. How come when white people do shit like this it is considered some sort of illness? People should be outraged by this. His parents have nothing to do with this. He is an adult and so only he should have to pay. I do not like the idea of him still being in the US.

    Flip it around and instead of him being over there, it is a black African missionary here in America raping orphans. We would be pissed off!

  4. This guy is depraved. I am sure he will use the excuse that he was abused before considering they are already coming up with this crazy voodoo defense. Give me a break. He needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Black, white it doesn’t matter the color. This kind of behavior is unacceptable in any society. For some reason I do not believe that he will get the punishment he deserves over here in the states. He should never see the light of day again. I will be following this story for it duration to see how it plays out.

  5. “some sort of pseudo-tribal psychological voodoo practiced on him”, really?? And we’re talking about the lives of innocent children?! Trust the lawyer to play the “Africa, the dark continent card”, it’s probably Africa the country in his mind.

    And of course he’d be delayed from leaving Kenya! He’d raped children for crying out loud! I even wish they’d thrown him in a cell, and told his cellmates the crime he’d committed. So annoyed!

  6. What if I told uou that they held him hostage and would not feed him until he confessed to the crimes he was accused of.

    • You can’t try to say this confession was coerced…he was too graphic! Why can’t he just man up & face what he’s done?!?!

  7. I live in Oklahoma for family obligations and totally hate this place! What you really need to understand is that Oklahoma is the land of inbreed retards. Religion and oil rule everything in what would still be just a prison camp for the original; owners of our country, had we not found oil. There are no redeeming qualities to Oklahoma and no one lives here unless they have ties to oil or religious fanatatics, who are often the same people, everyone else just can’t afford to escape.. Being from Oklahoma, it is no wonder that some back woods, wouldn’t even be a judge had they not been purchased judge, who is an insult to back woods, turns a Christian rapist loose for 10 grand. Welcome to Oklahoma, The 3rd world of the U.S.

    • Actually, I’m surprised they’re thinking about letting him out for 10 grand. Oklahoma is overly tough on criminals. Also, the only people who think OK is a wonderful place to live are the ones who were raised in OK and have never lived anywhere else. They defend their state, vehemently!

  8. Never really innocent until proven guilty it seems. At least not in the court of public opinion. Not saying this guy didn’t do it, but people confess all the time to things they didn’t do. Look at the Memphis three! I just hope he didn’t do it. Because if so, a 19 year old predator with that level of depravity Is a scary thing!

  9. This is an obvious case. Church goers are usually very repressed people who hold off on carnal desires until marriage. He was repressed and saw easy targets in children who couldn’t reject/fight back. Open and shut case. Rot in jail you little fucker.

  10. It is not strange because you are your own thoughts.remember the law of attraction and styop blaming voodoo.he thought of taking advantage of children who expected him to care of them as orphans. It is shamefully and with the roof thing from us it is not a shocker to us in Kenya.America.

  11. It’s very sick. And people will try to give many excuses as to why he did it but there is no excuse. He is sick. But that doesn’t mean he has mental issues. He made the choice to have sex with a child. Nobody convinced him or did voodoo on him. He just likes sex with kids. He is a pervert. I blame the organization for not being more in control of there volunteers and there was red flags. But everyone was stuck on the how cute he’s helping. He should never of been allowed to stay in with the kids unless there were a group staying in the same area. One to always cover girls and boys. Neither was ever to be left alone with a child.