Gavin Eugene Long aka Cosmo Setepenra: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

gavin long, gavin long baton rouge

Gavin Long in a surveillance photo from the scene of the Baton Rouge shooting and in his Twitter profile photo.

An ex-Marine turned self-touted life coach who ranted about government conspiracies in Youtube videos and shared extremist beliefs on social media has been identified as the gunman who killed three police officers and wounded three others in Baton Rouge.

Gavin Eugene Long opened fire on officers Sunday morning in Louisiana on his 29th birthday, just days after posting videos online saying people needed to “fight back” after recent killings of black men by police in Minnesota and Baton Rouge, police sources told multiple news outlets, NBC News.

Long, originally from Kansas City, Missouri, was shot dead at the scene of the shooting, CBS News reports.

He used the name Cosmo Setepenra online and as his pen name for his self-published books. He discussed the Dallas attack on police officers and recent police shootings of black men in social media posts.

“Violence is not THE answer (its a answer), but at what point do you stand up so that your people dont become the Native Americans…EXTINCT?,” he wrote on Twitter on July 13.

State Police Colonel Mike Edmondson said they believe Long was the lone attacker. Edmondson said they are still working to determine if he had any help from co-conspirators and asked anyone with information or anyone who sees something suspicious to contact police.

The state police are leading the ongoing investigation.

Governor John Bel Edwards said it was an “horrific” attack on law enforcement and the Baton Rouge community. He said Long, “came in here from somewhere else to do harm to our community.”

Police said they believe Long had been in the Baton Rouge community for several days. His social media posts show he had also recently been in Dallas, traveling there in the aftermath of the shooting that killed five police officers.

Edwards referenced the killing of Alton Sterling in early July by Baton Rouge police.

He said it was a “diabolical attack on the very fabric of society. … There is nothing more fundamentally important than maintaining law and order. … That is not what justice looks like. It’s not justice for Alton Sterling or anything else that has happened in this state or anywhere else. It’s just pure, unadulterated evil.”

The three slain officers have been identified as Montrell Jackson, Matthew Gerald and Brad Garafola.

Here’s what we know so far about Long and the shooting:

1. Long Posted on Social Media About Recent Police Shootings & Said ‘Bloodshed,’ Not Just Protests, Was Necessary

Long registered a website,, and created several social media sites under the name Cosmo Setepenra in April. He said in a tweet that he had been away living in Africa for two years and recently returned:

Long described himself on his Twitter account, @ConvosWithCosmo, as a “Freedom Strategist,” “Radio Host,” Mental Game Coach, “Alpha Preneur, “Author,” “World Explorer” and “Former Marine. He also says he has an “☥Ethiopian Bloodline☥.”

Long went to Dallas after the attack on police officers on July 7, 2016, according to a video he posted to Youtube on July 10. He was there to give out his self-published books and claimed the trip had been planned before the attack on police. But from his hotel room, he commented about how he thought people should react to police brutality.

“One hundred percent of revolutions, of victims fighting their oppressors, from victims fighting their bullies, 100 percent have been successful through fighting back, through bloodshed. Zero have been successful just over protesting. It has never worked and it never will. You gotta fight back, that’s the only way a bully knows to quit, he doesn’t know words,” he said in the video. “He can’t understand words, I promise you. He doesn’t understand protests. If y’all want to keep protesting, do that. But for the serious ones, for the real ones, the alpha ones, we know what’s it’s going to take. It’s only fighting back or money, that’s all they care about. Revenue and blood, revenue and blood, revenue and blood, nothing else. Don’t even think about it.”

You can watch the video below:

In many of his videos and social media posts, Long talked about justice and fighting back against the government. He had previously taken an interest in police brutality cases, including the arrest and death of Sandra Bland, which he posted three Youtube videos about last year.

More recently, Long commented about the Alton Sterling shooting in an email obtained by Buzzfeed:

He also tweeted a photo of Micah Johnson after the shooting and called him “one of us”:



He posted several tweets talking about the Dallas shooting and recent police shootings in Minnesota and Baton Rouge:

His final tweet was just after 1 a.m. Eastern on Sunday:

You can see more tweets at the link below:

2. Wearing Black With His Face Covered He Began Shooting at Officers Responding to a Call for a Man With an ‘Assault Rifle,’ Police Say

The gunman, identified as Gavin Eugene Long, was wearing black and with his face covered, began firing on officers Sunday morning near Hammond Aire Plaza, WBRZ reports. He was also wearing body armor, police said.

This surveillance photo shows the gunman at the scene of the shooting. (Louisiana State Police)

This surveillance photo shows the gunman at the scene of the shooting. (Louisiana State Police)

Police said he was using an IWI Tavor SAR 5.56 caliber rifle with a strap on it to keep the rifle in place as he engaged the officers, helping him maintain accuracy. He also was armed with a pistol and a Stag Arms M4 variant 5.56 caliber rifle. The rifle was staged inside his Chevrolet Malibu rental car so he could get to it during the shooting, police said.

gavin long guns

The guns used by Gavin Long, according to police. (Louisiana State Police)

State Police Colonel Mike Edmondson told The Associated Press the attacker was “seeking out” police officers.

Edmondson said his “movements, his direction, his attention was on police officers.”

The shooting was first reported about 8:40 a.m., according to police radio transmissions. The audio below, of the first 45 minutes of the incident, is courtesy of

Police were responding to a 911 call from a woman reporting a man walking with an “assault rifle” in the area of the B-Quik gas station on Airline Highway. The caller told police the man was wearing a coat and walking behind the store, according to the scanner audio.

Seconds later, an officer yells “Shots fired, officer down! Shots fired, officer down!”

Police said the shooter was not in sight. He was killed within minutes of officers arriving at the scene.

Edmondson told NBC News that Long did not make the 911, and investigators do not think the woman who made the call was an accomplice.

“It was someone who was calling in,” Edmondson told NBC, saying there “was no indication” the caller was “trying to lure someone here.”

Video from the scene showed a heavy police presence, with SWAT officers and other law enforcement flooding the area after the shooting.

Officers could be seen carrying rifles as helicopters circled above the scene.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

3. He Declared Himself a ‘Sovereign Citizen’ in Court Documents, Claiming to Be Part of the Washitaw Nation

gavin long, cosmo setenpra, gavin long cosmo, gavin eugene long, gavin long gunman

Gavin Long, also known as Cosmo Setepenra.

Long posted a Youtube video on July 8, called “I am NOT affiliated with Anyone!”

He said in the brief video that, “if anything happens with me – because I’m an alpha male, I stand up, I stand firm and I stand for mine til the end, til the last day in this flesh, but I’m not the flesh, I’m not the body, I have a body – but I just want to let ya’ll know, don’t affiliate me with nothing.” He said, “I’m affiliated with the spirit of justice, nothing else.”

The video and that account have since been suspended by Youtube. You can watch the video below:

While Long says in the video he is not affiliated with any groups, CNN is reporting police found a membership card appearing to show he belonged to a black sovereign citizen group, the Washitaw Nation of Mu’urs:

The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote about the Washitaw Nation in 1999. Sovereign citizens believe they are exempt from federal and state laws, including those requiring them to pay taxes. The FBI has classified them as a domestic threat.

Long declared himself to be a sovereign citizen in court documents, obtained by the Kansas City Star, which were filed last year in Jackson County, Missouri:

“No doubt at all, He’s 100 percent sovereign citizen,” J.J. MacNab, an expert on anti-government extremists, told the Star, saying he fell into the Moorish Sovereign category, which includes the Washitaw Nation of Mu’urs. “This group believes that they are indigenous to the continent and therefore above all federal, state and local laws. These documents show Long’s attempt to separate his flesh and blood ‘indigenous’ self from his legal entity self.”

4. He Served in the Marines, Including a Tour in Iraq, for 5 Years Before He Was Discharged in 2010

gavin long, cosmo setenpra, gavin long cosmo, gavin eugene long, gavin long gunman

Gavin Long. (Twitter)

Long served in the Marine Corps, CBS News reports. He left the Marines in 2010 with an honorable discharge as a sergeant at the E-5 level. He served for five years, and was deployed to Iraq from June 2008 to January 2009.

He wrote about his time in the Marines on his website, saying, he reached the rank of sergeant “in less than three years as one of the Corps most physically fit and disciplined Marines. During his five years as a Marine, Cosmo spent two years in Japan and did one tour in Iraq. While stationed in San Diego, California, Cosmo became a highly esteemed and sought after nutritionist and personal trainer.”

The 25-year-old gunman who killed five police officers in Dallas earlier this month, Micah Xavier Johnson, had also served in the military.

Long was a data network specialist in the Marines, according to records. He was discharged for medical reasons after spending some time in the hospital with a physical injury, military officials told the Kansas City Star. Details of the injury were not released.

Public records show Long has lived in Kansas City and Grandview, Missouri. He has also lived in San Diego, California, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. No ties to Louisiana have been found.

A reporter from Kansas City says she went to the address where Long lived and was met by someone armed with a gun:

The neighborhood was later shut down by police and a standoff was reported at the home listed as Long’s last known address, KMBC-TV reported.

No one answered at a number listed for Long.

5. He Dropped Out of College for a ‘Spiritual’ Trip to Africa, His ‘Ancestral Homeland’

A photo from Long's blog, "Convos With Cosmo."

A photo from Long’s blog, “Convos With Cosmo.”

Long was listed as a Dean’s List student at the University of Alabama in 2012, according to the school’s website. The university has confirmed he was a student there for one semester.

He said on his his Linkedin profile that he graduated from Central Texas College in 2011 with an associate’s degree, and also studied at Clark Atlanta University from 2012 to 2013.

On his website, Long wrote that he dropped out of college, sold his two cars and gave away his material possessions to journey to Africa, his “ancestral homeland,” after a “spiritual revelation.” While there, he wrote three books, he said on the website:

While in Africa, Cosmo’s spiritual journey took him across Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Ghana and Burkina Faso. During that time he frequented the highly treasured and revered mountainous regions of Africa and was taught by Africa’s native spiritual practitioners and elder holistic healers.

Cosmo has been an avid student of nutrition, health, fitness, personal transformation and spiritual mastery since the age of sixteen. He conducts sports nutrition workshops locally, nationally, and internationally. He has traveled nationally to over thirty States in the U.S., and internationally to The Bahamas, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Maldives (Island country near India), Iraq, and Africa to name a few.

In addition to over twelve years of health, fitness, and nutrition experience, Cosmo also has extensive sports nutrition, life-coach, and spiritual counseling experience with fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes and spiritual seekers. In one-on-one sessions, he coaches his clients on ways to create a daily food plan that is successful and can be maintained over the long-term. He also helps them reach their optimal weight, diet, spiritual and personal growth goals.

No criminal record for Long could be found in Missouri.

Click HERE or on the “NEXT PAGE” button below to read more about Long, the situation in Baton Rouge prior to the shooting, and the officers killed in the attack.


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You just know this scumbag killer thought he’d go out and shoot some cops and then head back home to post some more of his racist remarks on social media. I wonder at what point did he realize……..”Oops, I think I made a BIG mistake”. Hopefully he didn’t die immediately but rather had time about it.

Mary Dodson

You are so far wrong in your interpretation. Long did what he set out to do: kill policeman. His demise was simply the shedding of his physical form. His was a revolutionary mind: Live free or die trying. Living in a state of oppression was obviously–to this young man–not living at all. Whatever the case, the whole thing is a real tragedy.


Oppression…lol Yeah blacks are really oppressed in the US. Did you know that nowadays there are black lawyers, black doctors, black judges, black millionaires, and do you know the difference between them and Long?, work ethic, something most blacks just don’t have. They would rather blame slavery and the white man keeping them down and hope they get something handed to them for nothing. What is really amusing is that these cop killings are making blacks less safe. I say lets get the rumble started because blacks need to be put back in their place once again.


You’re a racist and a stupid one at that! You need to be put in your place!


The only tragedy is that when he woke up on Sunday morning and came to the realization that he was a useless piece of shit, he should have gotten back into his rent-a-car and drove it off a cliff. From what I have read, it sounds like this asshole has had more freedom than half of all Americans. This shit stain was anything but oppressed. But that’s ok because I think everyone is much better off with this “physical form” today. Which is a rotting pile of flesh in the morgue.

Ambrose Bierce's Ghos

Interesting that a bad guy with a gun showed up and 3 good guys with guns lost their lives while 3 good guys with guns were wounded. At this rate there won’t be any good guys left to shoot bad guys by Christmas.
Gotta love NRA logic – perfectly thought up by crackerheads playing Davy Crockett, complete with raccoon caps to cover their pea-sized brains.

Clark Crimcops

Would the three dead cops be any more dead if they weren’t armed?


So what your saying is, let’s keep arming bad guys and keep disarming good guys because it will be a lost cause anyway. You retarded POS


Perhaps we should outlaw drugs as well… People will always continue to find drugs and guns. I’d rather own my gun to protect myself rather than be left without. Remember that piece of paper called the Constitution? It granted us with the ability to own guns, both good and bad.


Why are you all so damn ignorant and stupid, I mean you make the most nonsensical and callous remarks without thinking…hmmmm, does this make me sound like an idiot… Did anyone say anything about disarming the police? WTF does speaking out against the NRA have to do with disarming the police, next time you think about posting something think twice then walk away from the computer. The statement is simple, revise the law that allows “law abiding citizens” to own high powered rifles and you will have less of these incidents. I don’t know how to be any more accurate, too many people in the USA have access to these types of weapons, they are too easily accessible.


We’ll just disarm all the good guys so the bad guys can have at it … when they finally get around to you perhaps you will regret your moronic statements. The cops were AMBUSHED, get it? Long was a former MARINE who might, just perhaps, have been trained on how to do that. Lesson learned for police on how to NOT let that happen again. Hopefully a lesson in character for you.


yes Mary Dodson ,i too say ..Burn in hell idiot. You accomplished NOTHING ,OK.
I’m so chilled right now ,horizontal :)


I think he was mad because he had the name of a white nerd. Gavin Eugene long. What a joke


Far more likely is that he failed to LIVE UP to the name of a white nerd, like the kinds that make billions of dollars and run the world.

Mary Dodson

We know the history of slavery in America, which includes Euro names, varying skin colors, etc..This was forced upon Blacks. Remember?


What an ego on this guy. He gave himself so many titles including life coach. That’s the biggest load of shit. Just wanna point out these military ties. Having been through meps and thankfully black listed for medical reasons i noticed a type of people drawn to enlist. I saw kids looking to kill. They were blood thirsty and immature. I watched as a group of them hudled around a military provided console running call of duty shouting things like “kill that fking towelhead” etc. These kids belong in correctional facilities not handed a rifle. Reality traumatizes and further destabalize these kids before being sent home with combat training. Inb4 some support our troops drone flies off the handle. I’m only saying our military isn’t doing enough psychological screening before weaponizing every troubled youth they lure in.


Nothing but a COWARD. He is knocking on the devils door. Low life scumbag ass.


That is just one of the affirmative action practices which states that as long as a black male student can go an entire semester without raping or killing someone they automatically are placed on the Dean’s list.


you are a classic idiot your comical I laugh at you coward hiding behind anonymity


Nowadays everyone wins a prize, everyone is special, idiots are praised as geniuses and sniveling crybabies are a protected class.




He thinks the Government is corrupt and effecting blacks economically. I just wonder if he ever realized that it is the Democrats that are doing those programs to keep people poor

Barrack Collins

I am a black male 1st generation American who supports Martin Luther King who preached all men should be equal. You don’t see any other nationality protesting and killing police officers other than African Americans. We are so lucky to live in this beautiful country and we should pull together and stop these thugs who are embarrassing our herritage! Common brother’s and sister’s let’s pull together and show our fellow Americans who we really are..


I fear it’s too late ,”gansta rap culture” has corrupted too many. Sadly I can’t see a way back for these people ,not any time soon.

Blacc Amerika

It better stop. I told ya, no one was done. Now if the cops can do there jobs properly, theyre wont be any more ambushes.

Sincerely California


I’m pretty sure there is be more ambushes but perhaps next time it will be some crazy white guy killing blacks. I’m sure its coming………..


It’s a war on blacks, a war on gays, a war on cops, this whole world revolves around killing and hatred mostly started by whites I’m not judging just speaking facts I pray for every race good or bad and pray for this cruel world but do not get mad when somebody else finishes what you started

Conscientious Observer

PLEASE REMEMBER TO ASK GOD TO PROTECT OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT, GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY — Remember how David was concerned to “not stretch out his hand against God’s anointed” (authority) and Paul says to pray for and fear authority — “they are God’s servants” (1 Samuel 18- 2 Samuel 8; Romans 12, 1 Tim 2:1-5).

1Samuel 24:6 — So he said to his men, “Far be it from me because of the LORD that I should do this thing to my lord, the LORD’S anointed, to stretch out my hand against him, since he is the LORD’S anointed.” 7David persuaded his men with these words and did not allow them to rise up against Saul. And Saul arose, left the cave, and went on his way.…


Will if one really does exist (which I’m pretty sure it doesn’t) a war on gay’s isn’t a white thing. At the same time I’ll take a wild guess and say that white people haven’t started a war on the police either. The one war you forgot to mention is the war on white people and I’m pretty certain that was started by Blacks. Which by the way isn’t a war they really want. If the Black feel oppressed now, just wait!


yes ,those Islamists haven’t been committing genocide for hundreds of years ,it was white folk dressed as goats


He Beez an Egytshun an sheeeit. Just like its Nation is Isdumb troop mates. Can’t get more racist then that. But since we have a Prez with Farrakhan ties, they libtards will conveniently ignore the connections

A Viewer Like YOU

Let’s ask Shepard Smith if All Lives Matter or only Black Lives Matter, he seems to have quite the opinion on that subject. So does America… and we are letting his BOSS know what ole’ Shep did. Hey Shep… paybacks are a BITCH… Dude.


You sir are a MARTYR who we will never forget and thank you for your SERVICE.


John Williams

After living 21 years in an inner-city neighborhood in Kans City Missouri, and finding one of my neighbors shot in the stomach dying, and another a week later with his throat cut. I can tell you 97% of the people of that neighborhood, black, white, or whatever, are law abiding, and hard working, it is the 3% “poser thug” life lowlifes that made the neighborhood bad. Round them up, and the neighborhood would have been just like any other. This delusional knucklehead was one of the 3%.


Very disappointed in you Gavin. Wish you could have lived to old age fighting for the things you believe in. I for one believe you could have made a difference had you
not allowed yourself to become so narrow minded. Semper Fi!


they say there is good in every situation. from this one i hope that armed, payed, police think twice before shooting an unarmed american. color is not the only motivation. the big picture, is not black white, but armed, and unarmed, trained, and untrained. if you looked at this problem from and outside prospective you will see, payed armed, and trained americans, thought out america, shooting unarmed americans, on american soil, with no adverse action.Only the stupid americans see the color factor, as the comments show! right now they are shooting blacks, but once its deemed acceptable, they will go after others minorities, and the weak, and the poor. But if we get anything as americans from this, its should be that the armed, trained, and payed americans think long and hard before shooting another unarmed american!!!!BLACK,WHITE,MEXICAN, IMMIGRATE ,POOR, DISADVANTAGED…….


From what I know about organized, coordinated, criminal-gang stalking beyond any possible doubt, his claims of having been stalked may be valid and legitimate. If police are involved in carrying out the stalking events I do know about, Gavin Long was right. Police should be attacked. Government should be attacked. He was also right about being one out of a million who would actually do it. As for you people in the “government can do no wrong club,” you needed a taste of your own medicine, and he gave it to you. Gavin Long might in fact be a martyr. That is up to the black people of America to decide. He was fit. Do not let the lying media propagandists say he was a mental case. They always say that.It is an effort to preclude serious questions and discussions about why what he did was necessary to get the message across. I was on a forum he was on. I posted several times, the only language these bastards understand is the language of violence and body counts. Gavin Long—Thank you for your service.


I didn’t think that anybody was on my side of the issue. I agree with you. I wrote an opinion on this website and it is similar to yours. I didn’t think anybody felt the way I did about Gavin Eugene Long. I think he is a hero and freedom fighter. “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. I agree with Gavin Eugene Long, Micah Xavier Johnson, Malcolm X, and 2 Pac “Mackaveli” Shakur. I see that you agree with me. I didn’t think anyone would agree with my opinion of Gavin Eugene Long.

Hiram Abiff

Every person interested in civil society is on your side.

Eric Frein of pennsylvania, the one that shot the state policeman, he was a white guy, just so you know they don’t just “gangstalk” blacks, they have there fun-and-games with everyone. Their lawlessness has no bounds, these scumbag cops that perpetrate these “stalking” crimes are worse than child molesters and should be dealt with accordingly.

When police break the law, then there is no law, just a fight for survival.

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Donald Foster

From everything I have read about Gavin Eugene Long,29 yrs. old, -I think he was very wise and sophisticated. I have a criminal record that is 10 times worse than Gavin Eugene Long. Gavin Long had 10 times more training and sophistication than me. I agree with 80% of what Gavin Eugene Long has said or written. I wished that I had the capabilities and training of Gavin Eugene Long. I believe he was an Alpha Male and a very strong person to carry out what he did. I wished that I had the training and physical capabilities of Gavin Eugene Long. I think his name should always be remembered and memorialized. Gavin Eugene Long had more balls and tactical training than me. I wished that I could do something similar that Gavin Eugene Long has done. He made a hell of alot of sense when he spoke and wrote about things. I think Gavin Eugene Long is somewhat of a hero and freedom fighter. Gavin Eugene Long was 10 times more sophisticated than me. He is somebody to look up to. He is a leader and example. Gavin Eugene Long was a legitimate person. I am not a legitimate person yet. I hope to be one day. God Bless Gavin Eugene Long, Micah Xavier Johnson, Malcolm X, and 2 Pac “Mackaveli” Shakur. Those are hardcore people. And I like “Hardcore”. I’m a “Hard Target” person my damn self. Gavin Eugene Long had 10 times more freedom in America than I have had. Gavin Eugene Long was a warrior. He had alot of balls. No nuts, No glory. I don’t feel sorry for strong people, and police are very strong, trained, sophisticated people. I’m down with the minorities, because I’m a minority. If I was a cop, than I’d be down with the cops,–but I’m not a cop. I just happen to be a minority. I feel for Gavin Eugene Long, Micah Xavier Johnson, Malcolm X, and 2 Pac “Mackaveli” Shakur. And I’m not even Black skinned. Go Black Lives Matter. You people have alot of balls, and I respect that.


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