A naked 66-year-old woman wielding a bat was shot and killed by a New York police sergeant in her apartment.

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David Michael Ansberry, 64, tried to detonate a bomb outside a police station in Nederland, Colorado, federal authorities say.

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A woman who used the n-word at least 12 times during a racist attack on a Chicago couple has been charged with a hate crime.

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Kirk Figueroa, a sworn city constable and co-founder of a security firm, Elite Policing, is accused of using an assault rifle to shoot and critically injure two Boston police officers before being killed by other officers.

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Five high school students — Eli Brookens, Mary Harris, Janie Cozzi, Liam Hale and Cyrus Zschau — were killed by a wrong-way driver in Williston, Vermont.

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A 36-year-old man is suspected in a wrong-way crash that killed five teens on Interstate 89 in Williston, Vermont. He stole a cop car after the crash, police say.

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John Felix is accused of shooting three police officers in Palm Springs, California. Officers Lesley Zerebny and Jose Gilbert Vega were murdered in the attack.

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Three Palm Springs, California police officers were shot and two – Lesley Zerebny and Jose Gilbert Vega – were killed. The suspect remains at large.

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Ben & Jerry’s released a statement in support of Black Lives Matter. Twitter had fun with #BenAndJerrysNewFlavor. Check out the best here.

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Steve Owen, the Los Angeles County sheriff’s sergeant who was shot and killed on October 5, had recently won his department’s Medal of Valor.

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Police have responded to creepy clown threats and sightings in different ways. Here are the funniest police clown quotes and responses.

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Charlotte Police have released new body camera footage from the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. Watch the the full and uncensored video here.

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Reginald Thomas died in a struggle with police Friday night in Pasadena, California, sparking protests.

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Sacramento police attempted to run over a mentally ill homeless man, Joseph Mann, before shooting and killing him, reports say.

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Body camera video from the fatal shooting of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis by Louisiana officers Norris Greenhouse and Derrick Stafford has been released. Watch the full video here.

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Charlotte Police have released audio of 911 calls and officers’ radio traffic from the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. You can listen to the full recordings here.

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