WATCH: Asthmatic Dad Dies After NYPD Headlock

On Thursday, Eric Garner, a Staten Island father of six, was killed as at least five New York Police Department officers attempted to arrest him. The asthmatic 400-pound man died of cardiac arrest after being put in a strong chokehold. In the video above of the incident, you can hear Garner saying repeatedly “I can’t breathe.”

Police say they saw Garner selling untaxed cigarettes, a crime he reportedly had history of committing, when they attempted to arrest him.

However, in the news report below, a number of witnesses say Garner was on the scene breaking up a fight when police singled him out. His family also said he did not have any cigarettes on him at the time of the attempted arrest.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday tweeted his condolences to the family of Garner. The NYPD has launched an investigation of the incident.

WATCH: Cop Caught on Tape Beating Great-Grandmother’s Face

A California Highway Patrol officer was filmed beating a great-grandmother on the side of the road. Watch the raw now-viral video here.

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  1. Police seriously need to learn some proper training with how to handle people. There was no need to go for that choke hold. I am an experienced MMA fighter. it is from fear that they automatically go to moves like that. Please get the proper training. If you are a police officer do it outside of your work time for your own good so you don’t have the death of a man on your conscious. I have witnessed first hand in Australia a death from excessive force & use of a choke hold by police officers. It makes me sick.

  2. He died of cardiac arrest not of choking. If you can’t breath you can’t talk. Unfortunate but not the officers fault he had a heart attack. I don’t know the whole story but I didn’t see a reason to take action on him like that. He didn’t resist arrest. They never told him he was being placed under arrest.

    • Go find, and watch the entire cell phone video. The one they show here is obviously biased against the police. In the full video, the man struggles when the cop grabs his arm. That is resisting arrest. If a police officer takes hold of you, you submit, end of story. If you are falsely detained, you can sort it out later, in court. It is not going to help your case if it is proven that you resisted arrest.

  3. I feel sorry for this man, and his family, but what people need to remember is that if a police officer takes hold of you, you surrender. Guilty or not, you surrender. To do otherwise is only going to get you in more trouble. And to anyone who is claiming excessive force, imagine you are a cop, and a man twice as big as you starts to struggle. Personally, I would immediately do whatever I felt was necessary to subdue him.

    • Rod I doubt you would be saying any of that if it was your loved one. In the full video they did not say he would be placed under arrest so they should not have put any hands on him. Furthermore, even when they did he showed no real signs of resisting he was 400 pounds he could of flattened them, he made no attempt to, so to have 5 men jump on him is more than excessive.

      • Nowhere in the full video was I able to hear anything said by any of the police officers. It also appeared to me that he was, in fact, struggling, even after he was on the ground. Plus, just because someone is big does not automatically mean they are strong. I read, earlier, that the NYPD are not allowed to use the choke hold, so for that reason I will say that they were wrong, but I still believe that if he had simply submitted there would have been so reason for the police to over react.
        Also, a lot of people tend to dismiss anyone who posts anonymously.

  4. Fck the police if you notice all of their asses are “White” let it would’ve have been someone of “Their” color this shit right here would not have even happen especially if their over weight and saying they can’t breathe ! These ho axx crackers killed this black ! This man has 6 damn kids ! And clearly u can hear this man gasping for fucking air!! Are u serious ???????? This is the world we live in! But god will have the final say so and justice will be served for him and hiss family! Rip Brother and god bless his family! He clearly said don’t touch me! Fight? Where

  5. Breaking up a fight is still fighting, Even if that unsubstantiated claim is true, it’s funny there is no video of that at all! But this video clearly shows a 400 pound man WAS resisting arrest after swinging his arms around and being loudly argumentative with a police officer. You don’t EVER tell an officer arresting you to “not touch” you. When you are told to place your hands behind your back, you do it!!. You will then be informed of your arrest and Mirandized. It’s that simple folks, and I don’t think there is a mother on earth that doesn’t teach their kids that, is there? Only an idiot or an animal disregards that basic rule of life. Don’t worry though little gangstas. This artery-clogged doofus just earned his children a multi-million dollar settlement on the backs of us law abiding taxpayers. Maybe his kids will use that money to get the education he never had, or at least learn that only a loser can’t avoid trouble.

    • Chris u can shut tf up with ya weak ass u wasn’t there and u don’t know wtf happen ! Taxes ya ass prolly living in a trailer driving a Buick ! You don’t shit ! You don’t even know where your tax dollars are going to ! The U.S owe so many people billions of dollars! So you get your self an education and learn where the fuck your money is really going too instead of thinking you know! As of right now there is more WHITE PEOPLE ON WELFARE THAN ANY OTHER RACE IN THE UNITED STATES! I bet ya dumb ass didn’t know that SIR? Yeah you need to update your BRAIN !!!!!!!!!!

        • Wow, Black KKK! Your use of the English language is astounding! It’s astounding you can even form coherent sentences. You never took debate in school, did you? It’s apparent as your only means of doing so consists of racial epitaphs and expletives. You definitively speak as an uneducated person. “Yeah you need to update your BRAIN!!!!” Clearly, you are of the ‘down-with-whitey’ crowd which bespeaks an deeply ingrained and illogical hatred taught to you by your parents. Or perhaps you are one of the confused masses whom believes everything should be given him. You might find that life is much simpler and, immensely more enjoyable when you try to live life filled with something positive. Your hate-speech in no way contributes anything but, more hatred to society. It is your type that tries to keep alive the animosity of racial bigotry so that you may profit off of the misery of your fellow man. And, if you took the time to stop to attempt to form a coherent sentence, while doing so you just might find yourself having an epiphany. Namely, that thinking things through in a logical and peaceful manner clearly illuminates the true path to joy and peace.