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    Cameron Hooker remains imprisoned today in the kidnap and repeated sexual assault of Colleen Stan, while his wife, Janice Hooker, is a free woman after she testified against her husband.

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    Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn were the victims in a kidnapping case that was so strange Vallejo Police deemed it unbelievable and compared it to the book and movie, "Gone Girl." Today, their tragedy has reached a happy ending. They are now married with a daughter in 2021.

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    Angel's Landing Commune was an innocuous plot of land in a rural area near Wichita, Kansas where a now-convicted rapist and murderer, Daniel Perez, also known as Lou Castro, held power over a cult.

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    Anita Louise Piteau was just 26 years old when someone beat, raped and slashed her throat in 1968; she has been ID'd using genetic genealogy.