Korryn Gaines: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Korryn Gaines. (Twitter)

A developmentally disabled woman was fatally shot by Baltimore County police and her 5-year-old son was wounded in a shootout after a standoff that lasted several hours, authorities say.

Korryn Gaines, 23, of Randallstown, Maryland, was pronounced dead at the scene Monday, police said in a press release. Her son was shot in one of his extremities and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The boy was shot by a Baltimore County police tactical officer, police said in a press release Friday.

“As a result of an additional medical procedure performed today at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Baltimore County Police believe that a round fired by a tactical officer struck Kodi Gaines, the five-year-old who suffered non life-threatening injuries in Monday’s police-involved shooting in Randallstown,” police said. “Additional forensics tests will be conducted on the recovered round. The injury is to the left cheek.”

Police said Gaines was armed with a “long gun” and exchanged fire with officers after several hours of negotiations. Gaines was wanted on failure to appear warrants for an “array of traffic charges” stemming from a March 2016 traffic stop. The charges also included disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Police were also serving a warrant on a man who lived with Gaines, Kareem Kiean Courtney, 39, who they say was wanted for assaulting Gaines during a previous domestic incident. He was taken into custody after fleeing from the apartment with a 1-year-old boy. He was charged with second-degree assault and released on his own recognizance, police said.

The officers involved in the shooting have not yet been identified publicly and the investigation into the shooting is “active” and “ongoing,” police said.

Gaines’ 5-year-old son, Kodi Gaines, remained hospitalized Tuesday in “good condition,” police said. Kodi talked about the shooting in videos recorded in the hospital by family members. You can watch that video here.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Say an Officer Opened Fire After Gaines Said ‘If You Don’t Leave, I’m Going to Kill You’

Baltimore County Police officers went to Korryn Gaines’ apartment on Sulky Court in Randallstown about 9:20 a.m. Monday to serve arrest warrants, according to the police press release.

The officers included several “warrant squad members” and a uniformed officer, Police Chief Jim Johnson said at a press conference.

Police said the officers knocked on the door of the apartment and identified themselves as police. The department spokesperson described in the press release what they say happened next:

No one answered the door, but the officers heard the voices of a man and woman coming from inside the apartment, which they knew to be the address of the subjects. They also heard a child crying. After five to 10 minutes, one of the officers obtained a key to the apartment from the landlord and used it to open the door. The officer saw a woman sitting on the floor and pointing a long gun at him; this woman matched a photo of the woman sought in the warrant.

The officers retreated to the hallway outside the apartment and called for additional support. The male suspect ran from the apartment with a 1-year-old boy — one of two children in in the apartment with the couple — and was apprehended by police. The armed woman remained inside with the 5-year-old boy, and a barricade situation began at about 9:40 a.m. and continued throughout the afternoon. The apartment building was evacuated to protect the safety of the other residents.

Johnson said the officers repeatedly identified themselves as police. SWAT and other specialty officers were also called to the scene.

Police negotiators talked to Gaines during the barricade, encouraging her to “surrender peacefully,” according to the release.

“She refused and pointed the long gun at tactical officers several times. There was a clear line of sight from where the officers were staged in the hallway through the open door to where Gaines was positioned inside the apartment,” police said.

Johnson said his officers showed “great restraint during this dialogue.”

Police said that “during the barricade, tactical officers were staged just outside the open door of Gaines’ apartment. They took cover behind the walls on either side of the door, but were visible to Gaines at various times throughout the encounter. Likewise, during the barricade Gaines remained mostly in areas of the apartment where she was visible to the officers.”

She talked to negotiators face to face and by phone.

“They encouraged her to stay on the phone throughout the event. The Hostage Negotiation Team describes her demeanor as ‘up and down.’ She was extremely excitable at times, calm at others; and there were periods of silence. She became angry and irritated as the afternoon wore on and finally hung up on police,” according to a press release.

At 3 p.m., after several hours of negotiations, police said Gaines pointed her weapon “directly at a tactical officer,” and told him, “If you don’t leave, I’m going to kill you.”

An officer,”fearing for the officers’ lives” opened fire, police said. Gaines returned fire, according to police. She shot twice, but did not hit any of the officers, police said. Officers fired again, and Gaines was shot multiple times. She died at the scene.

Her 5-year-old son was taken to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries, but is expected to survive. Police have now said the boy was shot by an officer, but are still investigating the details of the shooting.

Gaines’ boyfriend and the 1-year-old boy were not hurt.

Detectives obtained a warrant charging Gaines with first-degree assault for pointing the gun at the first three officers who arrived at the apartment to serve the warrants, according to police. If she had survived the incident, she would have been taken into custody on that charge.

Police said the gun was purchased legally by Gaines. They described it as a “Mossberg 12-gauge pistol grip shotgun. Homicide detectives have documentation proving that Gaines purchased the gun last year.”

She posted a video on Instagram a week before the shooting showing her with the gun:

“Gotta thank my dad for teaching me how to protect myself (cells) …nd i gotta thank myself (cells) for teaching me who i need protection from,” she said in the post. “Hope they sending in clones😩im waiting tho. They threw me a charge too late, got my “Big Girl” September of last year. Legit w/papers. Thought i was gon have to take out a n*gga nd realized i had a bigger problem. F*ck it Let’s dance, i got some rhythm.😌”

Korryn Gaines Photos: Pictures of Woman Shot by Baltimore County Police

Korryn Gaines was fatally shot by police following a standoff in Baltimore County, Maryland. See photos of the 23-year-old mother here.

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Read more about Korryn Gaines in Spanish at

2. Police Asked Facebook to Shut Down Her Social Media Pages as She Recorded Video During the Standoff

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A video posted by Korryn Gaines to Instagram shows her talking with her 5-year-old son just before she was shot. In the video, which you can watch below, Gaines asks the boy who is outside, and he replies, “the police.” As officers can be heard in the background, Gaines asks her son, “and what are they trying to do?” He says, “they’re trying to kill us.”

She then asks him if he wants to go “out there,” and he says “no,” before the video ends.

My son is not a hostage. He wants to be here in his home with his mother.

A post shared by RoyalKay💋 (@shesyourmajesty) on

A second video appears to show SWAT officers outside her door. It is not clear at what point during the incident the video was recorded:

Family and friends have said on social media that Gaines’ social media profiles, including a Facebook profile and an Instagram account, were deleted just before she was fatally shot.

Police confirmed at a Tuesday press conference that they requested Facebook deactivate the accounts during the standoff, because Gaines was posting videos from inside the apartment. Facebook accepted the request. The accounts were not deleted and the data was retained as evidence, officials said. Police said they made the request to remove distractions while police negotiators were talking with her.

Her friends have also said on Twitter that Gaines posted videos to the pages during the hours she was in the standoff with police.

Some had accused police of deleting the pages and videos in the hours after the shooting:

Police explained the process of how the accounts were taken down in a statement:

On-scene command staff filed a request with Facebook during the barricade to deactivate Gaines’ Facebook and Instagram accounts in order to preserve the integrity of negotiations with her and for the safety of Gaines, her child and officers. Gaines was posting video of the operation, and followers were encouraging her not to comply with negotiators’ requests that she surrender peacefully. This was a serious concern; successful negotiations often depend on the negotiators’ ability to converse directly with the subject, without interference or distraction during extremely volatile conditions.

The content on Gaines’ social media accounts has not been deleted. BCoPD has filed a request with Facebook to preserve this content as evidence. A search warrant will be obtained to obtain these records.

Law enforcement officials do not have the ability or authority to deactivate social media accounts on their own. Facebook maintains a law enforcement portal through which police request assistance. This portal includes an “exigency” option for emergency situations like the one yesterday. BCoPD applied for the exigency deactivation because of a barricade situation involving an armed subject with a child.

Facebook evaluates law enforcement requests and determines what action will be taken. It took nearly an hour after BCoPD contacted Facebook for Gaines’ accounts to be taken off line.

The Instagram account, @shesyourmajesty, and Facebook page were reactivated a day after the shooting.

Dr. Brian H. Williams: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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3. She Recorded a Video During the Traffic Stop That Led to Her Arrest in March & Previously Complained About ‘Police Harassment’

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Gaines was wanted on a “failure to appear” bench warrant, police said. According to the press release, she did not appear in court on an “array of traffic charges” stemming from a March 2016 traffic stop. The charges included disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Police said the man who was in the apartment, Kareem Kiean Courtney, was wanted for assault stemming from a domestic incident. Gaines was the victim in that assault, police said.

According to Maryland court records, Gaines was was stopped on March 11 in Catonsville by Baltimore County Police. She was charged with several traffic violations, including operating an unregistered motor vehicle, driving without current tags, driving an uninsured vehicle, failure to display registration card on demand and driving a vehicle on a highway with a suspended registration.

She was also charged with resisting/interfering with arrest, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and littering, all misdemeanors.

She posted several videos to Instagram from her traffic stop in March.

She posted several videos in March during the traffic stop that led to her arrest. Police said the videos showed her “anti-government views.”

“Officers stopped Gaines’ silver Toyota Camry because it had no license plate — only a rectangular piece of cardboard with the following writing on it: ‘Any government official who compromises this pursuit to happiness and right to travel, will be held criminally responsible and fined, as this is a natural right to freedom,'” police said. “Gaines resisted arrest, throwing the citations issued by the officer out the window and saying officers would have to “murder” her before she got out of the vehicle. She engaged officers in a physical fight as they tried to remove her from the vehicle.”

In the video, she can be seen talking with officers and her son. She is eventually dragged out of the car as her son records the incident on her phone. In the caption on the first video, which she posted in short segments, she wrote:

On March 10th at 4:05pm , at this point in time me daughter’s dad had been held hostage for 8+months and i had to go thru drastic measures to have him freed. After it was said nd done,my cell phones were disconnected and my license plates were stolen off of my car. I put a tag on my car to warn that if any government official further tried to compromise my traveling rights that they would be held accountable. This note remained for about 4 weeks with no harassment from the police who i live directly across from. This was the day they orchestrated my kidnapping.

In another caption she appeared to express beliefs similar to sovereign citizens, who believe that state and federal laws do not apply to them:

Constitutional Law is the only true law. In order to be granted the role as Law enforcement u must take an oath to uphold the Constitution and be granted a DOAO DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY ORDER. The police are not Law enforcement they are Policy enforcers and operate outside of the laws of the Constitution which would make them organized criminals. They enforce CORPORATE Law (to generate revenue,in others words to get money,however in this case they know that i know this nd this is them making trouble with me) which is not a true form of the law but so many of us have bended to their criminal ways. Not me.

She said she asked to be let go and was “being held against my will and under duress.” She also said, “They accused me of being irrate and belligerent.”

At one point during the video she can be heard telling her son that the police want to kill them, and references videos showing police killing men who “look like his dad.”

You can watch the full video below:

She then posted a photo showing the charges against her and described the time she spent in jail:

After 2 days in isolation and being starved nd with no water and my prints being COURT ORDERED to prove i was under duress (which the court order was stolen and i have proof of that as well via video) being denied phone calls AND being diagnosed with pregnancy AND a miscarriage i requested a medic for the second time which i was able to alert her and tell her i was a hostage and being denied my basic constitutional rights and she was on it. On my consent forms in the ER i had to write “Please help me” on the line without the kidnapper that traveled with me seeing. They all were very helpful and when i left the ER at 130 am March 12th i was taken pass the precinct where some of my stuff was handed to the transporter thru the window (i was never asked to sign my belongings in or out) and i was taken to see a commisioner where i was set free. As u can see this all stemmed from traffic, none of the traffic items holds jail time, but they conveniently have resisting arrest at the top but there is no reason on this document for an arrest. I was supposed to leave with fines not with bruises and definitely not in their custody to spend for 2 days and more if i had not been smart enough to realize i was a hostage from the very beginning of the traffic stop. They told my family i fought them which i didn’t all i asked them to do was not to touch me. And snatched away my arms. I hit no one hence the reason for no assault charges. They literally put this bullshit in black ink on white paper. Smh

Police released the arrest reports from that incident, which you can read below:

On July 13, she was charged with failure to appear in court and a warrant for her arrest was issued.

Gaines had no major criminal record. She was cited in June 2015 for confining an unattended child, a misdemeanor violation. She was pleaded guilty in September 2015 and was fined $42.50, along with court costs, and put on unsupervised probation for one day. According to Maryland law, a person is charged with that violation when a child under the age of 8 is locked or confined in a home or motor vehicle while the parent is absent and out of sight without any supervision.

Those who knew Gaines said she had previously posted videos claiming she was being harassed by police:

Police did not comment on those allegations. She also said she had an open lawsuit and complaint against the department.

Another video showed Gaines going to a Baltimore County Police Department station to talk about the arrest in April. You can watch that video below:

A police spokeswoman said she did not know if the officers who went to serve the warrant knew of her history of anti-government statements before they arrived.

Korryn Gaines Full Instagram Videos From Traffic Stop & Standoff

Korryn Gaines posted videos to her Instagram account during a standoff with police in Baltimore County, including a video showing her son. Watch the videos here.

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4. Gaines Was Exposed to a ‘Sea of Lead’ as a Child & Was Developmentally Disabled as a Result, Court Documents Show

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Korryn Gaines and her children. (Twitter)

Gaines was the mother of two children, including the 5-year-old boy wounded during the incident, family members said on Twitter. She also had a young daughter.

According to a Linkedin profile, Gaines worked as a hair stylist.

Gaines was exposed to a “sea of lead” as a child and suffered developmental disabilities and brain damage as a result of the lead poisoning, according to court documents obtained by WBAL-TV.

She graduated from Baltimore City College in 2010.

Her uncle, Jerome Barnett, told the Baltimore Sun she was “feisty, but she was smart and she was respectful. My niece is a good person; I never knew her to be a rowdy person.”

Another uncle, Jerome’s twin brother, Jermaine, told the Sun she was a “beautiful person, really smart, intellectual. I’m in a surreal state of mind right now. She was loved by everybody — I’m going to miss her and I love her.”

Police would not confirm if she had a history of mental health issues, but said negotiators did talk with mental health professionals during the standoff.

Charles Kinsey: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Charles Kinsey, a therapist, was shot by North Miami Police while on the ground with his arms up. He was trying to help his autistic patient, who was next to him.

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5. A Vigil Is Scheduled for Friday Night in Baltimore While Police Continue to Investigate

korryn gaines, korryn gaines photos, korryn gaines baltimore county, korryn gaines maryland, korryn gaines pictures, korryn gaines police shooting, #korryngaines, korryn gaines son, korryn gaines shooting, korryn gaines facebook, ko


A vigil has been scheduled for Friday at 7 p.m. at Baltimore City College, Baltimore BLOC, a local community organization, said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the shooting is continuing.

The officers have been placed on administrative leave. Their names will not be released for “approximately 48 hours” in accordance with the department’s contract with the police union. The officers have not yet given statements.

The officers were not wearing body cameras, police said.

“BCoPD’s camera program is weeks old, and few officers have been assigned cameras at this early stage of the program,” police said in the release.

Gaines is the third person shot by Baltimore County Police officers this year and the first fatality.

Dwayne Stafford: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A 25-year-old inmate attacked accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof in a jail shower, police say. Roof is charged with the hate-crime massacre of nine people.

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  1. How is it that police go to a woman’s house to follow up on a traffic violation and end up murdering her, shooting her child, and then removing evidence of said murder (by shutting down her social media accounts)? It is senseless and I’m sorry to see so many people hating on this woman, especially since excessive exposure to lead caused her developmental disabilities. Police should be trained to recognize people like Korryn and not escalate the situation as they did, but hey, cops these days are just given a gun and a badge and given freedom to do whatever they want. I’m not sure if I’m more offended by police that do this crap or the ignorant, hateful commenters condoning it. RIP, Korryn.

    • Very well put. I wonder how those posters would feel if/when they target one of theirs. It’s always easy to be cop apologists. We see it all the time, then when those psychopaths with a licence to kill, turn on them, is when they wake up, f they’re lucky enough to do so.

      • All stemming from traffic violations… Government force at its finest. Corrupt, $ hungry scum. They pull this crap so that the rest of us will know that we better pay our nonsense citations or the ultimate conclusion will be our death. They will take a speeding ticket all the way to shooting you and your children if you dare stand up for yourself.

      • Yeah true but what about the idiot pigs that thought it was smart to shot in a house knowing and putting an innocent child in straight danger! I wonder who’s the bigger “idiot” Is it the single fool on inside the door or the whole team of them on the outside of it?!!

      • Yeah true, but what about the idiot pigs that thought it was smart to shot in a house knowing and putting an innocent child in straight danger! I wonder who’s the bigger “idiot(s)” Is it the single fool on the inside of the door or the whole team of them on the outside of it?!!

    • Laurie, it is sad, but the woman was pointing a gun at cops. Cops that did everything they could to talk her down. I’m sorry but, next time something like this happens, how about YOU go and get a shotgun pointed at you and just stand there and take it because you’re so intelligent, patient and enlightened? Let’s see you do that.

    • Um, she had a weapon, pointing it at the cops, threatening to ‘kill’ them, in my book its called a ‘justified shooting. It was plainly obvious she wasn’t going to cooperate, they didn’t want the child hurt, but when she is hiding behind the child. that is a risk the cops take to save the childs life.

    • You are completely right. We should as for their medical records prior to any interaction to figure out any ailments that have no outward obvious sign. Then after the full workout we can proceed from there. No tags? No worries. We’ll get back to you in a month after weve reviewed your medical records.

      • Jeremy if she did not have tags she most likely didn’t have insurance.. So if she caused an accident she would have no way to pay for the damages she caused. No biggie to her because she drove a pos but what about the other person(s) vehicle .. Guess you think that she gets to walk away without taking care of her responsibilities. Your logic is scary if you think the police will come back in a month when they have a warrant for your arrest for failure to appear. What about all the people she encounters in the meantime? She had better odds with the police than she would have with me if she damaged my Laramie and claimed to be a sovereign aka wacko citizen.

        • Absolutely right.. having a drivers license is a privilege, not a right. If you chose to drive, you must comply with registration, smogs, insurance. Plain and simple. The only argument one will ever win, is the one that is avoided. Let’s assume she is absolutely correct and the pd is at fault here. Why not comply at that moment and fight anything unjustified in a courtroom. It’s just senseless, she had no value for her life. I pray that her children do not continue this vicious cycle.

    • Uh….if you point a firearm at the police they will shoot back. Every law enforcement agency has this policy but I bet you knew that right? lol She thought she was above the law and it cost her her life.

    • They are not in the house. they are stopping her in her car with her two kids in the car. She had a gun in the car. She is telling her baby boy to fight the cops. She grabbed a gun and ran at the cop holding her a baby boy, and athe gun. There was nothing that poor policeman could have done. Its all on tape. Look on Youtube. He is saying, ma’am please, just stop. Please just calm down. She is screaming that they have to shoot her.

      • Are you toonstupidntonrealisenthisnis a different video. The one in the car has been posted by her. Separate incident from the one in her house, following the car incident and alleged traffic violations, they are now in her house and that’s where they murdered her and injured her young son!

    • Did we not watch the same video. I don’t see where they aggravated the situation. That woman was non compliant and had her mind made up that she was going to die. She told them they were going to have to kill her because she wasn’t going to jail. She said you’ll take me in a body bag before I ever go to jail. But they killed her because they wanted to??? Gosh people are crazy. Don’t get me wrong, some murders are unjustified but some just can’t be prevented. If you point a gun at me and I have a gun I would shot you because the first time that you underestimate someone you can die

  2. The swat team was dead wrong all that for a warrant but something is wrong with the girl because no mother would put their child through that especially knowing how the police are killing black people

    • We know you only date within ytwo ur specie, baboons, gorillas,… But trust anyone with some taste is dating a black woman.

    • Btw you just admitted your lacking where it matters, only small dick pussies like you would say that they can’t date black women. Everybody knows size does matter with black women.

    • Not sure where you reside Frostee but in my neck of the woods there are many intelligent and beautiful black women that any man would be lucky to date.

        • hmm… and you know this from past experience lol? or you have the DJT information “a lot of people are saying”, “believe me”?

          • past experience………whenever I walk towards the chimpanzee section at the zoo they smell something fierce. OOH OOH AHH AHH

            • I have no response to that..but you should stop going to the zoo looking for dates.:)
              I am curious where you are from? Guessing somewhere in the US Southeast based on the amount of racism? Alabama maybe?

      • Hey Katrina, hate to tell you but your whore ass mother did last night and I only paid $30 bucks this time lol. Now git back to ironing clothes and making food for a man like you should be. No more computer use for you this week.

      • Notice how you weak ass whites need to tap each other on the shoulder, to reinforce your retarded views. Can’t stand alone, huh! Look I the mirror, before pointing the finger, I’m not the one with blood on my hands, neither are any of my people, so carry on trying to keep your deluded supremacy up, while you can. It ain’t pretty to look in the mirror, I know!

        • Blood on my hands? Your people? Deluded supremacy? You have a flair for the dramatic lol. Do you think you are the only one who has to overcome adversity? All us white bitches got a free pass and a mansion on a hill? Get over yourself. You cant alienate people with your bigotry and expect support for your behavior.

          • Sorry it 400 years of slavery and the traumatic aftermath that ensues, sounds dramatic to your white little comfy world…not sorry! Who are you to tell blacks that it is not that bad? You’re struggle no matter how poor you are as a “white bitch”, it’s still nothing in comparison. Funny how a few months abroad, murdering innocent civilians, in unjust wars render the strongest of your men with PTSD, but blacks should get over slavery I a heartbeat. That’s white privilege for you, if you needed it spelt out.

            • When did I tell blacks it’s not that bad? I am talking to YOU. When did I say I was poor? In your world being black or poor are the only adversaries? Must be those voices in your head lol. Lay off the US soldiers .. You have no idea what their life is like and the sacrifices they make.

              • Somewhat is the difference when
                You tell me that it’s not that bad, or you tell the whole black race. You’re so fake, you can’t even handle the truth, when it slaps you in the face. I’m not sbutt lay off Is soldiers, or rather criminals of war. Your country starts war at leisure, just to dispossess nations of their natural resources. As if it wasn’t bad enough, that the US was built on the blood of both the indigenous population & the African slaves displaced to built it, you vile rats are still looting the world for more wealth. Damn right I don’t know what they’re going through, in all honesty IDGAF! I care more about the Marion of Irak, Afghanistan,…that you lot now see as undesirable.

                • When I speak to you I am to speaking to you.. You do not represent all black people. I am sure there are some people that do not want your representation. When you speak to me you are speaking to me. I do not represent all white people. I am sure there are some that do not want my representation. Make sense? If you live in the US now please leave. If not please never visit. Don’t assume you know what I care about and what I deem desirable. Also, it is worth mentioning that you can’t get through one post without name calling.

                  • What’s name calling? Telling not you hard truth is now rebranded name calling, poor you! In your deluded white supremacy you still think you know what’s good for blacks, well so you know I’m one of the moderate out there. Most wouldn’t even bother with your idiotic assumptions on us. So yes the majority might echo my thoughts, in even harsher words. Don’t think you 2 friends, and the one who bother banging represent the whole black race, they’re not!

              • What’s name calling? Telling not you hard truth is now rebranded name calling, poor you! In your deluded white supremacy you still think you know what’s good for blacks, well so you know I’m one of the moderate out there. Most wouldn’t even bother with your idiotic assumptions on us. So yes the majority might echo my thoughts, in even harsher words. Don’t think you 2 friends, and the one who bother banging represent the whole black race, they’re not!

            • Actually, slavery in the US ended 151 years ago. Since the human heart beats approximately 42 million times a year, that would be 6,432,000,000 heart beats, which is a lot more than one.

          • Who claims to need support from their
            Oppressors????!!! You’re clearly deluded! Trust is own at this point, and you’re definely not fooling. You’re only now pretending to raise against your racist comrades, since I highlighted that you were only combative against the blacks on here. Fake much!

            • I am your oppressor? Please site one example of how I have oppressed you? Or I an oppressing you by simply being white? If so you should narrow down your parameters cause I ain’t oppressing you fella, don’t assume you know my thoughts and motivation behind my posts to others.. You don’t know me but are arrogant enough to think you do.

        • Uhm. Tay, every group of people does that. Almost every ethnicity has a heavy in-group preference so your comment here is just racist BS that makes black people look stupid. Black people are allowed to have an EXTREMELY BIASED in-group preference, so are Asians, Indians, so is everyone on the face of the planet, EXCEPT WHITE PEOPLE. Get over yourself. There’s actually people suffering out there. Real suffering. Not your BS chip on the shoulder racism horsecrap. Next time you go to Wal-Mart, keep in mind the electronics you’re buying were made by Chinese child slaves and YOU ARE PROFITING FROM ACTUAL, REAL, GENUINE, TERRIBLE SLAVERY.

  3. In the past few years i have been stopped twice for speeding (something i am working on :)). I paid my court fines and fees and lawyers fees so I did not have to appear in court. If i did not pay, officers would come to my house with a warrant. The last thing I would do is point my FNS 9mm anywhere near them. Better to pay the fines and deal with the cops peacefully and live another day. I am sure if i barricaded myself in my home with a weapon the outcome would not be good for me either. With that said.. The police need better training for dealing with “sovereign” citizens. Especially when the person has other issues such as lead poisoning possibly impairing cognitive function.

  4. Quit trying to defend that psychopath! She was a horrible person and a pos of a mother! Teaching her children to hate. DESPICABLE!! She got what she deserved! All she had to do was open the door, be served with the warrant and handle the situation as a normal human being. BUT NO…that fool had to do a sit in, using her son as a shield, pointing a gun at the police, spouting threats and THAT’S what caused her own death. SHE DID THAT! SHE caused that! People will learn one day…..

    • She’s the psychopath, yet she’s the one who end up 6ft under. You clearly got your shit mixed up. Your government/police/judicial system is filled with psychopaths/sociopaths,”. She was revelling against those laws that serve nothing else, but fill up the government pocket.’if the like of you sheeple, choose to follow, that’s your business, let the ones with a brain do the thinking.

    • I am not defending her actions Anonymous. I think her behavior was reprehensible, however, she does seem to be off mentally. Anyone who claims to be a sovereign citizen usually has anti-government views and will pick and choose which laws they obey or ignore. As long as this ‘sovereign citizen’ movement continues to grow the police need to be trained on how to deal with these delusional individuals.

  5. she was resisisting arrest she deserved what she got!!! those cops should be awarded medals for all that patience with her and to think that poor child was taught all that I hope he does not grow up to be like her!!!!

    • Do you know that not only irbid not against the law to resist arrest, but you also have the right to defend yourself, which include shoot an officer, if he illegally try to detain you? Clown, learn the law, instead of being just another puppet, to the oppressive system of AmeriKKKa.

      • Tayter, If you ‘defend’ yourself from arrest and/or shoot at an officer, the outcome will most likely be the same fate as Korryn. Even if you were right you are still dead.

      • Read and watch her videos….she was the problem, all she had to do was comply, she was clearly looking for her 15 minutes of fame….and it caused her death, almost like suicide by cop, her children lost their mother because she had a attitude that the law did not apply to her. My curious side wonders if she received government assistance?

  6. Technically she is not too far off, as crazy as it sounds. Policy officers ‘enforce’ the law but it is in point of fact all corporate. Its why you apply (beg for permission) for a license to do what is considered a ‘natural right to travel’, register vehicles and as a result ‘commercialize’ them when doing so. (look at your ‘registration’ and Title, its got your names in all caps, FOR A REASON) its your person. Which, is not you. Not the living breathing you. Its a corporate fiction. You use it to subject your self to the terms of its society which are statutes, oridnances and acts ect… Ever wonder how you can be convicted of a crime that has no injured party, no damage property or claimaint? Either way, technically none of it applys to a living or natural living person. You see under the guise of ‘law’ and within the ‘law society’ you (natural) are not a person, you have a person. It undermines your god given wrights IE constitutional’y defined rights (in our native land that is). Volunteer’s away your sovereignty and subjects you to corpus diminutia…. Its ‘laws’. Which are not natural in a universal or godly sense. You see, man’s law within the ‘law’ society is not ‘natural law’ and we call it the ‘Legal system’. Anyone that took Latin in highschool could have looked it up, ‘Legal’ is ‘the undoing of natural or universal law’. If people want somewhere to start. Just know that ‘Law’ is a language. If you really wanted to know, learn Legalese. Even though its technically unlawfull to do business with the dead. Its all corporate/business and your willfully rasing (capital letters) your dead self acting as its agent. Willingly and volunteeringly we do this by no other means than our own ignorance. BTW, the supreeme court already ruled you dont need a license to travel and insurance companies will still allow you a libality contract even if you dont register your vessel. Sovereignty is real, we just dont operate common law. Its business. Period. Ever wonder why they call a home loan a Mort-guage. Look it up! Origin Late Middle English: from Old French, literally ‘dead pledge’, from mort (from Latin mortuus ‘dead’) + gage ‘pledge’. Death Certificate. You wanna be a zombie going about your business, go right ahead.

    • Nun, a valid driver license is necessary to operate a motor vehicle. You don’t get to call yourself a sovereign citizen and automatically be exempt of whatever law you choose. Operating a motor vehicle and ‘natural right to travel’ are different concepts. You have a natural right to travel on foot, bicycle, bus, plane, etc. I agree that taxes, registration and other fees have become far too expensive and intrusive, however, operating a motor vehicle is not a natural right. I am seriously trying to understand.. if my name is in all caps it is referring to my person, not me?

    • Absolutely! But we let them all over us, with a licence to kill, anyone who dare oppose their dictatorial ways. Look at this post, and the idiot saying the cops who murdered a citizen, for not following this fallacy, deserve a medal. Brainwashed sheeple!

    • Nun…. You are absolutely brilliant. I am the founder of a rapidly growing sovereign citizens movement. I am interested in making you an advisor of sorts.

  7. My 27 year old sister has dyslexia….should I have a talk with her to make sure that she knows it’s not a good idea to point a shotgun at police?

  8. Wow – thank you to this website for revealing the politically aware person that Ms Gaines was. I haven’t read any news reports that mention her beliefs. How sad that such an independent-minded lady felt driven to this extreme. The American and other systems actively discriminate against the non privileged by treating failure to pay as a crime. NO police officers should have to pursue people over such matters. It is not difficult to see how this accelerated out of control especially given that Ms Gaines was African American.
    RIP Ms Gaines.

  9. Laurie, are you that stupid. Don’t obey the law and pull a gun on the police and you will be eliminated from the gen pool so you don’t produce more ignorant asses.

  10. She had to of had some serious mental issues to be putting her son’s life in jeopardy like that. I feel so sorry for him, she was teaching him to hate the police and disregard authority. God rest her soul but if that little boy wasn’t removed from out of her life, he would of probably ended up dead when he gotten older. You can imagine how he would of acted encountering the police.

    • Well, I think that his son would end up dead as you said, just because the hatred is already with him, stronger since he lost his mother, killed by the police. It would be extremely hard for him to get over what happened and to understand the real circumstances which led to his mother death and his injury.

  11. Look at the video. They stop her because she has no license plate. They are IN THE CAR she has a gun in the car. She has her two kids in the car. Its all on tape, and you can find it on Youtube. The policeman is so kind and nice, asking her to please stop it. She loads the gun, and grabs her son and runs with the gun loaded towards the policeman.