When You See It photos are normal photos that hide a “Magic Eye” like picture that isn’t always seen at first glance. Just like how drunk drivers think they can see cops first.

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ferguson lawsuit, protesters sue cops in ferguson, ferguson civil rights

A group of protesters filed a $40 million lawsuit alleging civil rights violations by militarized police during the Ferguson, Missouri, protests.

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kootra, swat team, police

A new internet phenomenon called “swatting” got a twitch.tv live streamer named Kootra raided by a SWAT team. He got the entire home invasion on camera.

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bryce dion, cops crew member killed, omaha police

Bryce Dion, an crew member on the show “Cops,” was killed by a police bullet during filming of the show in Omaha.

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police officer, nice policeman

A police officer came across a Redditor’s extremely intoxicated friend, and instead of arresting him gives him a ride home and texts him to make sure he’s okay.

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A gallery of police invading celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges to remind drivers that this Labor Day, they’ll see you before you see them.

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kajieme powell shooting

Two cops shot Kajieme Powell multiple times, killing him. The shooting took place less than 4 miles from where Michael Brown was killed.

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A gallery of police invading celebrity photobomb photos & selfies to remind drivers that this Labor Day, they’ll see you before you see them.

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darren wilson photo, cop who shot michael brown

Darren Wilson, the cop who shot and killed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, says he was being attacked by the 300-pound teen. His friend went on the radio to air his side of the story.

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ferguson photos, tear gas

The latest disturbing images of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, where irate crowds are protesting the shooting death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown.

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michael brown autopsy, michael brown shot six times

A private autopsy shows the unarmed teen was shot at least six times, twice in the head.

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Tom Jackson Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson is the Missouri State Highway Patrol captain being credited with restoring the peace in Ferguson, Missouri.

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