Track Palin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Track Palin Facebook page

Track Palin pictured in 2008. (Getty)

Just hours before his mother officially endorsed Donald Trump for president, Sarah Palin’s oldest son was arrested and accused of a drunken assault in Alaska. The incident occurred in the city of Wasilla where Track Palin, 26, was charged with assault, interfering with a report of domestic violence and possession of a weapon while intoxicated on January 18. He made his first appearance in court on January 19. In a statement to the New York Daily News, Wasilla police said, “An investigation revealed Track Palin had committed a domestic assault on a female, interfered with her ability to report a crime of domestic violence, and possessed a firearm while intoxicated. Palin was held without bail until arraignment.”

The New York Times later reported that both Track and his girlfriend called 911 after the two had been out partying. When officers arrived at the home, Track was belligerent and had to be handcuffed. His girlfriend was found under her bed with injuries to her eye. She told cops that Track had hit her. She added that Track then cocked a gun and put it against his head saying, “Do you think I won’t do it?”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. His Mother Blamed Track’s Arrest on President Obama

Track Palin Iraq

Sarah Palin speaks during the deployment ceremony for the US Army’s 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, on September 11, 2008. Palin’s son, Pvt. 1st Class Track Palin, was a member of the 4,000-soldier brigade, which went to Iraq for a 12-month deployment. (Getty)

In a speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sarah Palin told a crowd that she would address the “elephant in the room,” reports Politico. Governor Palin blamed her son’s action on PTSD and said that President Obama had neglected veterans.

Track Palin was an Army reservist who performed a tour of duty in Iraq in 2008. A U.S. News report about his time on the frontline detailed that he was to provide “air guard,” providing protection for a Stryker vehicle. His commanding officer, Col. Burt Thompson, told U.S. News, “He’s a good kid and a good soldier and he’d like to remain anonymous.” Thompson was the commander of the Alaska-based 25th Infantry Division’s 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, known as the “Arctic Wolves.” During the 2008 presidential election, an ABC News report accused Palin of “politicizing” her son’s military service.

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2. He Was the Most Injured Palin During Their 2014 Drunken Brawl

In October 2014, the Palin family were involved in an infamous drunken brawl at one of their friend’s homes. The brawl included, according to CNN, Track Palin trying to start a fight with his father, Todd. The network’s report, citing official documents, said that Track was “shirtless,” “heavily intoxicated” and “belligerent at first.” The fight happened at a party thrown at the home of Palin friend Korey Klingenmeyer. Track told officers that the fight broke out when some of the party guests began “talking rudely” about some of the Palin sisters. The eldest Palin left the fight with the worst damage: a bloody mouth, black eye and an elbow injury.

3. When He Divorced His Wife, Track Got the Guns, She Got Their Baby

TMZ reported in December 2012 that Track and his ex-wife, Britta, were filing for divorce, having been married the year previous. The couple have a daughter, Kyla, who was 1 year old at the time of the split. The gossip site notes that the divorce appeared amicable as the two filed together for the separation. They were, however, subjected to watching a documentary on how a failed marriage can affect the life of a child. A later report from TMZ showed that Track had kept a majority of the couple’s possessions and wealth, including guns, while Britta got physical custody of Kyla.

4. He Was Widely Rumored to Have Cut the Brake Lines of a School Bus When He Was 16

In 2005, Track was accused along with three other teenagers of cutting the brake line of a school bus in Wasilla. The incident was reported on a local news broadcast in Anchorage (video is above). The Frontiersman newspaper reported at the time that four teenagers had stolen a bottle of vodka from a liquor store and gone on a vandalism spree. Political conspiracy theorists reckoned that Track avoided jail time by enlisting in the U.S. Army. Col. Thompson downplayed that rumor in the U.S. News report from October 2008, calling it “balderdash.”

During Palin’s run for vice president in 2008, the National Enquirer reported that Track had been suffering from an addiction to Oxycontin.

5. Despite Her Son’s Arrest, Sarah Palin Appeared With Donald Trump at an Iowa Rally on January 19

On January 19, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin ended months of speculation by announcing that she was endorsing Donald Trump for president. In a simple statement, Palin said, “I’m proud to endorse Donald J. Trump for president.” In response, Trump said, “I am greatly honored to receive Sarah’s endorsement. She is a friend, and a high-quality person whom I have great respect for. I am proud to have her support.” One commenter, Ralph Reed, of the Faith and Freedom coalition, told the New York Times:

Palin’s brand among evangelicals is as gold as the faucets in Trump tower. Endorsements alone don’t guarantee victory, but Palin’s embrace of Trump may turn the fight over the evangelical vote into a war for the soul of the party.

Later on January 19, Palin appeared with Trump at a rally in Iowa.

Despite his mother’s traditional conservative views, Sarah Palin was pregnant with Track when she married Todd Palin in August 1988, according to a report from Fox News liberal pundit Alan Colmes.

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  1. Trump has just derailed his presidential run….why would a Wharton MBA graduate and billionaire want to hang out with a white trash family from Alaska? Palin, no matter what you think of her politics, is radioactive! Whoever touches her, dies! Just ask McCain and Romney.

    • I am a life- long, 6th generation Alaskan and I will speak on behalf of many Alaskans when I saw, we are embarrassed of Sarah Palin and her family. She lost supporters up here during the McCain/Palin race. We absolutely hate the fact that she has been ‘representing’ Alaskans… Most people up here are NOTHING like her and again, feel extremely embarrassed and ashamed of Sarah Palin… I can’t wait until something more positive is associated with Alaska! Like our gorgeous views, wildlife and people.

      • It sounds like the Gov.of Maine . He has also embarrassed the citizens of Maine. The only thing that he seems to do is spew filth and garbage out of his filthy mouth. He’s disgraceful.Like you, most Mainers love their beautiful state and he certainly does not represent what kind of people live here. Most of our Mainers feel that pain and shame every time we see his face on world wide media. Just keeping our fingers crossed that the next time we hear him speak, ignorance doesn’t come out of his mouth. He has hurt the people of Maine in more ways than one. I live in Northern Maine(which by the way he thinks we aren’t even part of this state by calling us names.) and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only Mainer that feels this way. Sarah Palin and Trum must be related to him somehow.I feel your pain and disgust .

  2. Just to get it straight, I am voting for Donald Trump and ONLY for Trump? NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE THAT, AS AN INDEPENDENT VOTER? 7 YEARS AGO I VOTED FOR OBAMA, AND HAD NO IDEA I WAS VOTING FOR A LIBERAL WHO HAS DRIVEN AMERICA INTO THE GROUND, If Trump happens to go down through some kind of cheating by non citizens voting in the elections, or in the New Hampshire primaries of illegal aliens bussed into the Iowa caucuses by Liberal zealots or anything out of sync their will be a civic unrest the likes never seen before?

    Attention should be drawn to the fact non-citizens do vote, although its illegal and they will act to keep the Democrats in, so they can collect food stamps and a host of other benefits.

    Only Trump will build the wall and enforce immigration laws. Trump will initiate MANDATORY E-VERIFY for all businesses and nobody will escape from the immigration net, including the companies who have got away from hiring illegal aliens for decades, excluding citizens and lawful immigrants? Trump commenced his war on the incursion of foreigners who steal low income Americans jobs.
    The subject of illegal immigration enforcement in America is a matter of unsurpassed importance to each and every local, state and federal taxpayer and, whereas, it’s a fact that illegal immigration touches our lives in many ways: And without a doubt, a portion of the true costs of illegal immigration is in the local, state, and federal taxes we pay?


    Sarah Palin, ex-governor of Alaska endorsed Donald Trump today with a very uplifting speech for his supporters. More endorsements as Palin will further unite many Independents and a silent minority to stand with a man who speaks out about the deep corruption in Washington and a promise to change it.

    The majority of Americans agree that the reason we have illegal immigration is that past federal, state and local enforcement efforts have been “abhorrently insufficient.” and Obama has paved the way for a steady stream of illegal families, and once that family is planted on American soil the unborn child becomes under a fabricated law a US citizen. Thus the parent can collect thousands of dollars in welfare programs, and with the parent illegal working and child benefits they accruing quite a bit of money For instance in California two or three ‘Anchor Babies” can bring in several thousand dollars in payments and benefits.
    A very modest estimate of the total net cost to American taxpayers each year is $113 BILLION.
    All those billions of dollars should be spent on our Vets and Senior Citizens. Why for instance is our elderly held hostage for their minute (COLA)
    The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to an election-year review of King Barack Obama’s executive order to allow up to 5 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally to “come out of the shadows” and work legally in the United States.
    The case will be argued in April and decided by late June, about a month before both parties’ gather for their nominating conventions.
    The immigrants who would benefit from the administration’s plan are mainly the parents of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents.
    Texas is leading 26 mainly Republican-dominated states in challenging the Democratic administration’s immigration plan.
    This is why we need a strong contender for the White House, as Trump. The others in the Republican will be bought and paid for by the wealthy to keep their CHEAP LABOR of the consortium of big business, which are paid a lower wage, no benefits, and no workers comp.

    Although any or all of King Obamas illegal executive orders can be revoked by the next president on his first day, can this measure as part of the Imperial administration filed with the Supreme Court to exempt 5 million illegal aliens from deportation, seeing it’s not gone before Congress? Can this preferential executive order if approved by SCOTUS, be overturned by Trump, as he is the only tough Oval Office Recipient to end this invasion?

    President Trump will resolve all these issues.

    1. Illegal immigration: Trump said it is one of the most important things to be resolved.
    2. ISIS: He said it reflects the greatest Trojan horse ever, and must be stopped.
    3. Second amendment: “It is very good and will be totally protected if I’m elected.”
    4. Super PACS: He said these groups are running politicians and must be gotten rid of to get a clear vision of what’s really going on in America.
    5 Common core: “It’s very bad, and children should be educated locally.”
    6. Military: “It is the least prepared it’s been in generations. We will build it up again so no one wants to mess with us. We are protecting countries so rich, but they are paying us peanuts.”
    7. Border Issues: He said he would build that controversial wall.
    9. Corporate Welfare: Trump will renegotiate all the foreign countries fleecing America, and take back our jobs and businesses that have gone overseas and will be given the opportunity to apply honest TRADE and not play America for a bunch of incompetents. Trillions of dollars will return to our country and foreign countries and corporate and industrial entities will be paying taxes to import their goods to our consumer nation.
    10. Health care: He said he would repeal “Obamacare.” The Affordable Care Act.
    11. U.S. Veterans: “They must be taken care of. In many cases, they are treated worse than illegal immigrants.”
    12. Senior Citizens: Older citizens who are retired should be treated with respect and enough money to live a comfortable life. They have earned that right.

    / http;//judicialwatch.orgJudicial Watch is one of the ONLY sites run by non-profit attorneys, who use the full force of FOIA Freedom of Information Act to reveal the corruption, greed and influence that wrecks our democracy. Read about the fraudulent escapades of the three levels of government in criminal acts exposed within Washington and Congress and Liberal assembly in Sacramento, California and other states. You can even vote to stop the illegal immigration invasion caused by Obama and the GOP hierarchy.

    • Donald is first and foremost a businessman. Dream on if you believe he will sabotage his dependence on cheap illegals for laborers in his businesses. Ditto tax law changes. The only changes will be to his benefit, not to the average taxpayer. Trump is a master at writing fantasy.

      • I don’t know. He would turn the White House into a glitzy high cost luxury hotel. Rent it out, pocketing the money of course. He would never live there though as it is beneath him (no gold faucets? you think Trump should slum it?)

        I expect he would have America default on its’ debt and have someone else pay for it too.

      • anonymous: your are so right..just as he has said during the GOP debate, he will impose tariffs for the outsiders that want to come into the the US with their goods @ 45%..and force the US companies that have their businesses abroad, to bring them back..but he hasn’t brought his or his wife’s company back…and will he pay that tarrif for his business, or his wife’s..???

    • Build a wall…why not with Canada too? Have you see how many Canadians have dual citizenship and live in the USA ? Nope you need to take your medication and stop pretending that you have a master who will solve your problems. Bush started this whole Middle Eastern crap by the shock and awe bombing of Iraq…The bottle was opened and the Genie let out and now we try to put the lid back on…You simple minded yokels have to open your eyes and make this announcement…We will stop ALL immigration from ALL countries…Japan, Spain,England Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Bolivia, Argentina, Russia, Mongolia, China…and the rest of the 157 countries. Have you looked at the Universities in America ? Full of foreign students that still whine because their “Quota ” of students are not sufficient…Stop ALL IMMIGRATION from ALL COUNTRIES ! And no more buy you ass in or work visas…..yep stop everyone PERIOD !!! >>

      • You are right George, Bush did start all this Meddle East crap but, it really started with the USA’s alliance with Saddam Hussein. We were allies when Iran invaded Kuwait with Saddam. When we stopped the invasion, April Glaspie, Ambassador to Iraq and George H Bush met with Saddam and Saddam told both of them that he wanted a piece of the Kuwait pie. George H told Saddam that the US would not interfere with an “arab vs arab” conflict. (uh but we already did) Anyway, Saddam took this as the go ahead AND George would not have done anything but all of our other allies were extremely pissed and next thing you know – Desert Storm….there you have it :)

      • Are you serious? Too bad the Native Americans weren’t in a position to do this, or you wouldn’t be here. Most of the crimes committed are by US citizens.

    • That tirade is just too much. You appear to be a first class loser. Your mental state indicates unbridled anger and unresolved mental issues. Please lock up your guns. Please reconsider the shooting spree you’re contemplating. Get help at once. There are provisions in the ACA to help people with like problems. You are seriously off balance and on the edge.

    • You might want to check out “The Donald’s” biggest, most profitable deal (for him), and biggest disaster (for his investors), in his entire business career. After filing for bankruptcy in 92 and 94, in 1995 he took Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts (DJTCQ) public. During 1995 while he as Chairman of the Board and self described “final decision maker” his investors lost over 90% of their investment. However, during the same time, Trumps claimed net worth went from $2Billion to $4Billion. A big past of that was when Donald J. Trump the CEO and Chairman of DJTCQ and made the decision to buy several Atlantic City hotel and casino properties from Donald J. Trump the developer for over $850 million in addition DJTCQ CEO assumed about $650 million of Donald J Trump the developers debt.

      • …ACTUALLY, the golden toilet is a musician’s Tuba (forgotten at the last party)…dummbo the strumpet doesn’t know the difference and no one has bothered to tell him….

    • Dear Mr. Absolutely going to vote for Trump…here’s a little clue .. A man who strains and grunts on a golden toilet… not your friend. He is not a “man of the people”, or a “populist”. He will not give you a golden potty…get it? got it ? good!

    • I am also a Independent …. and there is no way on gods green earth I will vote for Trump. His “wall on the Mexican border” is a joke. We already have a 15′ wall from San Diego to El Paso, right at 1/3 of our border with Mexico where the most crossings are and it has not deterred them one iota. they go under, over, and through a concrete wall that cost hundred of millions to build (during the Bush administration). He is delusional if he thinks he will get Mexico to pay for it … why the hell Do you think they are coming here in the first place? Trump is a egomaniac that will definitely be around the soldiers …… the thousands he will be watching come home in body bags. As a veteran, I have seen his kind a hundred times in vietnam. He don’t give a shit about soldiers … just his ego. HE IS UNELECTABLE.

    • Wow.
      You voted for Obama but were unaware he was a liberal?…..Amazing!
      That alone speaks volumes about your cognitive abilities.
      I love your skillful use of the English language as well “the only tough recipient of the Oval Office”. Please don’t have any children.

      It probably explains why you find

    • Do you really believe all that nonsense that Trump puts out? Has Trump explained to you just how he is going to accomplish all these things? If he has it must just be between you and Trump. I personally have not heard Trump explain how he will make these things happen, he just says because he says so. The only thing I hear Trump say is, how wonderful he is and he forever quotes his poll numbers.

    • Pure bunk. You’ve been brainwashed by a totally incompetent candidate for the office of the President of the United States. You haven’t stated anything meaningful here. Trump is a fake with some serious character flaws.

    • My husband is alive because of the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare”. He has terminal pancreatic cancer and we were able to treat him with insurance from the marketplace. My sister also got insurance for the first time in years because of the ACA. “Your” candidate wins and tries to repeal the ACA THOUSANDS of people like me and their loved ones will March on Wahington. You’re an ass if you think denying healthcare to people is an admirable quality.

    • Immigration from the Mexican border has been on a major downturn… More people left than coming…all unde Obama’s watch.
      The numbers are real and your comments are pure lies spewed by right wing grist are ignorant of the truth and seriously people like you are what’s making America look bad …..bigot that you are.

    • You voted for President Obama not realizing that he was a liberal? What rock did you sit out the 2008 primaries in? If you truly did not know, then you are the poster child for the uninformed voter. Your support of Trump smacks of the same lack of understanding of his nebulous policies and values.

    • David John Francis–Trump says a lot of things, but never offers any substantiative policies or plans–other than he’s going to have some ‘really smart people’ take care of things.

      • but you have to believe that his policies (as soon as he figures them out) will be the very best. I wanted to know if David (dissertation above) really, really, thought that Sarah’s address was uplifting. Maybe he was wearing that tinfoil hat while watching TV.

    • “President Trump will resolve all these issues.

      1. Illegal immigration: Trump said it is one of the most important things to be resolved.
      2. ISIS: He said it reflects the greatest Trojan horse ever, and must be stopped.”

      Two was enough. I like to think I’m a nice guy, which is why I didn’t want to read any further and cement the idea that you’re a useless idiot in front of these other readers. Instead, I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt that you have actually heard ANYONE – Republican candidate, Democratic candidate, current President – say that ISIS is not a threat and should be just be left alone. If you have heard anyone say that, then I believe you. Of course, providing some evidence obviously helps your cause.

      By the way, FYI, a candidate SAYING he is going to do something is a lot different than doing it. If you actually think Mexico is going to pay for a wall for the benefit of the US, then I regret to inform you that I must revoke your non-useless-idiot status.

    • “…illegal immigration invasion caused by Obama and the GOP hierarchy”??? You do know that Obama is a Democrat and the GOP, or “Grand Old Party”, is the Republican Party, right?

    • “Favors” are a common currency in business, also known as “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine”. A businessman like Trump, who has spent his entire life wheeling and dealing with private interests in not going to look after you buddy, his loyalties have been forged with those who’ve made him powerful. Trump has never held public office to enact a single piece of legislation in favor of common citizens, what makes you think he will start now?

    • you sound about as lucid as he does. He’s an embarrassment to America (please look into how other countries view Trump – they are NOT fans), the GOP (and this is the real GOP, not the new breed that has moved in and taken over the party) true Republicans do not feel the same as these crazy extremists and are disgusted with what the GOP has changed into. This new group of crazies should not call themselves Republicans – because they are not. It’s really sad. Are you aware that Trump’s clothing line is in China? Not in the USA – why? because cheap labor and it’s all about money – how much can HE make – stop slurping up his toxic waste, it makes you look and act stupid.

    • Wake up, your “King Trump” is taking you all on a fantasy trip to never land, never going to do any of it. Trump is only out for himself and will lie, cheat and say anything to get votes. If you actually listen to him and I mean really listen with even half a brain you would see that he has no idea how to do anything other than avoid and double talk and blame others whenever he is asked a simple question that anyone who is running for president should know the answers to. All he does is talk smack about everyone who says anything he doesn’t like and how he will build a wall and ban all Muslims from our country. Does he say how this will be done? No because he is all talk and is so full of himself that he thinks all of us are too stupid to see and hear all his bullcrap. Sorry but there are plenty of us who actually can smell his bullcrap and know to steer clear of it. Obama may not have done everything he promised, but at least he tried and could have done so much more if the Republican party in congress would have supported him and the american people who wanted him to succeed.

    • Wow that was painful, could only get passed the first 23,342 words before I noticed that this poet is really concerned about illegal aliens and Islamic people (racist ) no concern really for military just using them as a subject to point out unproven Lines spewed by Trump.

    • David-To begin with… you need to learn the correct application of the “question mark”. 2. Palin’s ” uplifting speech must be code word for “manic”, off of her meds or on meth. 3. You voted for Obama not realizing he was liberal? Where did he lose ya in his campaign? Pretty obvious. 4. I couldn’t read your entire post- you have too much time on your hands. Maybe you can campaign for the Trump/Palin ticket- I’d like that lol

    • Trump said he would make Mexico pay for the wall. That will never happen. Trump says what needs to be fixed. We all know what is a problem and needs to be fixed. He hasn’t given any scenarios of HOW he will fix all these problems. We need a President who is going to tell you what his plan of action is not just tell us all what we already know. As for the wall Mexico isn’t going to pay for this. I betting he won’t either and it will be on all the tax payers of America. This is BS

  3. Sarah Palin has just nailed the coffin. Her assertion of Track’s PTSD is just about 7 years too late and in fact, his actions are very much in alignment with his actions prior to enlisting in the Army. She blames President Obama for Tracks inexcusable actions. Who is to blame for her slutty daughter? Could it be Sarah, who was pregnant with Track when she got married? She ascertains that she has high family values – I say she is the lowest form of white trash and has never taken accountability for anything – it’s no wonder her kids don’t either.

  4. Sarah Palin has the unmitigated gall to accuse President Obama for her son’s criminal activities. This kid cut brake lines to a school bus as a teen. Can you imagine the danger he created? He was and maybe still is a drug addict. Between Track and Bristol, what have they accomplished? Crimes and babies out of wedlock. Nothing of note. The Palins are terrible parents.

    • If he has ptsd why didnt know it all phoney palin get her son some help after the drunken brawl party? People that cannot accept responsibility for their own actions and always blame other causes,usally end up in a very tragic ending.

  5. Maybe Sarah Palin should have taught Track how to be respectful of not only women, but humans as well. His behaviour hasn’t changed in all of fifteen years, having always been an angry and dangerous child, his little stint in the service didn’t make him who he is, his parents did. Allowing him to get away with his past behaviour and not addressing it then is why he still has anger and alcoholic problems. He needs rehabilitation and anger management classes, and his girlfriend should boot him to the curb and not look back. And for someone of her status and means can afford to get her son help instead of whining and waiting on the government to do it for her. Guess Track’s mental and physical stability doesn’t mean much to his mother. He should maybe spend 30 days in jail and rehab before he seriously harms another.

  6. Once Donald T Rump discovers that before Inauguration Day he must place his entire revenue stream (Income..Money) in a BLIND TRUST he will quit.

  7. He was in the reserves 8 years ago. Since then, he has been getting girls pregnant, boozing it up and fighting. I wonder if Sarah will blame Obama for knocking up her daughters, too.

  8. Doesn’t matter how much money these people have bilked from a gullible public this entire family is nothing but white trash…

  9. As to Track’s actions and his mother’s spinning, I think her throwing out there call for some independent research as to #1 what was his documented behavior prior to military service. #2 What was his attitude toward woman. And “#3 did he see action to cause this “Said” PSTD.

  10. If any son or daughter of mine ever threatens to kill themselves by putting a loaded gun to their own head, as Track Palin did Monday night, there is nothing on Earth that would keep me from getting to my child’s side immediately. What the hell is wrong with Sarah Palin? Your child is in great pain and danger, go home to him now woman!

  11. you really must think the people who read your articles are stupid. If you follow the link you put in your post, and actually read it, what Col Thompson said was it was baldersash that Track Palin got special treatment. Nothing about why he enlisted.

    here is the exact wording:
    As for reports in the press that implied favoritism to get Palin into the Alaska Stryker unit, they’re balderdash, says Thompson.

    you epitomize the whole ‘if it’s on the internet it must be true’ genre of writing. And I hope the people who read your articles use their own brains, not yours, because yours is clearly based on supporting your own position not on facts.

    Oh yes.. and so you know. I am a conservative republican who thinks right leaning press makes up just as much bullshit as left leaning press does. You are no better than mother earth news in your reporting.

  12. “His Mother Blamed Track’s Arrest on President Obama’

    What do people expect, palin to live up to the right wings “personal responsibility” meme ?

  13. Track is a peice of shit. He is one of the people who should have come back from the war in a bag. Take the place of a good person.

  14. Anyone who considers Ms Palin anything other than a total embarrassment to Alaska and America will probably like DT rump also. There is no accounting for bad taste.

  15. What an incredibly biased and judgmental “article”.

    I’ll bet the articles that put non-liberals in a favorable light are few and far between on this website.

  16. Oh wait, wait….. did Sarah Palin say the “The Black Lives Matter” protesters are thugs……. HUMMMM WHO ARE THE THUGS….. look into your home environment and tell us who are the thugs!