George T. Conway III: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kellyanne Conway’s husband is a wealthy New York lawyer who was involved in Paula Jones’ lawsuit against Bill Clinton and belongs to a conservative legal society.

George T. Conway III has participated in other prominent lawsuits, including tobacco industry cases. Donald Trump was considering George Conway to be U.S. solicitor general, but that job went to someone else. However, Politico reported March 17 that George Conway has “has emerged as the front-runner to lead the civil division of the Department of Justice.”

Politico reports that position will be key in overseeing “the defense of the Trump administration in the courts in many legal battles,” including the president’s travel ban.

Kellyanne, 49, the first woman to manage a major presidential campaign, helped engineer Trump’s electoral victory and, on December 22, was named counselor to the president. Kellyanne has been one of Trump’s highest-profile surrogates on TV and one of his most controversial. Her husband did not have any public role in Trump’s campaign.

Kellyanne is regarded as a conservative “gender expert,” who has been involved for years in Republican politics and polling, especially regarding trends involving women.

Who is her husband, George T. Conway III?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. George Conway, Who Has Four Children With Kellyanne, Has Only Argued One Case Before SCOTUS

According to CNN, Conway has only argued one case before the U.S. Supreme Court. CNN described Conway as a “corporate attorney out of New York.” National Review reports that “Conway has more relevant experience than did Obama’s initial SG pick. Any suggestion he’s unfit for the job is inaccurate and unfair.”

The Huffington Post reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has “interviewed” George Conway for the solicitor general job. However, Conway didn’t end up getting the job.

The successful case Conway argued? “Morrison v. Australia National Bank…one of the most significant securities law cases of the past ten years,” according to National Review.

The Conways have four children, said CNN. Kellyanne Conway has posted photos of George and their children on social media. Some photos show them at baseball games.

Kellyanne once asked her daughter, Claudia, 11, to change out of a turquoise shirt on Memorial Day and into a blue one because “it wasn’t a shade available to Betsy Ross when she stayed up through the night sewing the damn flag,” according to The Las Vegas Review Journal, which described her as trying to help Trump improve his image with women.

George Conway had a Twitter page, but he hadn’t posted on it since 2015, and it contained mostly retweets about random issues. He also posted about a Malaysian airlines crash and Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s ex-husband. His Twitter page has now been deleted.

CNN reported that George Conway is of Filipino heritage.

2. George Conway Was Part of a Secret Group of Lawyers Who Helped Paula Jones & Was Rumored to Be a Source for Matt Drudge

Bloomberg wrote of Kellyanne: “Her husband, George T. Conway III, a lawyer at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, was behind some of the most bitter lawsuits against Bill Clinton in the 1990s and stories that were promoted via the Drudge Report.”

One of those cases involved the sexual harassment case filed by Paula Jones against the president.

The New York Times said George Conway was “a New York lawyer educated at Yale” who shared a “low view of President Clinton. When the Jones case led to Ms. (Monica) Lewinsky, (another lawyer) and Mr. Conway searched for a new lawyer for Mrs. (Linda) Tripp.” The article was headlined, “Quietly, a Team of Lawyers Kept Paula Jones Case Alive.”

The Times added, “Mr. Conway wanted his role kept hidden as well, because his New York law firm, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, included influential Democrats like Bernard W. Nussbaum, a former White House counsel. Mr. Conway’s name does not appear on any billing records.”

The Observer claimed that Bill Clinton’s lawyer, Bob Bennett “was interested in evidence of possible collusion between the Jones lawyers and the Whitewater independent counsel, Kenneth Starr, stretching back well before the current White House crisis. After all, Mr. Starr and Mr. Conway have represented Philip Morris Companies in tobacco litigation at the same time, and both simultaneously worked on briefs for Ms. Jones arguing against Presidential immunity from a civil lawsuit such as hers.”

The Observer also claimed that George Conway was Matt Drudge’s source for a Jones’ claim about curvature in the president’s anatomy, but the site also quoted Drudge as denying he had ever met Conway. There is no evidence that Conway was in fact a Drudge source.

In an email to AmericanPolitics, Conway also denied any connections to Richard Mellon Scaife, the billionaire who financed some conservative efforts to expose Clinton’s problems, writing, “I have never met Mr. Scaife. I have never met any member of his family. I have never represented Mr. Scaife or his holdings. I have no connections whatsoever with Mr. Scaife, his holdings or his family.”

In an interview with reporters from the site, Conway said it was “ridiculous” to tie him to Drudge.

AmericanPolitics claimed Conway’s income from the law firm where he works in New York is at least $1 million a year. The Observer called Conway a “million-dollar-a-year partner.”

3. George Conway Has Worked for a Major Tobacco Company on a Lawsuit & Belongs to the Federalist Society

George T. Conway, III, kellyanne conway husband

George Conway (Federalist Society)

Conway’s New York law firm bio says he “has been a partner in the Litigation Department of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz since January 1994. He joined the firm in September 1988.”

The law firm describes his litigation experience as including “a variety of high-profile matters spanning many areas of law in federal and state courts throughout the country. He has extensive experience in securities litigation, mergers and acquisitions litigation, contract litigation, antitrust litigation, and other litigation, both at the trial and appellate levels.”

One of those high-profile suits involved representing tobacco company Philip Morris. “Mr. Conway played a substantial role in prosecuting one of the most prominent defamation cases in recent memory (Philip Morris v. American Broadcasting Cos.),” said the law firm.

The New York Times said of that suit’s result, “In an extraordinary act of contrition, ABC News publicly apologized last night for asserting in a news program that two giant tobacco companies add extra nicotine to their cigarettes.” That apology was criticized by anti-smoking advocates, with The Times quoting one professor as saying, “Philip Morris has bullied a major television network into apologizing for what was essentially a true story.”

George Conway’s law firm says he also “represented the National Football League in trademark and antitrust litigation against the Dallas Cowboys” and “won an important appeal under the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 on behalf of the Swiss installation artist Christoph Büchel in the artist’s highly publicized dispute with the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.”

The Federalist Society, a group of conservative lawyers, has an experts bio page devoted to George Conway on its site.

In the interview with the AmericanPolitics site, George Conway said, “I’m a member of the Federalist Society, but I mean . . but what’s that got to do with anything?”

Kellyanne Conway is also a lawyer.

4. George Is a Graduate of Yale Law School Who Has Worked Against Felons Having a Right to Vote

George Conway “is a graduate of Harvard College, where in 1984 he received an A.B. magna cum laude in Biochemical Sciences,” says his bio. “He received his JD in 1987 from Yale Law School, where he was an editor of the Yale Law Journal.”

In 1987 and 1988, “he served as a law clerk to Circuit Judge Ralph K. Winter, Jr. of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.”

Winter, a former Yale Law School professor, was nominated to the federal bench by President Ronald Reagan.

In 2008, Conway co-authored a journal article making the case against felon voting. The Federalist Society site has posted audio of George Conway speaking on a panel about felon voting.

Bloomberg notes that George Conway’s “law firm biography lists only one Supreme Court case he has argued — a 2010 dispute involving the overseas reach of federal securities law.” It would be unusual for a Solicitor General to have such little Supreme Court experience.

5. Kellyanne Conway Is Known as an Expert on Conservative Gender Issues & George Conway Is a Republican Donor, Including to Ted Cruz says that George Conway is a frequent donor to Republican candidates, including Rudy Giuliani, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, and Newt Gingrich, and The New Jersey Republican State Committee. The Conways live in New Jersey. In 2015, George donated money to Ted Cruz in the Republican primary for president.

Kellyanne is the CEO and president of the polling company, inc./WomanTrend, which is “a privately-held, woman-owned corporation founded in 1995. The firm is headquartered in Washington, DC and maintains an office in New York,” said CNBC.

Kellyanne Conway’s company bio says “The RNC tasked Kellyanne with helping to defeat the so-called ‘War on Women.’” One division of her polling company, WomanTrend, tracks “the social, cultural, financial, professional and health trends influencing—and being influenced by—women,” the company website says. She has worked for many prominent Republican politicians over the years.


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Well Roy, it looks like your Kenyan has been instrumental in switching more than 100 democrat seats across this country to republican seats. You sure you want to talk about being fired?

Fred Smith

He even looks like a giant penis with legs. If that guy showed up in the office proposing to be my lawyer, I would get up and walk out without saying a word. Just looking at him makes me ill.

William Salas

She is repulsive in her interviews. Always making drastic segues and run on and on sentences!


She is definitely repulsive. I hope this is her last gig. She needs early retirement….

Reality Hurts

Mark my words. Kellyanne Conway will be our first female President. She is articulate, educated, realist and tempered. She can out maneuver any politician regardless of gender on the basis of fact and preparation. Had Hillary faced her this year it would not have been even remotely a close race. BTW: I am by most definitions a middle aged white male. She will have my vote should she ever run. The best and most qualified candidate.


I s that you Donnie Trump? You’re as delusional as your idol. Yes she’s smart but not intelligent, articulate and classy as Hillary Clinton. Conway is also a better liar than Clinton. Did you watch her interview with Rachel Maddow? She got slammed by RM. Conway was laughable!


you should stop using the cheap drugs. Mrs. Conway is very intelligent, articulate and classy. the hildabeast is an old hag that should be in prison for treason and national security issues that she has created and participated in. Donnie was very smart again by having her on his team and considering her husband as well.

B. L. Hubbs

She is divisive, makes inane statements and will not appeal to a broad base of Americans.

Sam Michaels

Conway is a con job! She is cunning, not smart; always babbling, not articulate; a liar, not a realist; cold, not tempered. Yes, she can out-maneuver any politician on the basis of her ability to manufacture “alternative facts.” In other words, she could babble all night — in other words, she farts through her mouth. Based on their epic failure during their first week in office, she will not win especially after exposing herself as a fraud by creating “alternative facts.'” Mark my words.


Your screen name will be how your butt feels when you realize no one in the right mind will vote for that trash.

Jerry Howe

Conservative a$$holes are just getting the mud that they stooped over to pick up and sling – slung back at them.
What would you expect ?

Randall Kloon

Couldn’t agree more. Her words are as ridiculous as DJT. If she believes half of what she preaches — no wonder she has lasted this long. LIVING in that make-believe BS world like her boss DJT. Gag.


Partners in crime, her husband–collusion, conflicts of interest, vendetta against Clintons, shady, working behind the scenes, under the radar so to speak, doing all his dirty work he is proud of and is also affiliated with big business, tobacco lobby etc. She is a slanderer, all of them are criminals, deformation of character, liars. Once my brother went trick or treating with friends and they wouldn’t let them in the boundaries of Alpine, NJ because they didn’t live there. These are people who are totally out of touch with the common man or feel they are exclusive and above, better than you and I, snobs but in the worst form, very greedy, controlling, fake. I feel sorry for them. Some rich people do not like people who succeed and work their way up, like the Clintons, they feel threatened…..look at trump….he can’t work in the whitehouse w/o his kids or other family members. Dynasty. He needs those who clean up all loose ends, fix his messes, coverup. And he doesn’t understand government. They will do what they want, not what the middle class want…..I feel sorry for those who bought his falseness. They were emotionally and psychologically abused. Mrs. Conway is an expert at this along with others affiliated with these GOP actors.
We cannot trust these people. Their values are all screwed up and they are total hypocrites. She showed so much cleavage yesterday, like a suit jacket w/o a shirt underneath……she is so Catholic, what a joke……her way of celebrating…….female chauvinist… sells, along with Trumps wife. Men be strong and don’t fall for it all. I often wonder what’s inside these people’s minds, soul, conscience, if any. Sad.

Jane Doe

You know nothing about her or her husband. And for the record, the word is “defamation”. Learn what it means and how to spell it. Kellyanne is here to stay. Deal with it…


Lots of projection going on there! If she’s a practicing Catholic, more good going on in her mind, soul and conscience than you would understand.

Jerry Howe

I can tell you by looking at Kellyvanne and her husband that the power of attraction is not equal – and that has got to be a problem.
George Conway looks like an overfed catfish.
I cannot imagine what the children of this woman a going to be like when they grow up.
Undoubtedly fodder for the Daily Mail.


Something is incorrect in this article. It shows a photo of a baby, born in 2015 as the sign in the photo states, that had been in the hospital for five months, stating that Conway’s daughter spent five months in the hospital. The tweet and photo is about someone else. It is a Father’s Day message to her husband and also to the father of the baby in the photo (two different people). Conway has four kids, all much older than this infant. She does not have a one year old child.

Jenner Clayton

Kellyanne is an expert at debating She’s dazzling to watch when she’s under
attack by someone; she always wins. I’m just hoping she’s sincere. She has
some questionable affiliations in her past–Catholic School, Oxford, etc. She
may be a victim of MK-Ultra. Let’s hope not!


IF Kellyanne Conway cared about women, she would be a democrat rather than a liar and hateful diverter of any questions she is asked.


She wasn’t the first woman to manage a major presidential campaign. That would be Susan Estrich, Dukakis campaign manager in 1988.

Joan Fisher

OMG this is the most appalling hit piece to the non-educated and misinformed voters/Americans. You simply hate him because his firm took on the Paula Jones lawsuit as one of their cases/clients as the firm Conway works for is a prestigious Million Dollar Firm filled with Ivy League Lawyers who graduated from Yale and Harvard. Seriously? You are summing up all his cases and work as it is all insignificant to create a narrative that plays into hatred simply because you as journalists or whatever the Heavy truly is just hates the President. The Media truly is appalling! Those who don’t research anything for themselves and believe the hype are just sad per the technologies available at their finger tips. If you watch the show Scandal, realize that any Lawfirm takes on any cases with any merit even if that case involved a President of the United States such as former President Clinton. The Godfather has a line: “Take it to the Mattresses” which means it’s business and it’s not personal. Here, the writers wish to make it personal that Conway made it possible per the Rule of Law for a sitting President to not be above the law per prosecution of a crime. In doing so, this puts any and all sitting President’s at risk for prosecution and/or impeachment. Obviously Conway did his job well when the Congress vs. the Senate Impeached Clinton per the Monica Lewinsky case. Like him or not, a good lawyer is a good lawyer whether you agree to disagree with the cases he takes on or not. Honestly, very few Attorney’s argue many of their cases before SCOTUS and if you even have one, you’re most likely fortunate to have been granted that opportunity.

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