John Loveless & Tamra Turpin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

john loveless, tamra turpin

John Loveless, right, an attorney from Missouri, is being held in Cancun, Mexico, after his girlfriend, Tamra Turpin, left, was found dead. (Facebook)

A 59-year-old attorney from Missouri is in custody in Cancun, Mexico, in connection with the death of his 36-year-old girlfriend, authorities say.

John Loveless was detained last week while trying to board a flight to Atlanta, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. His girlfriend, Tamra Turpin, was found dead of asphyxia by strangulation in the condo they had rented in the resort city of Playa del Carmen, near Cancun, the Mexican prosecutor’s office says.

Turpin’s mother, Evalena Duncan, says they are still trying to figure out what happened.

“It’s very difficult, very difficult,” Duncan told KSDK-TV. “And we’re just praying that the truth be known and [we’re] trying to deal with comprehending that she’s gone.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Loveless & Turpin Had Known Each Other for Several Years & Had Taken Other Trips Together

John Loveless, Tamra Turpin

She posted several photos of the trips they took together. (Facebook)

Tamra Turpin and John Loveless had known each other for several years and have traveled together often, according to photos and posts on social media.

Photos on her Facebook page show them on trips together in Florida, the Dominican Republic and on a cruise. Photos of the two of them together go back about five years.

Turpin was from Union, Missouri, and Loveless lives in Saint Clair, about 15 minutes away.

“Prayers are needed for our family, prayers are needed for the family of [her] companion also,” Turpin’s mother, Evalena Duncan, told KSDK-TV on Sunday.

2. She Was Disabled by Injuries Suffered During a Car Crash as a Teen & Could Not Work

tamra turpin

Turpin. (Facebook)

Family members told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Turpin was disabled after a car crash when she was a teenager and could not work.

Loveless told her family Turpin was taken to the hospital after having seizures, the Post-Dispatch reports. He said she was released, but “still wasn’t right” and died at the resort Wednesday morning.

“We were in shock,” Turpin’s cousin, Julie Burr, told the newspaper. “I never expected anything like this.”

Her mother told KSDK-TV Turpin never married or had children. She said Turpin loved animals and had several pets.

3. He Has Owned a Personal Injury Law Firm in Missouri for 34 Years

john loveless, tamra turpin

John Loveless and Tamra Turpin. (Facebook)

Loveless is an attorney and runs a personal injury firm in Saint Clair, Missouri, according to his Linkedin page.

He has owned the Loveless Law Office since 1982. He graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in accounting and attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Law School.

Loveless is divorced and has children, according to online court records.

4. He Appeared Before a Judge & Faces a Criminal Homicide Investigation, Authorities Say

john loveless, tamra turpin


Loveless appeared before a judge Friday for the first time, according to NBC News. He remains in custody but it is not clear if he is facing charges.

The Mexican prosecutor’s office says he faces a criminal homicide investigation. It is not clear if he has an attorney.

The U.S. Embassy said it is aware of the investigation and is providing consular assistance.

“We offer our sincerest condolences to her family and loved ones on their loss. Our consular staff is providing all possible consular assistance. We are also aware of reports that a U.S. citizen has been arrested in connection with her death,” the Embassy said in a statement.

5. A GoFundMe Account Has Been Set Up to Help Her Mother With Funeral Expenses

john loveless, tamra turpin


Turpin’s family has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for the costs of having her body returned to Missouri and for her funeral.

“It is going to cost approximately $8000 to bring Tamra home and lay her to rest. On top of that there will be funeral cost. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. If we can all just give back a part of what Tamra gave us we will finally be able to bring here home and say our goodbyes. We will update arrangements once they are available,” said Amanda Wilson, a family friend who set up the page.

Wilson said Turpin was “an amazing person who touched so many peoples lives.”

They had raised more than $10,000 by Monday afternoon.

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  1. Things you forgot to mention ……. They were best friends , he just built an addition on his house that she decorated , they were both very happy , fun loving , loved animals and to travel ……. No previous abuse of any kind , no anger issues , and they both had great hearts ……. I say all of this as Tamara’s friend just as much as John’s ……. At least this story has a few facts behind it that they found on Facebook , better than others I’ve read

    • I guess u dont know anything about abuse or absusers or sociopathts. Maybe you should educate yourself most lawyer and drs r socio or narcisists and have no conscience or empathy and have many different masks they show in front of different ppl this girl was probably just to codependent which is what they do to you i wasted 8 years w one and almost was killed also amd mine wasn’t evek rich lol i think if he had been id of stayed too but would have got a gun to protect myself for sure

      • Don’t judge other people based on your past mistakes. Not all lawyers and doctors are narcissistic or sociopaths. You need to work on sentence structure before you trot it out for the public to see. The only excuse I see for your input is to show what a victim YOU were.

    • If she died of natural causes then why did they catch him at the airport. Was he down there on business? If so what kind of business & with who

      • She was injured in an accident dumbass, read before you point fingers. She had seizures, due to the injuries suffered in that accident. I’ve known John for as long as I can remember, and went to school with Tamra. Maybe she received a settlement from the accident, its none of your business nor is it mine as to how the trips were funded.

  2. I am not being cruel just would like an American to face American justice, I have heard the Mexican Authorities wont let the family of the accused that brought a medical examiner to do a autopsy! Was told by Mexican authorities will handle the investigation! We do have an extradition treaty with Mexico! And if the embassy has contacted the authorities then try and get this guy extradited back to the US to stand trial!

    • That’s very cruel what you just said. Do you think her family needs to read such foul shit coming out of your mouth or stupid ass brain? Gawd your so freaking rude. Why don’t you just piss off!

  3. So she could go on boats and motor bikes, and travel all the time (which are all physically demanding) but couldn’t even work a desk job? SMH

  4. Yep, he said I acted crazy too. When i FOUND OUT HE WAS NEVER FAITHFUL TO ANYONE. All his friends have always lied for him. Wandering if she discover as much as I did, you know he has hired thugs out there.

  5. John Loveless goes to court in Dec, How do I come by this? and why? Imagine being young, single, working, sometimes 60 hours a week, Renting a house, from John, and very happy to be in your own place, One day you come home to find a rose on your door step, A week or so later, he stops in to see how you have settled in, A friendship developed, He moves to a house near by, things become more romantic. Then one day you are living at his house more then your own, Driving to the store, and you notice one of the men who works for John driving behind you. It’s a small town, that happens. You come to a yellow light and stop, but when it turns red, you run it, and oh look that guy behind you did the same, He is following you, no matter which way you turn he is still there. Well John has been betrayed before so you let it go. On your return you notice an old van parked behind his office. He is there working late. Back to his house, you step into a warm bath, while waiting for him to return, a cold draft sweep through the house chilling your damp skin. and the outside door has just closed. You call out hello, no response. You step out of the tub to find yourself in and empty house. Of course you have to call him, he is still at work, so you have no idea who was in the house. It’s exciting to go on trips and helping decorate, (it was his party room below his office for me) Days later you see the old van again at the tidal office in Union and a large man getting out. Days, weeks go by, again you see the van, only this time with a women driving it, and every time you are alone in his house something odd happens, you find a child’s mitten on the floor, when there are no little ones around. Things turn up missing, when you know where you kept them. One day you come in with him, and find your dog bleeding, shes been cut open, he doesn’t want you to call the police. Your more worried about taking care of the dog at this point, and cleaning up the blood. You go on a shopping trip with him, He puts a hand on the pocket with his phone, then tells you he has to use the bathroom. You wait outside the door, and you hear him talking sweet, you of course assume he is speaking with one of his children, but find yourself wandering why he went in the bathroom, to talk. Later you look at his phone and he has deleted the call. This is all really playing on your trust but there is that trip to Cancun planned and you are excited. It’s some thing you could never do on your own. If you express any doubt in him, to his friends they just laugh at you, and again some thing bad happens, the dog is cut again. You feel reluctant to board that plane, leaving the country with some one you are loosing trust in, isn’t as easy. The trip turned out ok. but you decide to go back to your own home, weeks later. Too many odd things happen at his house. He tells everyone your crazy, He has strong influence, do to his position in the community. So when you tell anyone what happened it is just laughed off. He visits, leaves his phone behind, so went it rings you decide to take it to him at his office. The old van is there, when you go in he slams the bathroom door shut, and you hear alot of bumping around. He won’t come out and tells you to just leave it and go, but where is the driver of the van? You walk out, but then decide to see who comes out. he and the wife of someone (not saying) both come rushing out jump in the van and take off. At this point it’s really over. But the games of keeping you to afraid to speak out, get serious, cruel, and your new dog also ends up being cut open, this time in need of stitches. Along with many other things. because crazy is his way out. Because the community will stand behind him, No one will believe you.
    He sent me a message on Face Book asking if I have any dogs. It was a threat. One to keep me Quiet. Well here it is John you don’t have a reason to terrify me. Crazy or not, There is so much more to this story. Fear is not controlling my life ever again. Wow that felt good. I have needed to do that for over ten years.