A 14-year-old Pennsylvania boy is accused of fatally shooting his grandmother so he didn’t have to go to a meeting at school, police say.

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A wild shootout between two men at an Atlanta, Georgia, gas station was caught on surveillance video. Watch the full video of the shooting here.

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Indianapolis police officer Christopher Mills shot an armed homeowner, Carl Williams, after he called 911 to report his wife was robbed.

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Police are investigating whether a man in Virginia was inspired by ISIS to randomly stab a man and woman in Roanoke, Virginia.

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David Becker, an 18-year-old Massachusetts high school athlete, was given probation for sexually assaulting two unconscious classmates at a party.

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A 21-year-old Arizona man is accused of killing his roommate after tweeting he needed to move out before “I viciously murder my roommates.”

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Daniel Kevin Harris, an unarmed hearing impaired man, was shot and killed by a Charlotte, North Carolina state trooper, reports say.

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A news site has obtained video of officers laughing as Vachel Howard was dying in LAPD custody.

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The Milwaukee Police officer who fatally shot Sylville Smith has been identified as a former classmate of Smith and is an amateur rapper.

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Irvin Noak, a retired NYPD detective, shot his two adult sons, Irvin and Aaron, before killing himself, police say.

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A 30-year-old mother is accused of drowning her two children, ages 7 and 5, and then burying them underneath a neighbor’s home in Houston, Texas, police say.

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Royheem Deeds, accused in the murder of Eastman, Georgia police officer Tim Smith, was arrested while hiding in the trunk of a car in Florida, reports say.

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Watch livestream local news reports of the riots and unrest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin after the fatal shooting of Sylville Smith.

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Police responded to reports of shots fired at JFK Airport in New York on Sunday, but they say no shots were actually fired.

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A 23-year-old black man was killed by police in Milwaukee, leading to riots in the Wisconsin city Saturday night.

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Officer Lee Coel is accused by eyewitnesses of shooting Mary Knowlton during a citizen academy role play. He was involved in a videotaped dog mauling incident.

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